Friday the 13th


A young boy named Jason drowns in a camp lake. Eleven years later, counselors at the camp are systematically slaughtered. Could it be Jason back from his watery grave?

  • leatherfacekillserinfan1

    I have just recently brought the Friday the 13th: Crustal Lake from Manhattan boxset, and I have just finished watching the 1st movie.

    I was excited to start this movie even though many old horror movies don’t excite me. The only old horror movies that have excited me have been the texas chainsaw massacre series and the original Halloween. Anyway all in all I enjoyed this movie. It was fun to watch and see the characters have fun and than die. The deaths were bloody for a 1980 movie and waere cool.

    I also liked that Jason was not the original killer. I was glad to hear his name mentioned though so it seemed like he just wasnt made up for the sequel. Mrs. Vorhhez I thought was to weak at the end. She got knocked out about 3 times. What go me at the end though was when the girl ws in the boat looking at the police when Jason jumped out of the lake and pulled her in. I thought she was dead.

    All in all this movie was good. Wasn’t extremely good but I liked it!

  • GGoblin31

    Sean S. Cunningham did one noble thing in his quest for greed and fame… ‘Friday the 13th’.

    First, I love this series dearly. I grew up with it, I still watch it frequently, and I invite anyone and everyone I know to experience them. And while the first trip to Camp Crystal Lake isn’t the best, it’s still the first, and for that it gets skull-fucked ten-times over.

    If you don’t know the story of this series already, you should be drown in a lake while wearing short-shorts. Negligent camp counselors let a severely retarded camper drown while they experience each other’s adolescent genitalia. Someone hack/slashes their way through those horny counselors, and “Camp Blood” closes its doors. Years later, a wide-eyed group of early-80′s hairdos is working to re-open it, but little do they know someone is waiting to ring the teen body-count bell.

    This is essentially ‘Halloween’ in the woods with camp counselors instead of babysitters. The group of kids here is highly forgettable, but it just doesn’t matter here because all we want is the splattering to commence. Surely enough, it does… big time.

    We have spearings/axe murders/knifings/decapitations/archery mishaps… even a garden snake gets douched! The film is a hoot from beginning to end. Gether up a bunch of alcohol, and some friends capable of witty commentary, and you have a memorable evening ready to be had.

    This is a wonderful start to a fantastic horror series. Nothing captures the feel of 80′s horror quite like the ‘Friday the 13th’ series.


  • jpeenut

    one of the best movies ever made period

  • sixxchik

    this is my favorite movie of all time! its so good, i love to watch it up at my cabin during a late summers night, it really creeps me out :)

  • jpugly13

    This movie is excellent. One horror movie that is really rewatchable. This movie has some great death scenes and the tension is done very well. A classic.

  • Domino19

    Its one of those movies that are classics and get better wit age.

  • strangerslover

    my 10th favorite horror movie ever.

  • Slayer6(sic)6

    I completely agree with Domino19. Classic…

  • Anthropophagus

    The most depressingly overrated horror film. The only, and I mean ONLY thing this film has going for itself is a creepy atmosphere and some suspenseful scares, the rest of the film really is nothing more than appallingly acted and filmed garbage.

  • vegansteve

    One of the greatest horror movies of all time. The ending was a huge twist. A definite classic.

  • campbloodhound32

    Friday The 13th is definitely one the best slasher films of all time! It is beautifully created, set, and scored. The characters are the typical kinds of characters that you would find in a slasher film. The music is pulsing and creepy. And the ending with Jason jumping out of the water always makes me jump no matter how many times I have seen the film. This film really kick-started not just the series itself, but all the many slasher films that were produced in the 80′s.

  • MichaelMyers1031

    One of the greatest horror films ever. Friday the 13th is obviously the original most popular and easily the best campground horror film. The score was great it’ll make you jump when you just never expect it like the ending when we heard that happy like ending theme then all of a sudden we see Jason on the big screen for the first time.

    Ch,Ch,Ch Ha,Ha,Ha is one of the most if the most memorable thing about a horror film Mrs. Voorhees did great the teenagers were basically typical so the acting was not good. This is one of those films that you grow up with better than most of the sequels Friday the 13th is a true classic.

    Along with Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street Friday the 13th is one of those films that is impossible to not be forgotten.

