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“Tales from the Crypt” Complete Series Set Coming in June

Sorry, still no Blu-ray announcement.

All seven seasons of HBO’s horror anthology series “Tales from the Crypt” have finally been collected together for the very first time in a new DVD set that’s set to hit shelves on June 20th. Every single episode of the series will be housed inside of a special gift box, making the set a must-purchase for anyone who hasn’t yet begun collecting the individual seasons.

If you already own the seasons, on the other hand, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to double dip. From what we gather, this new offering brings together the previously released season sets, but doesn’t actually add anything new to the mix – aside from allowing you to grab the whole series in one fell swoop.

Your favorite deadtime stories return from the grave in the spook-tacular “Tales from the Crypt”: The Complete Series. Cadaverous scream legend the Crypt Keeper hosts this groundbreaking anthology of macabre masterpieces featuring vampires, mad doctors, killers, ghosts, and other terrifying makers and corpse creators. Based on the tasteless and terrifying E.C. Comics classics, the show featured top-tier film talent, including Richard Donner, Joel Silver, Robert Zemeckis and Frank Darabont – even Arnold Schwarzenegger helmed an episode!

Add up-and-coming nineties actors Daniel Craig, Whoopi Goldberg, Tom Hanks, Brad Pitt, and others, then edit in resurrected Hollywood greats like Humphrey Bogart and Alfred Hitchcock, and fans of twisted, dead-on humor were glued to their screens. Now, gathered together in one creepy collection for the first time, all the frightful fun of the original uncut episodes deemed too racy for television broadcast, plus loads of eerie extras, is yours until the day you die laughing!

Check out the full packaging reveal below.



  • DJV1985

    LOVED THIS AS A KID (And still watch it now).

    It was actually one of the first things to introduce me to the horror world. It was this and of course the original Evil Dead (screwed me up for a long time lol) I rarely buy dvds/blu rays anymore just because of both funds and not really being worth it because after watching them once (espeically those mystery ones with the whodunnit endings) they get shelved and not watched for a long time but this may just have to be a must buy.

    • scream4ever

      My mom loved this show but wouldn’t let me watch it. She loved Are You Afraid of the Dark? and would watch it with me all the time, noting their similarities.

      • DJV1985

        Yh I enjoyed Are you afraid of the dark as well, and Goosebumps and Errie Indiana.

  • Trixxxster

    Yeah, no kidding! Was thinking the same thing about the Monsters box set that was released awhile back as well. Seeing as how we were lucky to even get a legit DVD of that series, I bought it anyway. Wonder what the excuse is here . . .

    • The Drucifer

      Shitty master and poorer than expected sales would be my guess.

  • zombie84_41

    yayyy i burned these all a while back

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Blu-ray spoiled me the moment I laid eyes on it. Haven’t been able to buy a DVD of anything since.

  • The chicken man

    My favorite anthology show of all time! I can’t wait to own this.

  • Adam Clifton

    What region is this? Will it work on Region 4 players or is it (hopefully) Region 0?

    • Boglin Boy

      use region unlock code

      • Adam Clifton

        How’s that work?

        • Boglin Boy

          search the name of your DVD player on google then region unlock code and it will give you a code you type on your remote control and it will make it region free

          • John Connor

            Wish Bluray had that trick.

  • I’m pretty shocked DVDs are still selling well enough to justify this release.

    • John Connor

      Apparently DVDs sell more than Blurays, unfortunately.

  • Avi

    Who are these vile filthy animals that buy DVDs? When will manufacturers kill DVDs and just give us the Blu-Rays we deserve? Here enjoy this horrible resolution on your high resolution TV.

    • Jason Kennedy

      They’re probably putting these out on DVD because the video source is not HD. I’m guessing all the episodes are standard definition

      • Avi

        Dont need these emails

  • Justin Smith

    who buys DVDs still?

    • Joe Archer

      I do. Don’t be such a hipster.

      • Justin Smith

        “don’t be such a hipster” you clearly don’t know what a hipster is

        • Joe Archer

          Actually, I very well know what a hipster is. You’re the one doesn’t if you seriously think saying “who buys DVDs anymore” isn’t a hipster thing to say. Anyone that says “Who does such and such anymore?” is a hipster. Fact.

          • Justin Smith

            no you idiot hipsters like old and retro stuff so DVDs that people no longer want to buy is what a hipster would want and stuff that is not popular. hipsters like to go with what people are not doing to be different. Now shut up you whiney bitch

          • Joe Archer

            That’s not at all what a hipster is. That’s trying to be edgy. Maybe a hipster can fall under what you’re saying, but that’s not how all hipsters work. A true hipster is someone who does/says something because it’s popular. For example, if someone liked something, then when suddenly a lot of people start talking shit about said thing, that person suddenly doesn’t like it anymore, and says they don’t simply because other people say they don’t. Someone who’s into retro stuff are just people that happen to like retro things. Most of the time. That doesn’t make them hipsters.

            Nobody wants to buy DVDs anymore? Uh, some people have no choice. Some people can’t afford a Blu-ray player or PS3/4/Xbox One. They’re also a lot cheaper, compared to a Blu-ray. Some people just want to watch the movie and don’t care about anything else. Why spend the extra money for something you don’t find important? Exactly. Now me? Sure, I love Blu-rays. I’ve double dipped just for special features alone, but not everybody does that, nor do they want to. Understand?

            Damn, I must have triggered the fuck out of you to call me a whiny bitch. Did I hurt your feelings or something? Wow. Oh well, you’ll get over it. Hopefully.

  • BrannigansLaw

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