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New ‘Friday the 13th’ Blu-ray Collection Coming Next Year; Full Details

New ‘Friday the 13th’ Blu-ray Collection Coming Next Year; Full Details

Released in 2013, the Friday the 13th: Complete Collection 12-film Blu-ray set was a pretty big deal at the time, as it included the Blu-ray debuts of several of the films in the original Friday the 13th franchise. Unfortunately, that set has since gone out of print, making it incredibly hard to come by and, worse yet, increasingly expensive.

Even more unfortunate is the fact that several of those films have still to this day never been released on Blu-ray again, either individually or in any other sets.

But that changes early next year, when the Friday the 13th: Ultimate Collection Blu-ray set is released. The set will feature the first eight films in the franchise, collected together on Blu-ray for the first time since the Complete Collection came and went.

It’s also loaded with the special features from previous releases:

  • Trailers: – Theatrical Trailer
  • Commentary: “- Commentary by director Joe Zito, screenwriter Barney Cohen and editor Joel Goodman
  • Commentary: – Commentary by director/co-screenwriter Danny Steinmann with cast and crew
  • Commentary: – Commentary by director Tom McLoughlin with cast and crew
  • Commentary: – Commentary by Director Sean S. Cunningham with Cast and Crew
  • Commentary: – Fan Commentary by Adam Green and Joe Lynch
  • Other: – Inside “Crystal Lake Memories”
  • Other: – Fresh Cuts: New Tales from Friday the 13th
  • Other: – Lost Tales from Camp Blood – Part 5
  • Other: – Lost Tales From Camp Blood – Part 6
  • Other: – Lost Tales from Camp Blood – Part 4
  • Other: – The Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited Part II
  • Other: – The Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited Part III
  • Other: – Friday’s Legacy: Horror Conventions
  • Other: – The Man Behind the Legacy: Sean S. Cunningham
  • Other: – Friday the 13th Reunion
  • Other: – Jason Lives: The Making of Friday the 13th: Part VI
  • Other: – Lost Tales from Camp Blood – Part 2
  • Other: – New Beginnings: The Making of Friday the 13th: Part V A New Beginning
  • Other: – Slashed Scenes
  • Trailers: – Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Other: – Jason Forever
  • Other: – Jason’s Unlucky Day: 25 Years After Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter
  • Other: – Lost Tales from Camp Blood – Part 1
  • Other: – Meeting Mr. Voorhees
  • Other: – Slashed Scenes
  • Other: – The Lost Ending
  • Other: Includes 2 pairs of 3D Glasses
  • Trailers: – Theatrical Trailer
  • Trailers: – Original Theatrical Teaser Trailer
  • Other: – The Crystal Lake Massacres Revisited Part I
  • Other: – Jimmy’s Dead Dance Moves
  • Trailers: – Original Theatrical Trailer

According to Diabolik, where you can now pre-order the set, it’s expected to be released on February 13, 2018. You can check out the (lackluster) cover art below.



  • Jeremy Kulow

    This would be great news, except I just bought 1-4 on blu-ray. I hope they release 5-8 separately.

  • Of course, the best companion piece to this (because Paramount won’t shell out the money for it, because they hate us), is “Crystal Lake Memories”.

    • McGilli

      Yes! Still have my autographed book in storage!

  • Well, I was literally thinking last night that we needed a new F13 bluray set last night. So, there’s no new features?

  • Will Schuster

    $30?! I’m guessing they will try and cram all of that on 3 discs.

    • MaximRecoil

      Four discs would probably be the minimum, and that’s only if they don’t include both a 2D and 3D version of part 3. A double-layer Blu-ray is 50 GB, and two movies takes nearly all of that, leaving maybe 5 or 6 GB to spare, which is enough for some extras on each disc. If there’s a 2D and 3D version of part 3 (like there is on previous part 3 Blu-rays), that’s the same as putting two movies on one disc, so they would need a minimum of 5 discs in that case: parts 1/2, part 3 2D/3D, parts 4/5, parts 6/7, and part 8 with lots of room for extras.

  • Necro

    All this box set is is the Paramount DVD box set from a few years ago, only it’s now in blu ray format. Two things that gave it away: 1) It’s only the first 8 films just like the Paramount DVD box set 2) It has the ‘Lost tales from Crystal Lake stories’ which are really good, and again only contained in the Paramount DVD box set. Now I have the Paramount DVD box set that I keep referring to, but I also have the mentioned now out of print blu ray box set that has all twelve films on blu ray. And that doesn’t have the ‘Lost Tales’ stories. Also the cover of this new set is the exact same as the Paramount one, plus the Paramount one came with a mini ‘Jason’ mask which is really on point. This new one is nice to finally see it go to blu ray. Both are worth seeking out if you can get your hands on them! I think with this new one there are some new special features that weren’t in either of the two box sets that I have. Good stuff!