  • DarKnightmare

    LOVE IT!

  • Jacques

    I was never a fan of slasher films, mainly because I always found them cheesy or typical. And though they are, generally, I can’t help but thank them for the landmarks they made in horror and in cinema in general. Friday the 13th certainly deserves credit for this.

    It was the first camp-themed horror movie, which played into the memories that most of us had at camps as kids. I can still remember that feeling of being watched as I was alone in a camp dorm, and laying there thinking something was under my bed, which amazed me when the arrow came through the bed in this movie. Easily the most memorable part.

    Also, the idea of not having Jason as the original killer was ingenious. Just everything about the movie was ingenious, and it deserves the classic status it has.

    Age has given it a layer of cheese, but if I had grown up in its time I’m sure it would have been one of my favorite movies, period. It defied generational clichés (who was really killing), created an entire new horror setting (the camp), and solidified the slasher structure and gave it a meaning (sex killed Jason, essentially). This is a landmark in punk entertainment for its time. I appreciate it now, but as I said, the layer of cheese is still there. It’s not perfect anymore. Maybe the remake will fix that.

  • PromNight2008

    Definitely a classic, but not the best in the series.

  • DiegOmen16

    YES a sequel to halloween OOOH! wait this isnt part of the halloween series what a copy cat shit but dont get me wrong i did liked this movie specially because jason wasnt the killer(you know because hes been in alot of crappy sequels but hes good anyway) and it got great suspense,blood and gore and it did was scary.

  • halloweenfan

    It would of been better if they wouldn’t of copied Halloween so much. I thought the movie had its moments but not as great as it is made out to be.

  • Urdeadlyfriend

    One of the best horror movies of all time.

  • thedescent08


  • Darkened Soul


  • Protecious

    one of the all time classics, and quite possibly helped mainstream-ize slasher films in the 1980s, but halloween obviously helped as well.
    fun seeing kevin bacon in the film.
    the only real major problem that i would have fixed is to have inserted betsy palmer (pamela vorhees) some place in the film to at least have her in the line of suspects…i dont understand that one still. but still is a blast of a film and definatly one of the best horror films of all time.

  • downward_spiral

    What a classic. One of the best slasher films.

  • dherna7704

    i see why its a classic but it wasnt for me

  • Romerofan123

    a classic slasher flick but not the best

  • fordwin6

    My favorite movie of all time.With my name being Jason it hooked me from the get go and of course my friends always attach me with the movie in some twisted way but does that make me demented hhmm.

  • TheRise24

    Friday The 13th is A Masterful Experience In Sheer Terror.Suspenseful,Atmospheric And Most of All Frightening.

  • Kevlar

    Good movie

  • whitewire

    Good movie, but has flaws. I’m looking foward to the Platinum Dunes remake.

  • halloween9movie

    Pretty good for the original… but the sequels are better

  • Quint’s Machete

    A staple of horror. These films take me back to my childhood. I can remember my older sister having sleepovers & parties. They would watch these films all night. I was a little squirt & would hide under the couch to watch the films too. Trying not to get caught. They would all go out for a cigarette or something, & I would raid the chips & candy, & quickly hide under the couch again. Ah, youth sweet youth. Marcie getting the ax was my favorite kill. I love the creepy atmosphere in the older friday films. Great stuff!!! I may have to get some beer & a couple of pizzas & watch it again. “Brenda was HOT!!!!

  • horrorfan25

    This is a non-spoiler review, which means I won’t ruin the movie for you. Friday the 13th is a pretty decent slasher flick. Even though Psycho started the slasher flicks and even thought Halloween was released two years ago and is being entitled ‘The best horror movie’. Friday the 13th came along and still brought the magic. The kills are really good and the special effects looked great too. I especially loved the twist at the end (I’m not going to spoil it). I also liked how everything started out so calm and then so horrifying. Overall, Friday the 13th might not be the best horror film but if you’re looking for a good, quick horror slasher Friday the 13th will do you no wrong.

  • ChrisV

    A classic! Must have been 10 times more powerfull when it first came out, but almost 30 years later it still delivers.
    While i have the opportunity, let me say that i find nothing in common between this movie and Halloween and i have seen both films over 100 times and feel that they are completley different except for a maniac killing people.

