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There’s a ‘Deep Blue Sea’ Sequel Filming Right Now!

Way back in 2009, Warner Premiere had announced plans for a Deep Blue Sea sequel, which eventually drown in development hell. Now, thanks to the popularity of shark week and the success of films such as The Shallows and 47 Meters Down, Deep Blue Sea 2 is finally in production, according to our friends over at Moviehole. In fact, a Bloody Disgusting tipster had been sending us shots from the set in Cape Town, including the one shared below.

Darin Scott, best known for the awesome social horror anthology Tales From the Hood, is directing with newly announced Aquaman co-star Michael Beach among the cast.

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The film is being produced as a telefilm for the SyFy channel, so don’t expect cameos from any of the original Deep Blue Sea players (namely Thomas Jane).

The film allegedly follows Dr. Klaus Van Etten, who is experimenting on bull sharks, much to the chagrin of Misty and her team of marine experts. The sharks get out, of course, and all hell breaks loose.

A few months ago, a story broke that revealed the original film nearly had a sequel in which the sharks would have been weaponized.

Here’s an exclusive shot from the set.



  • Tiger Quinn

    The original sequel was going to be Deep Red Sea, and it was going to be LL working in a resort town that gets flooded by a tsunami, and you guessed it, super sharks.

    • I want this movie!

      • Saturn

        Me 3.

    • Khy

      *salivates* Someone fucking call LL and Netflix and get this shit ready for summer 2018!

      • ASAP!

        • Tiger Quinn

          I know, right? It’s such a no brainer that I can’t believe that Asylum or somesuch didn’t snap it up and make a quickie version with no namers.

      • Jago Hara-Kiri

        dont forget the HERO THOMAS JANE !!!!

  • pablitonizer

    Syfy channel…I pass!

  • Tor from Yucca Flats

    a syfy channel sequel isn’t a sequel.. its just a name piggy backer

    • Saturn

      Piggy Backer Vs Sharknado – a SYFY exclusive!

  • Tor from Yucca Flats

    Probably just using the name and isn’t even a sequel. LL Cool J wont be in it for sure, that guy’s ‘fame’ died a long time ago so they can’t exploit him. (Unless he died in the original? can’t remember, he probably didn’t though)

    • Forca84

      Nah. He didn’t die. He is busy with “N.C.I.S.” these days.

    • Leo Venegas

      His character was the movie’s comic relief so no way he was going to die.

      • Andrew Thompson

        For what it’s worth, he did die until the ending tested poorly.

      • Saturn

        Oi – what are you doing using my girlfriend’s facebook profile pic as an avatar?
        Only I’m allowed to show people her beauty to make them jealous!

    • Courtney Houston

      Just because you’re unaware of LL Cool J’s current work, doesn’t mean his fame died a long time ago. He’s the host of Spike’s popular Lip Sync Battle which has been renewed for it’s 4th season, and stars in NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS which has also been renewed for it’s 9th season.

      • Saturn

        Yeah, I’m over in the UK, and even though I don’t watch Lip Sync Battle (we have a version over here too – I really don’t see the point in the show, but whatever) I still know that the ladies still love cool j.

      • Tor from Yucca Flats

        havent heard about him since late 90s

  • Noel

    It’s a sequel in name only. I think I can totally pass on it.

  • Khy

    I like Tales From The Hood. I like Michael Beach. I also love Deep Blue Sea.

    But Syfy? Not even wasting my time getting excited. Anaconda was such a fun series that they ended up taking a dump on. And their Lake Placid films are a travesty.

    • Saturn

      How many of the Lake Placid movies did they do?
      I remember watching 2 and 3 and thinking they were alright, although not a patch on the original. Not seen 4 and Anaconda Vs Lake Placid or whatever it is, so…..

      • Khy

        Yup, 5 of them including the crossover.
        Imagine getting a theatrical Lake Placid Vs Anaconda in the vein of PIRANHA 3D! Ugh. I’m really dying for another theatrical creature feature movie.