  • The Drucifer

    I got lucky and found the previously release on eBay last year for under $100. It’s a good but not great set and this feels even worse. Give us some extras that aren’t a decade old please.

  • Jason Kennedy

    How is this the “Ultimate Collection” if its missing JGTH, Jason X and FvJ?

    The 2013 box set is the Ultimate Collection as far as I’m concerned. Why not just re-release that?

    • Necro

      I think it’s just the Paramount DVD box set now released in blu ray! While writing my comment I’m looking at my copy of it and it seems to be identical to this one in the article.

    • Necro

      Yeah it’s the ultimate Paramount collection since they owned up to part 8 and then it went to New Line after. As far as the special features there’s some that are in the Paramount DVD box set and some from the now out of print Blu ray box set. Yeah I agree they should re-release the one from 2013, only with newer stuff.

      • Yeah, the 12-film collection only happened because New Line gave the full F13 rights to Paramount. In 2018, the rights to Jason go back to New Line Cinema.

    • Don’t expect a true ultimate collection any time soon. The only reason the other one happened is because Paramount obtained the full rights to the Friday the 13th franchise. In 2018, New Line Cinema gets Jason back.

  • WOLF

    Gotta change that cover art lol. Obviously somebody did it who has never seen the films.

    • The box set appears to be a re-packaging of the 2009 deluxe editions. That isn’t new cover art.

  • DaddyKo

    I just bought them all for DVD these past couple months. Lol screw the Blu Ray!

  • Jay Bennett

    Fuck that cover art is just awful

    • It’s not a new cover. The box set appears to be a re-packaging of the 2009 deluxe editions. Don’t expect anything new.

      • Jay Bennett

        I guess youre right, but considering how rare full collections come especially Friday, it wouldve been nice to see a little more effort

  • Brett Lovejoy

    An Ultimate Collection that ISN’T an Ultimate Collection. Should’ve just churned out more of those metal tins (mainly since my dumbass bought and sold it, only to realize just how much they were going for) that the fans want. It’s pretty annoying that it’s impossible to own them all on blu-ray now without shelling out hundreds for that tin.

  • JoeInTheBox

    I held off on buying all the previous box sets, but does anyone know if these are the uncut releases? I know if the past, there were issues with footage missing from certain versions or were the R rated cuts.

    • It appears to just be a re-packaging of the 2009 deluxe editions. If memory serves, the only one that was Uncut was the 1980 original.

      • JoeInTheBox

        Okay cool. I might still get it on sale then. Don’t have any of them at all.

  • Josh Nitsche

    I bought the original box set when it came out because I’m an obsessed horror fan. I’m simply baffled at how expensive it is now. I should have bought two.

    • John Connor

      I bought three knowing that it would be this way.

  • Ricky Barrett

    That is probably the worst cover art for a collection of movies I have ever seen. Hell the leprechaun movie collection had a better cover. Glad I got the complete collection when I did.

    • It’s not a new cover. They are just re-using a cover from the 2009 deluxe editions, which probably means that the box set is just a re-packaging of them. Don’t expect anything new in this collection.

  • Chase LeValley

    So glad I got the box set when it first came out. Only the first 8 movies? Fuck that.

    • Drew

      The first 6 are the only ones worth watching anyway.

      • Chase LeValley

        Disagreed. Part 8 and 9 are they only trash movies in the whole franchise.

        • A New Beginning, Jason X, and the 2009 reboot weren’t at all good IMO.

          • Chase LeValley

            Disagreed. Thought those three were great.

          • Those three were ridiculous. But that’s just my opinion. Your reasons for liking it are just as valid.

      • I contest that the only ones worth watching are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7. I thought A New Beginning was awful, but The New Blood was good.

  • zombie84_41

    this has to be the lamest set ever. but if they have all the movies as uncut it will be worth it for me as a space saver. Also if the price is right this be a good 12.99 price. Anything more isn’t worth it.

  • TheMostInterestingManintheMidw

    They just released this same cover art and set on DVD a couple months ago. They also released a set for the first 4 on dvd

    • This cover art has actually been around since the deluxe edition re-releases came out in 2009 to promote the Platinum Dunes reboot.