  • rusted31

    The one that started the whole bloody affair, and unleashed Kevin Bacon on the world. The first Friday is a well above average slasher film. This would have been very full on when it was first released. Even though Black Christmas and Halloween were the first slashers they held back on the blood but Friday The 13th seems to bathe in it. The kills are straight forward and a lot better for it, the axe in the head and the arrow through the neck are standouts as is the climax. This film uses POV shots which enhance the already creepy atmosphere and suspense. This film has suspense by the bucket loads, something that diminished in the series past Part 4. Although not the best in the series you have to admit it starts with a bang. Everybody knows the ‘shock’ ending by now but watching it for the first time all those years ago not knowing the ending was one sweet horror suprise.

  • timeca23

    One of my favorite horror movies! I still get creeped out when Alice meets Mrs. Voorhees and thinks she is saved, only to realize that Mrs. Voorhees is the killer. This movie is what started my fascination with horror movies.

  • TheBurning

    A Slasher Classic! 13 days for the new Friday The 13th. Can’t wait.

  • s1ide

    one of my favourite all time slasher flicks. Oozes campy coolness from the first frame. Made on the most meager budget, but spawned the largest horror film franchise to date, and one of the coolest villains. A must watch!!!

  • !rogue!

    pretty well done and scary but doenst compare to halloween.

  • nitewise84

    I will admit that I saw Part 2 before I ever saw this one. However, this movie is one of the better ones in the Franchise.

  • kryptonite_soul

    was easily the best of the original F13….just loved it is a classic and i dont think it looks that dated to be honest even now.

  • hisnamewasmichaelkruger

    A landmark slasher. One of the best of all time!

  • Necronatalusz

    Great movie.

  • randomrick

    one of the best slashers it!!!

  • The Reverend Danny Gore

    I’m not going to write a full review for this one, only because we’ve all seen it and it’s all been said. Yes: it is one of the all-time greats.

    I just watched it again recently though, after a few years of not seeing it. I was prompted to watch it again after seeing the remake. Not to be captain obvious or anything, but I just can’t believe how influential this movie was, and how many followers would rip it off without shame. This one and Halloween brought the slasher into the mainstream in the early 80s. And so many films, such as Madman (no offense, of course: great film) borrowed liberally without even trying to deny it: borrowing plots, characters, settings, everything! Even today: what’s now considered “predictable” in any slasher was created by this and Halloween alone.

  • vampyreman87

    I didnt get to see this movie until like 2 years ago, it was good, but I expected more, way better than the remake.

  • Skratchy

    There’s nothing I can say that’s already been said. It’s a classic. The twist would still get anybody who hasn’t seen the movie yet. Plus you get to see Kevin Bacon stabbed through the neck with a harpoon! How many movies can you say that for? Just this one.

  • Googopqp

    Fist off I just want to say, and i know most will get pissed about it, that the Friday the 13th franchise has got to be one of the most overrated and over marketed horror franchise ever created. Most of them, except for this one and maybe (and this is cuttin it close) part 4 or 2, all SUCK and are campy non-gory cash in movies that came out yearly, cough cough SAW. You can’t come out with a movie each year and expect greatness on all of them, you just expect money, COUGH COUGH SAW!!!!

    Now to get into the review for the first one, this one was an okay movie but it is over hyped to sh**. It is kind of gory, but not rlly at all, it is slow and you don’t really care for the characters, you want them to die. But this one did have that twist-ish ending of the old lady being a killer which was okay, but who the f*** doesn’t alrdy know that.

    Apart from all the hype and dreadfull sequels to follow this was a descent slasher, as I said. Mostly because it does have that bit of suspense to it and the kills, or at least some, are worth waiting to see happen, cough cough Kevin Bacon :D . Since Tom Savini did the special effects you know what your in for, but it is not his best.

    If you relaly want a good smmer camp slasher check out The Burning, which some say is a rip off, but is still the far more superior in gore, not getting bored, and character development. I give Friday the 13th a 7/10 but it should get 6 but what the hell. 7/10!

  • Slashing_Death

    The movie that started it…love it

  • HalloweenFridayThe13Th

    Sean Cunningham’s Friday The 13Th is an awesome horror movie. This is a movie I can watch a million times & still enjoy it. Its too bad Jason isn’t in it.