        • Saturn

          I’m gonna have to check it out then – i LOVED Piranha 3D!

          • Khy

            Lol Anaconda 3 wasn’t so bad. It had gore and some of the snakes resembled the ones in the original. I also liked how they continued the blood orchid plot from the second.

            But still Syfy garbage. Part 4 was a bore. I really want an ANACONDA film in theaters again. Bring back J-Lo and Ice Cube for one last run around the jungle.

  • J Jett

    “…much to the chagrin of Misty and her team of marine experts”…..MISTY? lol.

    • Khy

      It’s Syfy. They most likely cast the catering lady in the lead role.

      “Misty put the chicken down! Get back on set!”

      • J Jett

        LOL!! 🙂

  • Khy

    Maybe they can get Stephen King to cameo since he loves Deep Blue Sea so much lol

  • Travis

    You had me so fucking unbelievably excited you pos….and then I read the article….

    SyFy channel.

    Enough said.

  • Necro


  • sliceanddice

    Oh… goody.

  • Joshua Lopez

    I remember what they did to Anaconda and Lake Placid, so I do not have high hopes.

  • Jon Leonard

    i am kind of excited for this, and i do not have any problem with it being a syfy movie. i actually like the movies on syfy

  • Kaijudude

    …A syfy movie , why must you toy with my emotions?

  • Matty Ice 2016


    • Saturn

      I guess Matty is look forward to it then.
      DBS fanboy!


  • Phil

    Weaponized sharks, huh? Wonder how that would’ve turned out. Sharks: with freakin’ lazer beams?

    • zombie84_41

      thats prob why it never happen

  • Agarcia

    Why even name this movie deep blue sea two and taint the fun of the original if it’s going to Syfy channel. We all know how the Lake Placid and anaconda sequels turned out.

    • Corey J Adkison

      I kinda liked the Lake Placid sequels as decent B-movie trash. The sequel to Anaconda was actually a big budget theatrical release.

  • zombie84_41

    was happy then read syfy produced. EHHH> well some of the syfy stuff is cool if done right.

  • pablitonizer

    Can we talk about the sleeper hit 47 METERS DOWN, almost reaching the 30 Million dollars mark this weekend ???!!!

    • Khy

      I still need to see it.

      • Ress EZ

        I recommend you to watch it. I just had the pleasure to watch it yesterday. I certainly loved it & I bet you will too. I’m not trying to get you excited but this movie just left you completely affected by the whole ordeal faced by the main characters. And that is just not because of the sharks. In a way, it was like watching Buried but bleaker. Yeah, I don’t think the ending was a happy one. GO WATCH IT MAN!

      • Cassie Steiner

        Do it.

    • Cassie Steiner

      I loved it!! I went opening weekend.. And holy hell is that movie stressful..

      • Ress EZ

        Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for the exact word for the movie and you hit the mark with “stressful”. Indeed it was…..

      • HalesTales

        That’s how I described to everyone I told about it; and I did tell EVERYONE! I absolutely love, love, loved this movie. It hit the mark hard and I was constantly glued, never being able to rest.

  • Jonny Angel


    I seriously doubt this is any sequel at all to Deep Blue Sea. I am sure this film company decided to use the Deep Blue Sea name and that is all.. Anything made for the Syi Fi Channel is usually utter garbage or movies not to be taken seriously at all aka Sharknado

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    That’s random. I remember watching the original when I was younger and not hating it, but never thought it was all that spectacular. Sure as hell not significant enough to see so many comments here talking about how much they wanted a sequel and whatnot. But maybe this is a small group. How many horror fans out there are saying, “You know what I loved? Deep Blue Sea.”

    Not trying to trash anyone for liking it, I just didn’t think this movie ever garnered a cult following or anything. Not enough to even think a sequel to it in 2017 is somehow relevant.

    • Khy

      It’s one of Stephen King’s favorite horror films.

      • Chance LeBoeuf

        Yea, but everyone takes his opinions with a grain of salt because despite being able to write some good horror stories, he has kind of some shitty taste in movies.

