The Amityville Horror


Newlyweds move into a house where a murder was committed, and experience strange manifestations which drive them away.

  • QueenOfHalloween

    Really good, a must for horror fans!

  • bunnyracer420

    ONE OF MY FAVS!! deff. a classic, must see movie!! Not to mention its based of of a true story!!! which in my opinion makes it that much more intense!

  • stew5150

    This film actually can fall into 3 categories. Hate it, love it or tolerate it. I fall in the tolerate it category. There are som really cool things about this flick that were very creepy. Mainly the films music and the look of the house. But, the acting is awful, even for the great Rod Steiger! And it never really flows like a movie should. The book scared the bejesus out of me more than the movie. But for all of it’s little quirks it does have that classic horror movie feel and has a soft spot in my collection.

  • madkins42

    Awesome!! Gotta love the Brolin.

  • Protecious

    im borderline with this film, there are some things about this movie i really loved alot, and then there was some things i hated, so ill probably give this a 5 rating.

  • Stupid-Eyed

    One of the true classic horror films. If you’re a fan of horror films and haven’t watched this you have to.

  • Ed Gein

    Badly-made garbage.

  • sicbitch

    Pretty good movie …too bad it was a Hoax

  • Turk3102

    Bad quality, but cool plot. James Brolin’s beard could’ve won an oscar, but that’s about it.

  • whitewire

    Cool idea and cool plot, but failed execution. I just found the movie boring. I enjoyed the 2005 remake much more.

  • mikethademon

    I loved this movie. Classic.

  • Quint’s Machete

    This movie has a special place in my heart. It’s the film that gave me my first real nightmare as a kid. My first horror movie that I remember seeing as a child too. One of the most iconic structures in horror, along with the Bates house (Psycho)!!!! Grab some p-corn & give it a look, but try not to scare Jodie !!!!

  • randomrick

    i dont care if its slow or not this is a great flick and can be scary at times…get out!

  • Carrie

    Good scary bits, more true to the orginal story.

  • vampyreman87

    I think its so funny that the remake is 5 times better than this boring ass movie.

  • Jason4eva

    This one was boring as hell! I can’t see why anyone would like this one as much as the remake.I’m sorry but just because its the “original” don’t mean its better! Face it people platinum dunes can out do a remake better than a original!

  • GRUDGE4life

    i love the idea of a haunted house and they captured the setting perfectly…

  • grudgefury

    Cheeeesy, lame and overlong.
    The priest and detective storylines should’ve been taken out.
    Ugh, some annoying performances! I was pretty proud of James Brolin though. Margot Kidder sort of.
    The music is UNscary.

  • grudgefury

    Cheeeesy, lame and overlong.
    The priest and detective storylines should’ve been taken out.
    Ugh, some annoying performances! I was pretty proud of James Brolin though. Margot Kidder sort of.
    The music is UNscary.

  • grudgefury

    Cheeeesy, lame and overlong.
    The priest and detective storylines should’ve been taken out.
    Ugh, some annoying performances! I was pretty proud of James Brolin though. Margot Kidder sort of.
    The music is UNscary.

  • Broomann43

    Loved the whole thing

  • Kidra Risirthid

    i have to give it credit, since this was one of the first scary movies i saw, and at the time (when i was 8) it scared the crap out of me. but in hindsight, the acting is terrible and it pales in comparison to the book.

  • Chadinator92

    I saw nothing wrong with this movie, it was awesome and the fact that it was a true story made it even better!

  • evil_ash86

    a true story, and damn scary.

  • Mrmcd666

    This movie scared the shit out of me when i was 9 but im not 9 anymore and now i see what it truly is and that is a piece of shit, sorry folks but it is a big stinkin pile of shit. I haven’t seen the remake but I know for sure that it has to be better.

  • TheBurning

    It was Ok…..

  • format916

    a classic

  • Evil Thing

    Entertaining film. I have too say it is a little dated but still a good watch. and Lois Lane showing why super man picked her.

  • HalloweenFridayThe13Th

    Amityville Horror is an awesome horror movie. This is a movie I can watch a million times & still enjoy it. I have seen the actual house. I drove by it one Halloween night.

  • maynardmorrissey

    A decent but, alas, way overrated haunted house movie. Good acting, brilliant score (from maestro Lalo Schifrin) and some nice effects, but overall much too lengthy and tedious.

  • allmyfriendsaredead

    definatly a classic

  • drewbster

    Based on true events — that never happened. The Defoe murders were actually initiated by the oldest daughter rather than demons, the Lutz’s helped fabricate their part of the story for financial gain, and the only problems reported by later occupants have been pesky tourists looking for a scare.

    Still, it’s a fun story of a really bad haunting. Bleeding walls, invisible friends, puking nuns, and a creepy voice that just says “GET OUT!” To this day, I won’t put my hands in an open window. I like this film mostly for sentimental reasons, but also because it stirs the imagination. Nothing’s more frightening than what we *think* might be in the shadows. Yeah, the acting and pacing aren’t the best, but it can still be entertaining.

