In the film a wandering soldier finds a robot head in the post-apocalyptic desert. He brings it back to his girlfriend for use in one of her sculptures. He investigates the origin of the head, and discovers it’s from the Mark 13 project, canceled because of unreliability. His girlfriend, nay, society at large become endangered when the robot puts itself back together using the parts she has for her sculptures.

  • Remember Slithis?

    One of the trippiest sci-horror movies ever made.

  • Ebbemonster

    To start with, I have only watched this movie as a VHS transfer DVD, so the picture quality was pretty poor!

    I found this movie to be a mixture of Screamers and Soldier, both atmospheric and plot wise. The robot is well made, but IMO the story is a bit messy and it is also easy to see that the budget wasnt that high. The acting is just descent and the settings are just ok.

    IMO this movie is a bit overrated; but is you loved screamers and soldier it is definitely worth checking out. This is the kind of movies you discover when you have fully explored all the big mainstream movies in the scifi genre :-)

  • The Mighty Griff


  • razkazz

    Hardware is one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. We’re introduced to some interesting characters decked out in some cool costumes, but what follows is two hours of out of place trippy visuals and weird sexual stuff that doesn’t even mesh with the plot, which is barely there to begin with. There’s really nothing redeeming about this movie. It’s boring, weird, and all over the place, it has no direction. There’s no way there was a completed script before Hardware was filmed, it’s just a series of scenes which plod along and lead to a completely inconsequential conclusion. Some people might be drawn in by the cyberpunk costumes and promise of a b-movie gem, but there is nothing good about this movie. The fact that it has so many elements I love, but I still hated every minute is a testament to how poorly made it is. It’s got the cyberpunk aesthetic and a robot fight scene, how could I not like that? I assure you, it’s not awesomely bad, it’s painfully bad. I’d watch the Max Payne movie again over this, it’s that bad.

  • Daverat

    Hardware is a great movie that is finally getting it due on DVD. It was ahead of it’s time when it was released in 1990 (Well before turds like Sreamers & Soldier). And it still holds up today.

  • zog71

    Its been several years since I have seen this movie and pretty happy to see it finally release on DVD. I agree that the plot may be messy, but for some reason I am drawn into the film and like it very much. Definitely getting this one.

  • voodoo79

    I got this on blu ray it is a classic i still have my vhs copy it isw one of the classic sci fi horror movies of the 90′s

  • Gruesome76

    I loved this film since I first saw it in theater so long ago. Since then I have owned the vhs, uncut bootleg version on dvd. Finally glad it is now officially released with tons of bonus.

  • Barfneck

    Not a fan, but I just saw it for the first time a couple nights ago, I’m sure if I saw this when I was younger (like Robocop), I’d be a fan of this as well.

  • horrorbuff28

    Hardware was a strange science fiction horror movie. It had style and the robot was pretty awesome, but the ending was strange and some of the parts were confusing. The score was pretty good though. All In All, Hardware was a stylistic, strange horror movie.

  • Morthalius

    It’s been a while but I really enjoyed this film.

  • !!rogue!!

    HHardware was a very unique film. It isn’t by any means perfect, but you’ve never seen anything like this film. Definetly worth a watch for the great robot and music.

  • Capsulesn’Coffee

    Hardware is a lost gem; a slick, stylish and compelling cyberpunk thrill ride. Stanley demonstrates considerable talent behind the camera and shows a keen eye for visual flair. It’s to bad his career went off the tracks like it did. The well utilized rock star cameos are just the icing on this sweet, bloody cake.

  • prettyscary

    A fun post apocalyptic movie. It has a well fleshed out environment that recalls Max Headroom or the 5th Element. The soundtrack can be a bit overwhelming and distracting at times. The robot is cool, and the story is unpredictable and the visuals are trippy. Overall worth it.

  • Ryan Gelley

    Made by people who saw both Blade Runner and Tetsuo. I`m not willing to give them any more credit than that. Nothing HAPPENED in this film! More stuff happened in the Happening.