The Body Snatcher


In Edinburgh, renowned surgeon and now teacher of anatomy Dr. MacFarlane, has been paying John Gray, a cabman, to clandestinely bring him exhumed bodies of the recently deceased for classroom demonstration purposes. With cemeteries being increasingly guarded, Gray turns to murder to provide MacFarlane with fresh bodies. Realizing that he will never be rid of Gray, who constantly taunts him with his knowledge of MacFarland’s past indiscretions, MacFarlane engages the malevolent Gray in a hand-to-hand fight to the death, the ultimate results of which provide the victor with an episode of unprecedented psychological horror.

  • Niallist

    Simply, a great movie. This is probably my favorite role of Karloff’s. He’s a right bastard, but there’s a catharsis in his madness, and the character of Grey is so inherently charismatic that putting Karloff in the role just doubles this. The other actors in the film do a great job, too. Henry Daniell, who plays Macfarlane, plays a character who is arguably even more of a rueful asshole than Karloff’s who you want to see destroyed even more because of his pompousness and privilege. Not to mention Lugosi, whose role, albeit small, is very interesting and greatly acted, even though his presence is miniscule compared to Karloff’s.

    This may not be the scariest movie ever, but it has some great action and an exciting plot. And the atmosphere reflects the dark, brooding atmosphere of Edinburgh in this period. Great movie. See it.

  • prettyscary

    Karloff and Lugosi are great. The plot unfolds and escalates at a perfect pace. Very disturbing.