Mother’s Day


Three women who were friends in college get together for a ten year reunion and decide to go camping in the woods. Unknown to them, two boys and their mother who happen to live in those very same woods, like to abduct people, who happen to wander in their neck of the woods, and torture them, just like they see on TV!

  • Undead_CRT

    I acutally enjoyed this movie… It clearly gets it story line from Texas chainsaw and other horror films… but the effect of shock and terror it gives you is was makes it a really good scare fest

  • Boggman

    Wow! Words can hardly express how much I love this movie! This is a true 80′s horror classic, with a little bit of camp thrown in for fun! I can’t say enough about this underseen little gem!

    The three actresses (Nancy Hendrickson, Deborah Luce, Tiana Pierce)that star in this movie seem to have a great chemistry amongst themselves. Their laughing and playing comes off smoothly and they are quite convincing as old college pals. Their scenes together flow naturally throughout the film and do not come off as contrived in the slightest bit.

    The brothers Ike (Holden McGuire) and Addley (Michael McCleery) are SUPERB in their roles!! They truly give off the creepiest vibe with such ease that it’s hard to tell that they are acting.

    Lastly, Rose Ross is fantastic in her role as Momma. She can be sweet, demanding, scary, demented, and creepy without batting an eyelash.

    People have criticized this film for years but it is a film that really entertains the serious horror fan. I have been watching these movies for 25 years and this is definitely one in my top 5! Mother’s Day achieves what it sets out to do!! It scares its audience first, and then successfully makes you care about its characters before terrifying you all over again!!

    Do you root for killers, do you root for the victims, or do you root for Queeenie??

    Hell .. I root for them ALL every time I watch it!!

  • Urdeadlyfriend

    A classic. One of my favorites from the 80′s.

  • randomrick

    the good thing about this movie is it doesnt feel like a troma movie,that said it was an ok waste of some time rent it dont buy it.

  • iamleonardmoo

    First, I want to know whose sister, wife, or lover the first victim was. One of the worst actresses ever.

    Now, about the movie. Awesome. The opening scene is frighteningly convincing to me because I have had to attend corporate sensitivity training and motivational seminars. They really are that creepy. It was a nice payoff when Mother claims her first victim and repeats the mantra from the meeting.

    The same man is probably the father and grandfather of the two brothers. I’m not kidding.

    I won’t go into the plot because quite honestly, there really isn’t much of one. But that’s not the point of this movie. You will see people get tortured and killed in fun ways. And that’s a good time for everybody.

  • JohnnyHorror30

    I give Mother’s Day a higher rating because of it’s cult classic status. There were many things I thought worked well and there were some I thought should be changed. I think instead of making the villians funny in the movie they should have kept with to the nastiness of them because they could have been very hate able characters if we didn’t have the option of laughing at them. The overall violence is good! Hammer to the groin, acid powder down one guys throat, electric kitchen knife, it had some great kills, I’ll give it that. It is above the food chain when it comes to low budget cult!

  • MattSlash

    Yes this was a trashy, sadistic, brainless, backwoods/horror flick but one of the good ones. This was such a wacky flick that it will make you laugh at one point of the nonsense going on and on the edge of your seat with fear the next and it was like an odd cross between The Last House On The Left, American Gothic, Psycho, Just Before Dawn and Deliverance with a little of The Final Terror. The Acting wasn’t the best at all but at the same time decent for a trashy b-movie and I was definitely rooting for the three leading ladies which I didn’t expect any characters to be likable and worth rooting for. This was a wild, weird and crazy ride from start to finish and it just had me glue to the chaos that was going on and to me this was a pretty memorable horror movie especially one that had no class. It’s going to be very interesting what the remake has instore for us and what Rebecca De Mornay will do with the mother role, hopefully it will be way better than this but just as crazy. This was bloody a brutal at times but you could tell from frame one that it had a very limited budget which made most of the kills not that effective and loses some of its shock value but they sure did try and make it inventive. Overall this was mostly entertaining, not that scary or suspenseful but there were some moments here and there but it didn’t have a good backstory to it all and that made most of it senseless but it was rewarding in the end but man this was one strange, fuc!ked up movie and I liked it, an undiscovered horror gem in a way. Can’t wait for the remake! See it if you are fans of backwoods/horror!

  • ShadowTheHedgehog157

    Sick, tiwsted, demented. All the rage for this movie. An insane family (mother and two sons aparantly) take their victims and just kill them, well at the initial opening…a guy was beheaded and the woman was brutally raped then killed. The a repeat continues ( more male victims) and the remaining survivors exact revenge.

    It’s basically a revenge film, with tons of blood, guts, scares, rape, unintentional humor (mainly the two brothers arguing that “Disco sucks” and “Punk is stupid” and the stupid “Training” scene)that really feels like it’ not a troma film at all, even though it is.

    Troma has released one of the most scariest films ever, despite of low budget (that’s what they are, and they are so Effin’ proud of it), they have proved that they can really numb our nerves with what’s presented here.

  • ThingFreak82

    Worth 1 or 2 viewings and that’s it! (just my opinion). Rent it, do not buy it first!!

  • Slasher17

    I just coudn’t get into this movie…It’s boring and only worth one watch. The only good parts are the kills. There is some blood and no guts. I think the title “Mother’s Day” would have been more appropriate for a good slasher flick.

  • Jason4eva

    Really did nothing for me! it felt like it was trying to be LHOTL and lets face it that sucked to! Just because their older films doesnt make them great or classics.IT SUCKED! The very end was the only part good.It was boring as hell!God I hope the remake isnt as twisted and boring.


    This movie had so much going for it but I feel it just fell short. I liked it for what it was but I wanted so much more from it. Better than most of the troma films I’ve seen, but then again I have not seen to many. i will be watching it again and maybe will get more from it but for right now I feel it was good but could have been great.80′s horror still is some of the best.

    I do agree that the title Mother’s day would have been a better slasher film title.

  • Chuckers

    What can I say? Just viewed Mother’s Day for the first time and REALLY enjoyed it. The characters were great and believeable. I loved the setting of the house. The only flaw I had was when IKE knew his brother was dead, he would have let the blonde girl have it more than just “hands around the neck”. I mean, come on, he looked like a strong dude. But, the acting was great. Let’s only hope the remake stays within the original story.
    I highly recommend this to anyone who is just viewing 80′s horror for this first time/

  • format916

    Vicious moments but otherwise lackluster

  • TheGonzoJoint

    “Mother’s Day” makes me, as a man devoted to horror films, want to cry. Not because I felt bad for the film’s characters, who were getting beat up and raped throughout, but because there is indeed an audience for movies such as “Mother’s Day”, and they are indeed some pretty easy-to-please people.

    I do not mean to insult those who enjoy “Mother’s Day”. And while I’d love to say that I’ve seen worse, and in some ways I have, it’s still unacceptable that someone would make a movie this bad. The film is appropriately horrific in its tale of deep-woods terror, but never to the point where I felt scared. To call a movie such as this “disturbing” would be complimenting it a bit too much. And to call it entertaining…well, that would just make me sick. The film’s concept could have entertained me from the start, but when the horror began, and went into particularly violent, sadistic, and undesirably dark places, I began to feel quite sad.

  • Horrorfan33

    loved it :D