Thirst (Kr)

release date July 31 2009
studio Focus Features
director Chan Wook-Park
writer Chan Wook-Park
starring Song Gang-ho, Kim Ok-bin
trailer 1 Trailer #1


The story finds Korea's leading man, Song Kang-ho, as a much-loved priest who becomes a vampire after a failed medical experiment; he becomes a tortured and depraved soul. Title refers to a craving for sex, blood and love. CJ is pitching the pic as a love story with horror and drama.

Official Review

Quite possibly my favorite director on the planet right now is Park Chan-wook, who brought us such classics as JSA, OLDBOY, SYMPATHY FOR MR. VENGEANCE and LADY VENGEANCE. For this legendary Korean director to take on the horror genre is like having Paul Thomas Anderson turn to horror. While Chan-wook has been primed for the genre with the amount of bloodshed in his previous films, he also took his love for lengthy exposition-filled drama along for the ride, which just doesn’t digest well in horror. At the hands of a less competent director, THIRST could have been an abomination, but thankfully Chan-wook delivers something above par that should probably be met with two cans of Red Bull. …Read More

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