  • Longneck

    Its a classic, but not that great. More funny than anything. Unattractive girls, except Annie who’s killed of right away. I love movies that call marijuana- “Grass”. Not much that I have to say about this one. I watch it occasionally.

    The ending does deserve credit though. Very creepy seeing Jason arise from the water.

  • Chadinator92

    All I have to say is the ending to Friday The 13th = Epic win!

  • Chadinator92

    All I have to say is the ending to Friday The 13th = Epic win!

  • GRUDGE4life

    this movie was terrific…i do not mind who is killing, but the fact that all the kills were outstanding in thier own rights…

  • kyle.voorhees

    The one that started it all, fondly remembered as a great slasher, which it most certainly is, but it is not as strong as some of the later sequels. Although it does have excellent gore effects by Tom Savini and is a fun movie overall.

  • mlfky

    ah, the original friday the 13th, a great classic, and is something not to miss, the invention of the camp slasher, and is the origin for the rest of the movies in the series. i love this movie, and it isn’t possible to hate this movie

  • bufffiiieee

    A classic

  • Mayhem

    A Horror Classic. This is the one that started it all, go back & remember Mama Voorhees’s wild night at Camp Blood!

  • BK’s Finest

    Good movie


  • HalloweenFanatic78

    this movie was stupid. it was so boring i wanted to turn it off like 15 minutes into the fucking thing. and its one of my favorite friday the 13th movies.. which is sad because its so stupid


    it was just kind of dumb. and the killer did not at all look like a woman (i mean during all of the death scenes when they would show the killer’s hands, feet, clothes…) i hated it.

  • YoungHorror

    I know it’s a cliche thing to say, but this is truly one of the best slashers ever made. If you don’t ike this movie, then you obviously have no appreciation for good slasher films. Good gore effects, classic kills, and great suspense. Tom Savini is legendary, and Sean S. Cunningham is a genious. Nuff said.

  • groundgamer

    Halloween may of grossed the top spot for the best slasher movie ever, but Friday The 13th comes in at second place. The well looked into plot really delivers, the superb, but corny acting makes the sense of realism outstanding, and the evil icon that is known by everyone all over the world, Jason, is the main guy, that makes this film what it is. Friday The 13th has a simple, yet brilliant plot, with some annoying and loveable characters, that you get to grips with early on. The great plot holes, that are filled at the end, the superb gore and action makes Friday The 13th a overall superb slice n’ dice slasher movie. The iconic Jason is on full flow in this movie, and the fact that he’s killing them one by one sends shivers down your spine. The great sound-score and great horror, makes this a truly amazing watch. And how can I forget the rather good ending. Damn it was good!

    Overall, a worthy watch, full of suspense, horror and gore, that will have you screaming for days.


  • bloodnguts313

    Not that good but ok origanal film…the remake was alot better tho.

  • CrystElmField_13

    This movie started it all, Friday the 13th is my favoruite horror franchise, it’s excellently structured as it builds up tension really well, probably not what the majority of today’s generation appreciate, bearing in mind i’m a teen myself. The kills came more quickly and got more shocking and more gorier, and the best thing about it was not having a clue who the killer was, you just didn’t know, so it was even more excellent watching it first time round. Adrienne King one of the best final girls in horror portrayed fear brilliantly as Alice, and the killer of the movie played by Betsy Palmer ‘Mrs Voorhees’ delivered creep with a capital C. This is a classical properly made Slasher movie, spawning over 10 sequels. this is a horror masterpiece.

  • LuJr81

    Beats the shit outta the dumbass remake, Mrs.vorhees has all the balls in the vorhees family, she kicks ass and takes names. Great horror classic.

  • !!rogue!!

    It’s obviously a classic slasher, but not as entertaining as the other mainstream franchises.

    Score: 8.5

  • Bostic101

    I’ve always been a fan of the Friday the 13th franchise and this is a true 80′s slasher film. This movie potentally spawned 9 sequels, Freddy vs. jason, and a remake..Biggest reigning franchise ever in horror.

  • googoomuck

    First Friday… i MYSELF was born May Friday the 13th…i love this movie, it is my second favorite(halloween being first)and the ending really got to me, i couldnt sleep for days! haha it was awesome.

  • Jonny Darko

    This is clearly not a great movie but that doesn’t take away any of the credit it deserves as the genre defining “slasher film”. F13 is my favorite horror franchise and it all started with this Friday. Plus, the classic ending is still great even today.

