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[Review] ’47 Meters Down’ is Full of Bite! (‘In the Deep’)

[Review] ’47 Meters Down’ is Full of Bite! (‘In the Deep’)

Johannes Roberts has the impossible task of having his 47 Meters Down (screened to me under the title In the Deep) compared to The Shallows, this summer’s other shark survival film that quietly took a chunk out of the box office.

While The Shallows was released in theaters, 47 Meters Down, starring Mandy Moore (“This Is Us,” A Walk To Remember), with Claire Holt (“The Vampire Diaries,” “The Originals”), Yani Gellman (“Pretty Little Liars,” “The Young And The Restless”), and Matthew Modine (Full Metal Jacket, The Dark Knight Rises), was going direct to DVD*, Digital HD and On Demand August 2, which would have been a shame, really. Thankfully, Freestyle Media acquired the film for a theatrical run in 2017!

In the film, Moore was recently left by her significant other, allegedly because she’s boring. This sets the stage for an impromptu trip to Mexico to prove she can be a party girl. She’s joined by her sister (Holt), who pushes her to be something she’s not, which leads them into the ocean to observe sharks. When the cable attached to the observation cage breaks, the girls are dropped into the deep with no way of communicating and their oxygen quickly running out.

Fans of shark survival horror movies are going to love 47 Meters Down, which is vastly different than The Shallows. In fact, they compliment, if not juxtapose each other into the perfect double feature. With Shallows, Blake Lively is trapped on a rock outside of the water with a great white shark circling to attack. 47 Meters Down takes viewers to the bottom of the ocean floor with many other dangers, while sharks also happen to be swimming around. They’re two completely different beasts that both have their fair share of suspense.

Although 47 Meters Down gives the viewers relief in knowing that the girls are “safe” in a cage, the duo is forced to leave on multiple occasions in order to attempt escape or rescue; this is when the tension hits a peak, and Roberts is able to really toy around with the emotions of the audience. Albeit CGI heavy, the sharks look pretty awesome and are constantly attacking. In fact, the finale had me jumping out of my seat, which I haven’t done at home in what seems like forever.

The only real problem I had with 47 Meters Down was (SPOILER) Roberts’ bizarre decision to include a completely unnecessary twist that can only be compared to a dream sequence. Not only did it disrupt the impact of the final moments, but it leads to a jarringly useless ending that completely changed the tone and emotional context of the film.

Giving Roberts a pass on the finale as a probable creative decision (or Dimension forcing him to change it), 47 Meters Down is one of the most surprising releases in quite some time. 47 Meters Down is full of bite, and is vicious enough for the hardcore horror audience, while also providing an immense amount of thrills for everyone else. Don’t let this one swim past you.

*47 Meters Down is beautifully shot and doesn’t deserve to be viewed on DVD.

47 Meters Down




    Good Review. I love movies with sharks but I’ve not looked good since Jaws. I hope that there will make me afraid ^^

    • RK

      It will. I guarantee you

  • CreepShowTwo

    Just glad this isnt three headed mecha sharktopus. Fuck im glad theres been some decent shark movies being made.

  • the usual suspect

    Looking forward to seeing this, as I do with all shark movies… Does anyone know what’s going on with “Meg” btw?

    • CreepShowTwo

      I read Meg was in production lapse, screen rant had a thing on it awhile back.but with the good reception of The Shallows,hopefully we get some real shark movies not made by The Ayslum

  • J Jett

    this sounds great! i love Claire Holt and i love good shark movies (there aren’t many of them unfortunately). i really liked THE SHALLOWS so hopefully DEEP will be good as well.

    • CreepShowTwo

      I have to say you have good taste from what ive read

  • Thomas Baio

    I love killer shark movies, but I hate bad endings (Bad endings = bad movie 9 times out of 10). Gonna have to take that gamble.

  • I love contained thrillers and aquatic horror AND Mandy Moore (don’t judge me). I was fairly underwhelmed by The Shallows minus a couple of well crafted moments so hopefully this will do it for me.

    • Grimphantom

      Why judge, in my opinion Mandy Moore is one of the decent singers/actresses that are cool and didn’t went to the road of being another sell out celebrity that just becomes another pawn in the music industry like Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and others.

      I do give Mandy Moore recognition and the movie would be fun to watch.

      • RK

        Mandy’s shark flick was way sharper than Blake’s, imho. And her music too has progressed into something thats completely representative of her taste and maturity. Even her roles now seems really handpicked.

