Alice Sweet Alice (Communion)


After a young girl is brutally murdered during her first communion, her strange and withdrawn older sister becomes the main suspect.

  • maynardmorrissey

    Highly atmospheric and intelligent horror thriller with some slasher- and giallo-elements. Extremely tense and thrilling with a great cast, an eerie score, uber-beautiful cinematography, some very memorable kills and a fantastic script full of excellent red herrings and plot twists.
    To me this was a huge surprise: never thought that this would be that great.

    • ShapeStalker

      Can’t seem to post my own review, so have to reply to another’s.

      Just watched the movie. Not too sure why it’s gotten such rave reviews, but I found the film to be a pointless excursion into depravity for the sake of itself. A cop even refers to 12 year old Alice’s “tits”, saying that “she wanted (him)” when she made no relevant implication. The story line itself is implausible: a young girl dresses the identically to a very strange killer, only to be holding the knife herself as the end credits start to role. Anti-Christian blasphemy abounds for no apparent purpose other than to profane. Fairly well-done cinema for an overall mediocre and forgettable (and mostly dumb) film.

  • kings_of_metal

    A little slow in parts, but pretty much what the BD review and maynard said. Check it out for sure if you want to see something that is original, even to this day

  • VampiresDontSparkle

    This movie definitely reminded me of those wonderful Giallo flicks, Bava and Fulci mainly, though at times, with such wonderful and bizarre characters and beautiful scenery, i was constantly thinking that this was the love child of early Dario Argento and Federico Fellini’s Casanova.
    Alice, Sweet Alice (or is it Communion, or is it Holy Terror[yeesh, talk about split personality]) was rather slow, but i really liked it, if not for the wonderful imagery, then be it the well thought out story that unravels beautifully right before your eyes, and great moments of suspense, horror, and what made this film wonderful mystery.

    oh, and even though the deaths and soundtrack were really cool, that fucking mask gives me the creeps!


  • HorrorAddict512

    Amazingly done. This is the Giallo film for America. The mask is soooo creepy. And this is Brooke Shield’s first role. Amazing. I loved this movie.

  • horrorking95

    A really creepy film with some good deaths and an unexpected twist. That mask haunts me to this day! The theme music is incredible as well as the directing. Give this a watch.

  • myscalpel_gleams

    Oh my god, I haven’t seen this since I was little, and I’ve been trying to remember the title since then. LOVE this film, really nicely done.

  • Syrina84

    I was pleasantly surprised as to how the atmosphere in some parts of the movie really did seem like scenes from “Psycho”.(Which is always a good thing.) I am not good with names but the actress who played Alice did a remarkable job and i cant help feeling i have seen her in something recently but I cant put my finger on it. I was definetley surprised by the ending, i did not see that coming, lol. If you’re a fan of 80′s slasher films that isnt horribly bloody, this would be a good one to watch.

  • del

    Quiet slow but very original, creepy mask.

  • flesheater123

    Saw this last night. Really awesome movie. Reminded me of a dario film or a lucio film. :) Good times. Kept you guessing and wondering, the fat guy in this was a super creepy dude. I swear, he was freaking me the fuck out. LOL. Brooke was really good and super young. This was her first staring role too. But do you want to see brooke in a film that’s really messed up look up a movie called pretty baby. It stars brooke at like the age of 14 or something like that and she is lives in a whorehouse and falls in love with this much older guy and she is like naked and shit. Good disturbing lovely film. But alice was really good too, the ending was pretty awesome, and who you found out the killer was, was actually and awesome shock. They don’t make solid films like this no more, awesome score, awesome cinematogy, remind me of a hitchcock film. check it out. you won’t be let down.

  • horrorfangirl

    Love, love , love this movie…First saw this movie as a child and I thought it was so twisted..and ever since then I’ve been fascinated by it..I love movies from back in the day..they were so unique in so many ways…for instance the fata$$ with all the cats and vomit on his shirt so sick..then the evil little promiscuous girl..its a great movie and happy to have in my collection!

  • murdermakesmecum

    you know who the bad guy is right off the bat, but it’s still fun to watch. worth the time.