  • Horrorfan81

    I Love this movie one of the best Friday’s they ever made!

  • evil_ash86

    the first and best part of the entire franchise. i actually expected Jason himself to be the killer, but seeing as how Mum was responsible for the murders, that was pretty creepy, because you’d expect a male intimidating man to be the murderer, and you’d never expect a sweet innocent old woman to kill.

  • voorheesmyers2

    Love this movie the best Friday movie ever made!!

  • JoshG16

    One off those rare Classisc Horror teen Slsher movie is one off the best and my Favourtie 1980s early film With (My Bloody Valentines and A Nightmare on Elm Street) with an unknow great cast and terffic acting. Soo fuckn creey, scary and supsenful and is afilms tha was panned by crites but as know as a classic to the horror genre and a Horror Icon Jason V. Lv It!!

  • CountOrlok

    Classic slasher, atmospheric and full of suspense and jump moments. It pretty much borrows from other classic suspense/horror films, but does it well. The teens are even likeable in this, unlike most other slasher movies.

  • dannymyers

    Though a rip off of halloween still very good.

  • .::DyingBreed::.

    Great Movie

  • Struckworld

    The film that started it all.

  • MurderBlade

    love this movie!

  • Slasher17

    I’ll admit that the first time I watched this movie, I did not really enjoy it because I found it to be a little slow. Then I rewatched it a couple of years later, and now I’m asking myself: WTF WAS I THINKING!? This is without a doubt one of the best in the series!

  • josh’snewnightmare

    The original slasher movie, well done and very scary.

  • Mushroomhead2031

    One of the best horror movies in 30 years and is still a great classic to watch every Halloween or ever now and then. Friday The 13th, Halloween and A NIghtmare On Elm Street are the 3 best classics ever made, no doubt about it! This is just the best! Even though there is no Jason, its still good nevertheless!

  • bloodypacman

    classic but the sequels are better.

  • Eddie Vorhees

    One of the classic slashers! A great movie! Along with Halloween and Nightmare On Elm Street it is one of the best slashers.

  • Evil Thing

    A great film that helped spawn the best campy slasher franchise ever. This is a true classic.

  • Leprachaun

    I’m looking down the page at many reviews that give this classic 10/10. It is not deserving of it but it is very close seeing how this is one of the first three slashers that come to mind when you think horror.

    The movie is very good. The story is “A young boy named Jason drowns in a camp lake. Eleven years later, counselors at the camp are systematically slaughtered. Could it be Jason back from his watery grave?” That pretty much sums it up

    No matter how many people review it they can’t really put down what makes it great. Is it the fact that we don’t know who is doing this? Is it the fact that the acting is so, how do I put this? Overdramatic and yet perfect for this movie? Betsy Palmer is the stand out role in this flick let me tell you. I still cringe when I hear the speach she makes near the end of the film.

    One main problem I have with the film is the actual ending. All though without it we wouldn’t have the actual sequels but it is still stupid. I truly did NOT expect it and was totally shocked beyond belief. It was one of those times I uttered the words “What the hell?”

    Overall it is a classic but suffers from some continuity errors mainly the ending.

  • Eric123456789

    now my favorite slasher film Friday he 13 a classic slasher flick this starts the legacy of Jason vorhese and his crazy mom

  • skinnedcorpse

    I don’t want to give a dishonest review by otherwise upping the rating I give this film, because of all the users that have rated it 9 or 10 skulls, so here’s MY opinion.

    The killings themselves were executed well, however I found it predictable for the most part, and a little boring between killings. In other words, the plot is pointless – the teens are picked off one by one and the scenes between these killings contribute very little to the actual killings. Perhaps, though, the aim of the film was to create a paveway slasher without involving the viewer in a structured plot.

    Not to dishearten the film – it’s a good slasher, but I’m just a harsh reviewer, and to its credit the ideas behind the killings are pretty good considering it was one of the first ever films of its type. Plus it did build good suspense at the end.

    Good for gorehounds and those wanting a film where they don’t have to think. As for scariness, It’s pretty average, I’d say – not disturbing but not the opposite end of the scale, either.

  • tlyon2

    The original gets better every time i watch it! It puts the reboot/remake to shame.