        • Grimphantom

          She had admit it that her first 2 albums where garbage(that time where they told her to be like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera to be someone in the media) she even mention that if a fan ask for a refund she will gladly do and one did ask her and she did return a refund.

          That’s why i see i like Mandy Moore since she does want to be her own person and do what she likes to do more than a greedy manager just sucking her talent away.

  • Halloween_Vic

    In you’re opinion is it better then The Shallows? So it’s no longer being released on Aug 2nd then?

  • HairyToeKnuckles

    Just want to add here that no one ever mentions an often overlooked shark gem in “The Reef”. Give it a look if you haven’t.

  • THGrimm

    The Shallows left a good taste in my mouth so I look forward to this one because I’m feeling a shark kick! It seems promising.

  • [spoiler] I know what you mean with the ending… should’ve stopped when the girls made it to the surface… instead of making everyone depressed. They suffered so much stress… they deserved to live and we deserved to be happy for them. Demmit

  • Micah Unice

    Yes! Every bit as good as The Shallows.

  • deb

    I am so MAD!!!!!!!! The ending of this movie just made me furious. The movie had me riveted to my seat throughout…..In the back of my mind I was deciding to get a copy for my son’s birthday… crazy exciting until….. The hallucination about being saved. After that and you realize that she has not moved from the cage and the coast guard shows up but they don’t even bring her out of the water let alone tell you where Kate is!!!!!!!!!! What? Fuck you I’m sorry but I hate incomplete movie endings where you don’t know shit. pisses me off and I’m not even gonna mention it to my son.

    • RK

      What are you talking about? The ending was great because the hallucinations was set-up and explained before it took place. Why would a filmmaker plant a seed if there is no pay-off? The script was really thought out to stand above the rest of horror-inducing flicks that arent sensible.

      It had a complete ending. You just didnt like how things ended with them. The director knew that he was able to tell what he wanted to say and left it at that. Sometimes its just not written in the stars that you cant actually have the herculean heroic ending for all the suffering you’ve endured, but you can try right? The characters tried their best they didnt just sit there sulking, and one of them survived in the end– a 50% survival rate. Dont you feel glad that coast guards actually do what they’re paid to do even when its too late? I mean i was so glad they had that kind of plausible help rather than make me believe Blake Lively has saved herself from the incredulous shark all by herself in The Shallows! Fyi, its a fact that sharks dont like how we taste like so they just take just a chunk off you and off they go. Blake’s shark seems to act against nature, and feels like it’s out there for revenge (because it was revealed in the helmet bound camera than it was hunted before by humans). How can a shark be so much smarter than a movie? I mean, for real? I love my horror to have some semblance of reality caused its in these plausible situations that heightens the level of terror in you, that is the stuff of real nightmares.

  • Il|

    The hallucination bit was clever, but they never should have brought her up. There’s no poetry in that.

    • RockstarBobaFett

      Agree. They either need to let them escape and not do the hallucination, or let her die in the cage at the end. No point in having the hallucination and then saving her…them?

      It was one of the most incompetent endings I’ve ever seen.

      Hopefully with the theatrical release they’ll reshoot the ending and add another 15 minutes to the movie to where after the Hallucination ends she snaps out of it and makes a break for it leading to a rollercoaster end, where, imo, she shouldn’t make it, but should die trying.

  • MrDarkside

    It was good. I found myself having more “oh shit!” moments with The Shallows…and I can’t bring myself to watch the Sharknado 2-4 bits. I AM however looking forward to Meg, having loved the books. I just hope they don’t screw it up.

    Maybe one day we’ll get Great Whites that look like Great Whites… Is Open Water 1 or two any good?

    • Ash Housewares

      Open Water 1 is really good! Just 2 people in the wide open ocean sounds tedious but it works really well.As a diver,I can say the shark behaviour is probably the most accurate you’ll ever see in a film. Definitely give it a try.

      • MrDarkside

        Thanks Ash, I do know it was based on “real life” also. Sigh, I miss diving. We really need to get back into it. Instant peace. If only I could grow gills

  • Ash Housewares

    Just a heads up to anyone who hasn’t seen the film and is reading the comments below. People have posted a ton of spoilers here. They weren’t being jerks. Just discussing the story.

  • Jaybird

    I actually liked it better than The Shallows. I agree with the reviewer on the way it ended though.

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