    During a power outage one night, I caught a glimpse of my cat’s eyes reflecting my flashlight. I nearly pissed myself, and for a split second expected to find hoofprints outside in the snow.

  • Shikari

    Easy to sum this up.
    Boring as shit.

  • JoshG16

    ‘The Amityville Horror’ is a 1979 movie & is based on true events in the late 70′s in the town called Amityville. The genre Horror, Mystery, History, Drama & Thriller were excellent for the movie, the style, theme, element & texture were prefect set for the movie and music/sound was a ok music for this type of movie. I have to say the ending was really something of it kind & I thought the blood dripping down the Walls & stairs was really freaky but it was a decent horror movie, but was different a well dated movie.
    (I found the remake much better but this was a decent original Horror movie).

    The storyline/plot was was great for the detail of the real life story, the actors (Margot Kidder) were terffic in this movie, while the others unkown actors were really good, the original is really thrilling & creepy with that voice sound “GET OUT” given me the frights, the remake was just like this movie but more blood, gore & CFI effects, which I have to say before Original & Remake were brilliant (while there was alot of changes in the remake which is really odd for a remake), the film was pratcial & didn’t offer much for it’s

  • MattHorror

    I enjoyed this film a lot, though it is a tad slow.

  • Zombie Apoc

    good movie i liked it because it was creepy, definatly watch it

  • JohnoftheDead(1978)

    This film has quite a bit going for it given it was made in the late 70s(era of infamous horror lore), and who will forget seeing Superman’s wife(Margot Kidder played Lois Lane in the first four Superman films) in her panties doing ballet stretches.(hehe) This film manages to pull off the “creepy haunted house” feel, with our characters hearing voices telling them to “get out!”, as well as blood dripping from the walls and inanimate objects causing physical pain to those in the house, but that is about it really.

    I did not like how the main plot of this story seemed to branch off but yet always lead to absolutely nothing. For instance, the daughter “Amy” being paid visits by “Jody”, who was one of the children killed before they moved into the home. Sure it was creepy that she was being visited by this spirit, but not only do we never see the spirit…NOTHING “significant”(keyword) involving the spirit ever happens! We are also lead down this path with the police detective as well. We are forced to witness him try and investigate the house, yet his characterization in this film leads absolutely nowhere and should have been left out of the script. I will also do you gorehounds out there a favor and let you know now, there are absolutely no deaths in this film(which is surprising for a 70s horror flick), all you will witness are a few people getting hurt and one person going blind. I am not complaining however(“The Shining” had one death and still managed to be an amazing horror film), but I’m sure it would have helped add some sort of excitement to this film.

    I honestly found myself quite bored with this film. The first half of the film was interesting as it was developing the story, but we are introduced to too much side plots and useless dialogue that this film should have done without. This film is a few minutes shy of two hours in length, and I honestly believe this film would have benefited had director Stuart Rosenberg shaved the final cut down at least 20 minutes.

    I did like the scenes involving the house keeping the priest and the nun from helping the family with the home, but even those scenes could not save this film from being used as an alternative to sleeping pills.

    Overall, check this flick out if you are interested in classic horror flicks, but don’t look for this to be overly exciting or as beautiful to watch as “The Shining”.

  • cannibalgirl

    love how this was based on a true story gives more creepiness to it

  • murdermakesmecum

    i saw this when i was young, and it scared me. but now it’s just boring, and nothing happens. guess it’s worth a view if your not doing anything.

  • thewolfmancometh

    The good things about this movie are also some of the bad things, which is the intensity of the paranormal events. For how scary it is to distinctly hear disembodied voices, it’s also a little bit silly when you see the walls drip blood. Probably not for everyone, but I dig the haunted house stuff, and this film is one of the most successful at it. More details here:

  • LoneWolfx

    Great film.

  • LianneAlice13

    i love this film, i dont care how much of a debate there is around the story of the actual house, true or not it is scary. look at the real footage of the event before you watch the film, it will freak you out more!

  • ogdredvonweary

    This movie is the cure for insomnia.

  • Captain Pissgums

    The Amityville Horror scared the shit out of me…when I was 10 years old. Watching as a supernatural thriller, this is pretty classic in my honest opinion. I haven’t seen it since I was ten, but this along with The Omen and The Exorcist made me scared of the freakin’ Devil. heheheh Your mileage will definitely vary.

  • T H E _ T H I N G

    I love the tagline. This movie is really good, totally creepy. The pig thing in the window freaked the crap out of me.

  • NightStalkersEve

    I have to agree with the movie reviewer on the main page about this movie. It was a dull movie that had a ton of potential wasted. Even the atmosphere was scary enough to call for a good storyline but never delivered. I’d love to see a good remake based on the stories of both the Lutz’s and the DeFeo’s. Make it a 3 hour flick if necessary.

  • horrorofhell

    This is an awesome movie, and very very scary! James Brolin and Margot Kidder were great and the film it kept me on the edge of my seat from beginning to end…and that music made me want to sleep with the light on. Not kidding, hehe. So much better than the remake.