  • MattHorror

    Loved this film so much classic slasher film.

  • HorrorFan3000

    Masterpiece,greatest horror movies ever made

  • bloody hand prints

    This was my very first horror movie! It reminds us why we watch these movies. A true American horror classic!

  • Scream_

    I LOVE this movie. The story is so original, the acting is really entertaining, and the kills are really cool (especially Kevin Bacon’s death). All in all, absolute classic that everyone should see.

  • Lyssa284225

    One of the best movies ever


    i would give it a 75 it was one of the first films i saw that made me scare to camp lol and the ending fight/decapitation is just amazing :) great deaths and great ending twist

  • immortaldeath

    Great slasher. When I was younger I didn’t appreciate this as much as I do now. I like 2 and 4 better when I was a kid. Now this is my favorite Friday. Great kills and nice atmosphere. Who cares if Jason isn’t really in it. If you never seen Friday The 13th why are you reading this when you could be watching?

  • ParanoidAndy

    This classic horror film never gets old. plenty of suspense and some great kills. The music adds drama to the intensity. A staple film.

  • Captain Pissgums

    I’m an old fart and saw this when it first came out on HBO (I had very permissive parents). I thought it was a piece of shit when I was 9 years old. How in the hell this spawned a mega-franchise, I will never know.
    Every modern horror cliche begins and ends with this movie. Really bottom of the barrel stuff here. It DOES have Kevin Bacon in it. Worth a look if you absolutely must see what the fuss is (or isn’t) about. I’d recommend passing this up and seeing John Carpenter’s “Halloween” instead.

  • Morthalius

    One of the better slashers out there, nowhere near Halloween but still enjoyable and a must have for fans of the genre.


    great horror movie. shocking twist scared the shit out of me when i was little

  • zuggernaught

    Some people call this a nock off of Halloween, but I don’t see it. That would put make most horror movies in that class(Horror movies tend to rip of each other, its part of the genre, some good, some bad). To that point you could say Halloween copied Black Christmas 74′, but again I don’t see it. This movie did for camping and the great outdoors what jaws did for the ocean. NUFF SAID!

  • murdermakesmecum

    now this is a great horror film! the first time you watch this, youre thinking that the killer is going to be some rotted corpse zombie thing killin people, and you have to wait till the end to find out. classic story, portrayed in the classic style of wtf is going on. this should be in everybodies collection. must own!!

  • Midnitekrawlr

    Awesome classic slasher that still holds up today. From beginning to end a very captivating ride, long live Jason Voorhies!

  • stutts59

    Easily the creepiest of the series.Crazy mother avenging the death of her poor retarded son,gotta love it.

  • ThingFreak82

    Loved this movie since I first saw it in ’84!! This is what “Slashers” are supposed to be!!!!!!

  • brian321813

    i did not like this movie that much but i do like the fact that it started my favorite horror franchise.

  • freaq90

    I loved this movie when I first watched it many years ago, and still love it to this day. It’s easily my favourite entry in the series. Betsy Palmer majorly owns this film. It’s one of those films that isn’t particularly strong on plot or acting but there’s something about it that makes it a classic and I feel it will always be highly regarded as a staple of the horror genre. Shocking in it’s time, and yes…it’s dated. But even after all this time it still manages to maintain a nasty and ruthless vibe. I think the key to this film’s success is it’s sheer simplicity. Just because it’s regarded as a horror classic doesn’t meant that every horror fan has to like it, but it’s one of those classics that every horror fan should watch at least once.

  • JigsawKiller222

    Excellent Horror film the series was fun untill New Line bought it in 89 and took a big crap all over it.

  • Murder Thru Charm

    A TRUE classic. Very well done, you really have no idea who will make out at the end, and the way the killer is finally revealed is brilliant. Great movie to this day, but it’ll disappoint those wanting a Jason thrill ride.

  • VictorCrowley

    Great slasher flick. Help set the standard for what a slasher would be, and kicked off latex usage with kills and grotesque makeup. Plot line is pretty shallow, as all you really get is a brief rundown in the beginning of what happened at the camp years ago. There are a couple reminders throughout the film (Crazy Ralph) that let you know an evil force is at work, but the main story doesn’t fully return until the entire cast (save for one) are slaughtered and the mystery killer is finally revealed.