  • The Night King

    Check ebay before forking out a ton of money. Some people will buy these sets in bulk and sell for a reasonable price. Best Buy wants a hundred and twenty bucks for Game Of Thrones The Complete Series. I got it for forty five dollars on ebay brand new. Just make sure the seller has been around for awhile and has good ratings.

    • IWC-3PO

      Gotta watch out for bootlegs on eBay and also Amazon, when dealing with third party sellers.

      • This really isn’t true anymore. They have both made it very difficult to get away with that. A few weird titles still show up on Ebay (primarily anime), but if you ever glanced at a real product image, you would know instantly.

  • IWC-3PO

    Friday The 13th is catching up with the Halloween and Evil Dead franchises with regards to the number of home video releases and re-releases.

  • The “true” Friday the 13th films! (except for Part V and Part VIII)

    1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and 7 are easily the best ones and the only ones that captured the feel of classic Friday the 13th… Because they are. However, I already own all of these and can’t really afford to buy them all again.

  • J Jett

    that cover art is atrocious. they literally put NO effort into it.

    • It’s the same cover from one of the 2009 deluxe editions; nothing new. I wouldn’t be surprised if the entire box set is just a re-packaging of said deluxe editions.

      • Mark B

        I think that’s exactly what we’re getting even if they decide to update the cover art.

  • MrX13

    Have them all on DVD and now need to get the BluRays of these fantastic movies. Yes, some of them are corny but I don’t care, this is Jason Voorhees and he’s a bad mofo!

  • daningotham

    That cover is the exact same as the cover as I have on my 8 movie Friday the 13th DVD set I got at Walmart for $20.

  • Jason Scarpelli

    It’s in stock at Amazon now for 20 bucks

    • IWC-3PO

      That’s the DVD set. It was down to $9.96 during Black Friday.

  • IWC-3PO

    I wonder why they never include the audio commentary for Part 3, that’s included in the “Crystal Lake To Manhattan” DVD set, in the more recent releases.

  • Will Coors

    Awesome! That cover is terrible though!

  • Samuel Moon

    The cover is the same as the recent DVD collection. It looks like an international Part 5 cover art where they colored the mask’s slashes red.

  • Angela M Campany

    Be nice to see an announcement on a new film once the film rights get sorted out !

    • Jason Pollock

      I wonder if New Line is just counting down the days? I’d be quietly pursuing development if I knew the rights were returning.

      That said – there’s that whole Cunningham v Miller drama going on. THAT could muck things up ever worse.

      • Angela M Campany

        Nice thinking. I disagree with people that say you could have them go the d-t-v with the F13th franchise…i feel like these are theatrical experiences to see at our multiplexes. They don’t need to be overthinking the process of making one that’s all .

        Yep hun ….i hope that box set thing thing mean’s something , not likely but it would be awesome if that were the case.

  • I really need this, even tho the artwork for the cover sucks.
    What worries me is that i think all the special features are old and included in the other editions of the movies

    • Jason Pollock

      Because they’re the same discs as before.

  • BreeBennett

    It’s not an Ultimate Collection if there aren’t all 12 movies in it. And what a terrible cover!!

  • Geno1987
  • Christopher Nickerson

    About damn time

    • Christopher Nickerson

      Never mind just realized it is not the full set and it is the same as the shitty current DVD set that is $20 at Walmart

  • PacMan Cereal

    Ugh. That “artwork” is embarrassingly bad. Who is in charge of this crap? It’s unfortunate that fan-loving companies like Arrow or Shout/Scream Factory can’t get the rights to these and give them a proper release. It looks like part 3 is once again including the headache inducing red & blue glasses. Even Jaws 3 got a proper 3D release. Hard pass.

  • Travis Ignaffo

    I bought the dvd set of 1-8 “ultimate collection” 9 and FVJ in a bundle at my local pawn shop for 15 dollars a couple years ago. Im pretty its all the same special features as the dvd release.

  • RonnieBarzel

    Does Warner Bros. still handle the home video distribution for Paramount catalog titles? They had a 3-year deal that started in 2013; an expiration of that deal would explain why the 12-movie set went OOP and this set doesn’t include the later movies. I hadn’t heard of Paramount signing with someone else.

  • KnegaKnick

    Beyond shitty artwork. Release the damn uncensored versions already! It’s 2017, they’re more violent films that have been released.