    • NixEclips

      I genuinely like the first movie. Not as much as Deep Rising, but it’s fun. There are quite a few of us, but why would we need to constantly bring it up?

  • No matter how many times I see DBS I can never decide whether I like it or not. It’s just one of those movies I can switch on and watch, but I only ever half care about what’s going on.

  • Cameron

    is this like when you thought you had pictures of the new Halloween movie about to start filming?

    • NixEclips

      It looks like concept art. Maybe it’s just my eyes.

  • Trevor Hartigan

    i actually loved the original.Group of us saw it at a packed cinema when it came out and not one person left shit canning it.Always thought a sequel would be good but it would need some names to make it work.If its being made for tv then i dont see it happening which is a shame


    I was so excited when I read this headline… and then I saw SyFy’s name on it and was instantly disappointed

  • Jack Thompson

    Way to build us up then knock us down.

    Jesus Christ.

  • William Robinson

    as soon as I seen the SyFy Channel is attached to this production I completely became uninterested immediately!

  • David Pollison

    I love the original but the combination of the synopsis and SyFy leave me completely uninterested. And WTF is up with the spammy popup to win an IPhone 7?

  • marklola12 .

    so its gonna be a cheapo shit made movie that I wont bother watching lol

  • Tien Tran

    everything is good until Syfy name appeared. Goodbye and dont come back.

  • Mr. Dry

    Samuel L. Jackon’s demise in the original pretty much sums up how I felt when I read SyFy.

  • Sanger

    It’s gonna suck.

  • Carl Chrystan

    you’re not selling this film to me, BD. Appears there are similar sentiments below.

    OK. I now vow to leave this page and return twenty years from now, on 1 Jul 2037, and review the comments, after this upcoming film has been revered in the two decades hence as one of the greatest films of all time, which got absolutely slated upon it inception/release (a bit like ‘The Thing’) – WHO’S WITH ME!!?

  • Josh in OR

    “Misty and her team of marine experts”…

    I guess Doctors Buffy, Mitzi, Shari and Bubbles were busy…

  • Ocelot006 .

    These B-D exclusives always tend to be bad news. ‘Leatherface has a release date…..straight to VOD!’

    ‘Deep Blue Sea 2 is coming……to SyFy!!!!’

    • CelticBull

      Exactly what I was just thinking. Got briefly excited, because I love the first movie, but that got nipped in the bud rather quickly…

  • Simon Allen

    Hmmm are we sure that Tiffany and Debbie Gibson aren’t in it ?

  • I was so excited when I read the headline. Then I read it was being made for SyFy, and most of that excitement evaporated like a drop of water chucked into the heart of the sun. It doesn’t seem like anything good really comes out of “made for SyFy” movies… 🙁

  • Tony Leong

    I thoroughly enjoyed the original DBS…as it was genius, action-packed, hilarious, fresh, intelligent, and thrilling without having any stupid hormone-crazed teens being deservedly eaten. And when I saw this headline, I was thinking…Hmm…AND THEN…”SyFy” popped up…no need to waste my time watching or even bother about the status of the film now…they should have just left the original alone.

  • Movie_Buff_2011

    Love the original but I will giving this a miss especially if Tom Jane isn’t returning

  • GunsOfNavarone

    I’m guessing that the effects and acting are going to be really lame.

    • azoreseuropa

      You are very negative!! Let’s wait and see the Trailer first. Jeez!

      • GunsOfNavarone

        You have to ask yourself, what are the odds? Straight to on-demand suggests a tight budget on the cgi front and likely a bunch of unknown actors. I’m just being realistic.

  • Jago Hara-Kiri

    with MEG coming next year and making a nice pile of cash lets pray for DEEP BLUE SEA 3 with TOm and LL…

  • Leon Evelake

    Cant Syfy make a cheap shark movie without messing with a existing property?
    Dick move syfy, dick move

  • Halloween_Vic

    Really? A Syfy telefilm? No thanks. MEG please.

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