    All in all, classic slasher that old school fans continue to eat up and enjoy, but definitely a severely dated movie for someone brand new to the franchise. Newbies may want to refrain unless you’re strictly looking for a popcorn flick.

  • LoneWolfx


  • crazyhorror

    The Original Friday The 13th where we go back to the start before the sequels. The Original Friday The 13th is one of the greatest and the best horror films back in the 1980′s before the later on sequels takes over along with the 2009 reboot. This is the best in the series along with the 2009 reboot. Here in the original Friday The 13th this is where we are introduced to the first killer before Jason Voorhes and that is his mother Pamela Voorhes. This movie also explains why Jason started going on a murderous rampage in the later on sequels and why he continues doing it. So far the great things about this film is that the movie mostly focus on atmosphere and suspense even some great gore effects from special effects master Tom Savini. I really love the original Friday The 13th along with the later on sequels. This had so many good moments that brings back the feel of the 1980′s horror films. I actually had an interest with the series when I first watched the original Friday The 13th on TV and I was freaked out on the entire film and it was an amazing experience to get scared out of my pants and this movie is really nice so far. The kills here are really graphic and violent. Kevin Bacon’s death scene was really graphic and gory as well. The death scene when the other girl gets her throat slashed with a knife was extremely gruesome and gory as well. Oh and let’s not forget the scene when Marcy gets her face split open with an axe that was a seriously hardcore and brutal scene in all of the kills of the original Friday The 13th. Now the acting is great Betsy Palmer is one creepy woman in this film so far. Director Sean Cunningham did a good job with his work on the original Friday The 13th and he knows how to frighten audiences with nonstop gore effects and unflinching scares as well. Overall The original Friday The 13th is a really creepy and gory horror film.

  • thewolfmancometh

    Not quite flawless, but a fun slasher with a twist ending. Could you believe that the killer was that little old lady?! Look at how little she is! If only one of the many sequels could capture half of the creativity as this one did, maybe the franchise would be regarded more highly. More information here:

  • Remember Slithis?

    A well written classic from 1980!Great cast(Kevin Bacon)!Great kills!This is the one to start them all.Buy it and enjoy it.If you don’t know the end by now then enjoy the surprise!

  • Seth_Adams

    Twas ball sacks. I hated this movie with a fiery mad passion. The only movie I’ve seen that was worse than this was it’s remake.

  • ogdredvonweary

    Awesome move that started the greatest franchise in horror history. The first time I saw this, the ending paralyzed me and gave me goosebumps for hours. Not many horror movies have done that since. I’ve seen this dozens of times and it’s still a classic.

  • T H E _ T H I N G

    I consider this, Halloween and A Nightmare On Elm Street to be the three slasher classics that are must-sees.

  • moviewatcher

    A classic in horror movie making. I watched the UNCUT version of this movie with my partner who had never seen the original.Friday The 13th is a seminal classic, even to this day it’s still a tense movie. My partner jumped on a few occasions and laughed at others, mainly the acting. This is expected from a movie of its age. The Kilers reveal took him by surprise too,Tom Savini’s make up FX are still as impressive 31 years later. As for the “uncut” sequences I was expecting a little more. The gore scenes are just slightly elongated by a few seconds that’s about it. The 1080p BluRay is awesome, the colours are crisp and the sound is epic. Long live Friday The 13th, one of my most favorite slasher movies ever committed to celluloid, the storytelling and just it’s charm still outstrips most modern day horrors of today.

  • yourkiller

    It’s a classic, but kind of overrated.

  • TheGonzoJoint

    I don’t believe there’s any such thing as “old fashion” when one is speaking of the slasher genre, although without-a-doubt, some might disagree. I bring such a thing up because here is a film that most will refer to when they think “old fashion slasher movie”; an infamous abomination of a horror movie that is completely undeserving of its current reputation, which is the same reputation it’s had for several decades now. The fans love it, the critics hate it, and gee, would you look at that; so do I. If horror films, in general, make you want to stay away from your local theater as often and as consistently as you can; then you haven’t seen anything yet, because this one’s pretty killer, and not in a good way.

