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Anthology Film ‘Trilogy of Terror’ Finally Coming to Blu-ray

Trilogy of Terror

Often called one of the best made-for-TV horror movies ever made as well as one of the best horror anthologies, director Dan Curtis’ Trilogy of Terror premiered on ABC in March, 1975. The Karen Black-starring film notably introduced the “Zuni Fetish Doll” (above), which has become something of a horror icon over the years.

Unfortunately, the film’s DVD has become increasingly expensive and hard to find, and it to date has not yet arrived on Blu-ray. But that changes next year…

Kino Lorber Studio Classics revealed over on their Facebook page that they’ll be releasing Trilogy of Terror on DVD and Blu-ray in 2018, boasting a brand new HD master!

Trilogy of Terror, written by Richard Matheson and William F. Nolan, “presents three tales of horrific suspense that showcase the tremendous acting talent of Karen Black, who plays four distinct roles. In “Julie,” an aggressive college student seduces and ultimately blackmails his seemingly shy English professor. In “Millicent and Therese,” two polar-opposite sisters become increasingly hellbent on the undoing of one another. And in “Amelia,” a woman falls prey to a murderous Zuni fetish doll.”

Look for this release in early 2018.



  • I never got to watch the second one

    • J Jett

      HOLY CRAP! i never even knew there was a sequel!! i need to track it down and watch it!

      • Yep it was made in the 90s with an actress called Lysette Anthony (or something similar).

        • Saturn

          Yup, the ever-so-lovely Lysette Anthony, who was quite the looker back in the day.
          Her name may seem familiar as she’s one of those who have made rape claims against Harvey “the rat” Weinstein.

      • Saturn

        It’s not bad.
        Same format as the original, with one actress playing different characters in each segment, which again culminates with the fetish doll.

  • Otterlee

    I will buy. I play Diablo 3 and the fetishes you can generate are exactly like this guy. I drive my husband nuts ’cause I yell “Yeeyeeyee” whenever I play.

  • Azwethinkweiz

    Shit. Finally! Damn. I loved this flick when I was younger. Dad introduced me to this when I was like 6.

  • philipladicani

    This scared the shit out of me when i was a kid!

  • J Jett

    i grew up with this movie (yes, i’m old. LOL) and i still think it’s REALLY good! Karen Black (RIP) is phenomenal in it. and Chucky who? no, it’s the Zuni Fetish doll that was freaky as all fuck! 🙂

    • cmuberti

      I remember watching this when it first aired. I loved it! I was a weird kid.

  • Terry Powell

    Funny thing is, everyone loves this, but two thirds of it(The other two stories) isn’t very good. But the last segment is so good, people forget that the movie as a whole is lousy.

    • J Jett

      as much as i do enjoy the movie overall (again, thanx almost entirely on Karen Black’s wonderful performances) i agree that the first 2 segments are average at best. it’s most definitely the Zuni doll segment that truly makes it all worth it.

  • FeministFriendly

    I must have seen this before being a big anthology fan.
    Short fiction has always been my favorite form.
    But it must have been quite a while ago since those descriptions don’t sound familiar.
    Thats a good enough excuse to need to see it again.

  • Saturn

    You should check it out – it’s one of the better anthology style movies. It had a sequel, many years later, which although wasn’t as strong, is also worth a watch.
    For fans of Creepshow and the old Amicus movies.

  • Jim

    My Trilogy of Terror website might interest everyone:

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