Horror Express


Screen legends Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing star as rival turn-of-the-century anthropologists transporting a frozen ‘missing link’ aboard the Trans-Siberian Express. But when the prehistoric creature thaws and escapes, it unleashes a brain-scarfing spree that turns its victims into the eye-bleeding undead. Can the crafty colleagues stop this two million year old monster, hordes of zombie passengers and a psychotic Cossack officer (Telly Savalas) before terror goes off the rails?

  • maynardmorrissey

    Most train horror movies I’ve seen so far are either mediocre (Terror Train) or utter crap (Train, Sleeping Car) – contrary to “Horror Express” which is thankfully a really good and original horror movie, sadly a bit overlooked.

    It’s mostly wonderfully thrilling and atmospheric – only in the last third it gets a bit boring.
    The score is spine-chilling and very fitting, the train settings look extremely beautiful and the camera work is decent.
    The cast is absolutely terrific, with a cool Christopher Lee, an amusing Peter Cushing and a priceless Telly Savalas, plus: neat performances from Julio Pena and Alberto de Mendoza (who’s Rasputin again?).
    The plot is absurd but interesting and unique, including zombies, aliens, possessed people, cossacks, the ‘missing link’ and something that can only be described as ‘hard-disk eyes’.
    Last but not least, it’s full of brilliantly witty dialogue lines, like
    “What if one of you is the monster?” – “Monster? We’re British, you know.”
    or “Is it true you’re a doctor?” – Ask me when I’ve finished my dinner.”

    Overall, a wonderful Brit classic, highly recommended to fans of movies like “Death Line” or “The Thing”.