    It’s not so much that I mind the slasher genre, but seldom is it actually done right. Why can’t more be like “Halloween” or “Black Christmas”; movie with THEMES and movies with SUSPENSE, not just loads of blood-and-gore? I understand that the 80′s were all about pleasing the majority of movie-goers – particularly the young ones – when it came to this genre, but does it excuse such mindless films from any criticism? No, not a chance. “Friday the 13th”, which is considered by many to be a landmark on horror cinema, is a violent, sadistic, and boring-as-hell genre picture that insults more than it entertains. In a world where horror movies have the chance to be surreal, bizarre, artistic, and scary; here is one made without wit, style, substance, or any intent whatsoever other than to disgust. It’s a repulsive, trashy, and unforgivably stupid piece of shit, but then again, that’s just my overall take on it. Others seem to enjoy it; and I worry for many of them.

    Angry mother Mrs. Voorhees (Betsy Palmer) stalks camp counselors at Camp Crystal Lake to avenge the apparent drowning of her young son Jason, who we don’t actually see in this film until the very end. I believe it was the third addition to this on-going series that truly popularized his character and made him the icon that he is today.

    There’s not much more to the plot than that. I could, of course, go a little more in-depth to please the fanboys, but since I’m not one of them, what would be the point? “Friday the 13th” is as simplistic, one-dimensional, generic, and deprived of imagination as they come. Instead of exercising new ideas, it exploits the brutal killings of teenage men and women; and all the kills are respectably authentic (Tom Savini did the make-up effects for this film, so, what is one to expect?)

    Maybe all this is your idea of a good time. If the film had been some sort of tribute or homage to a lost age in horror history, then I might have considered it pretty solid too. But “Friday the 13th” wants to entertain, and it even wants to scare you; and it definitely makes some good attempts. But attempts are not good enough, and since there isn’t any substance whatsoever here to back that up, it just kind of falls flat.

    Maybe it’s a film that makes deep, relevant commentary on the sexual and moral urges of young adults, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s a piece on violence itself. The director, Sean S. Cunningham, doesn’t seem to know much himself; and we never quite get the answers we’re looking for. There will be those who are willing to look into this film and find a deeper meaning, a different purpose, and something worth remembering; I mean, there has to be a reason why it’s so darned popular, and regarded as a timely horror classic, right? Usually I too can find the reasons behind cultish acclaim, but this time, I see nothing worth admiring; just an endlessly brainless concoction of sex, violence, and uninspired dialogue. I despised this movie; impressive make-up effects, effective finale, and worthwhile performance from Palmer aside. The film itself serves as a pretty darn good explanation to why grades are dropping and why most horror fans are so easily pleased, and perhaps such people enjoy the escapism of it all; I’m not too sure. But it matters not where you stand; this film is not smart, it is not, by definition, good enough to be a classic, and if it’s mindless entertainment; then it’s quite possibly the lamest of the lame.

  • man_in_mask

    I’m not really a big fan of the first Friday The 13th movie, but I do respect it for starting one of the biggest horror franchises. I do like the end when Jason pops out of the water though.

  • spurlockx

    “Kill her, mommy! Kill her!” What can I say about this movie? Classic! And Kevin Bacon is in it. The death scenes were among the most brutal in horror film history.

  • Jami84

    Come on people, this is the one that started them all! Enough said.

  • Zombie Apoc

    good movie, i liked the kills and the suspense, the ending was amazing but inbetween these parts it was kinda boring and uniteresting, by the end i was kinda happy they all died

  • Bubbleman

    Friday the 13th is good but it gets boring in the middle of the movie but then it gets better at the end.

  • Bytor

    Had to watch this again to see how it stands up to time. Comcast On Demand has most of these Friday the 13th movies for free. Not a bad watch. Not as cheesy as some of the others. Gets a little boring toward the end. But the atmosphere was great. Overall a fun little gem that started it all.

  • Antonhorror

    Pretty good classic movie !

  • Antanis Shearer

    I doubt they never would have guessed how big this small independent slasher film made to simply cash in on the success of Halloween would become. One of the best of the series unique that it is the only one not to feature Jason or an “Imposter” Jason as the killer but a little old lady who you would never expect and shocks you when it is revealed. Great effects by Tom Savini however not as good as Part 4′s. My favorite part is the iconic canoe scene which really lets you know that it’s far from over!

  • DefinitelyDazed

    A great classic and the best Friday the 13th.

  • udopreeck