    • Jason Pollock

      Footage is gone. Paramount never cared about these movies and almost despised the fact that they made so much money. Trims were junked. Best thing you can hope for is that someone unearths and bakes a decent tape dupe of a workprint.

      • Yeah, it has been pretty clear that Paramount has no idea what they are doing for years now. Ultimately, Paramount is the one who lost when the 2017 film was cancelled (not the fans).

        They now lose the rights in 2018, and the script to Friday the 13th (2017) was absolutely atrocious. I read it when it leaked.

  • gjk2012 .

    Its good I got the complete collection when it was available. Bad Photoshop artwork.

    • That isn’t new cover art. The box set in general appears to just collect previous editions.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    This franchise gets everything but a new movie, and why do they make dicking up the mask a personal mission on every box art?

    • MaximRecoil

      Probably for the same reason that they’ve made dicking up the mask a personal mission in every movie after Jason Goes to Hell.

      The masks in Jason X, Freddy Vs. Jason, and Friday the 13th (2009) are all way off. The average Joe can easily buy a blank mask cast from a 1980s movie blank for about $12, such as from JDF Studios, yet these movie makers with millions of dollars’ worth of budget keep using masks that look like cheap knock-offs.

  • Matt P

    Our chances of ever seeing “uncut” versions of 2, 3, 5, or 8 are probably close to zero at this point so the only compelling reason to buy another set is a true 3D version of part 3. Seeing how the industry has moved past pushing 3D format at home even that seems doubtful. Man I’d punch my grandma in the face to see part 2 uncut just one time.

    • oh_riginal

      Apparently the old DVD was sourced from one of the two cameras used to film the movie while the blu ray was sourced from the other camera. This technically makes it possible to create a functional 3D copy. I wouldn’t know how to do that though.

      • Matt P

        Very interesting, I didn’t know that. There was a legit 3D Japanese VHD release which I actually own but don’t have a way to watch it. Was watching auctions for awhile but 3D players were very rare and would sell for $500. Maybe one day…

        • Jason Pollock

          And that old-school LCD shutter version is ROUGH. The system worked not unlike modern 3D televisions – but with quality right around VHS level and a dismal refresh rate. It could be so great today.

  • Scott

    Sssshhheeewwww….thank God I got the original Blu Ray collection before it went out. This version doesn’t have pts 9, 10, Freddy vs. Jason or the remake.

    • Yeah, I think that’s because New Line Cinema gets Jason back in 2018. The previous box set was possible because Paramount obtained the full rights, which they are about to lose. Those were the films made by New Line.

      • Scott

        I know they went from Paramount to New Line Cinema to Platnum Dunes and Paramount. So now they are going back to New Line again? What’s up with that?

        • New Line and Warner Brothers gave the full Friday the 13th and South Park rights in exchange for a deal involving the film Interstellar. Now, because Paramount did nothing with the rights for several years, the rights revert back in 2018.

          • James

            They made the best entry in the F13 franchise with a dark and grim F13 remake and introduced us to some new features of Jason in the remake. I wouldn’t call that “nothing in several years”. The remake makes up for that no new movies in that short 7 yr. period.

            And I’m gonna lock this thread soon, too much bickering. Let me just log in to the Mod CP.

          • I wouldn’t call Jason acting out of character for the majority of the film “new features”. They didn’t add anything, because the character written simply wasn’t Jason Voorhees. As I have pointed out on numerous occasions, Jason doesn’t take prisoners, steal kerosene, shoot bows-and-arrows, let locals live if they “leave him alone”, slowly roast people like marshmallows and set bear traps around it, outsmart his victims at every turn (he’s not Hannibal Lecter), go under a house to play ‘Whack-a-mole’ for no reason, ETC. Nothing he did seemed remotely Jason-like and the underground tunnels explanation does nothing but make him even LESS scary. It’s clear that Platinum Dunes simply doesn’t get it, regardless of what their intentions were.

            And when people say that the 2009 reboot is the “darkest” or “best” anything, I can’t help but wonder if the Recency Effect isn’t in play. All it really did was retread the events of the first four films with no logic (even for a F13 film), forgettable kills, a Jason-in-name-only, zero memorable gore, bland characters to the point of being almost indistinguishable, no genuine scares, ETC.

            It also didn’t feel like a F13 film, given Jason doing things that actual Jason would never do, the directing style and cinematographer didn’t really work for this franchise, the attempts at feeling modern, ETC. You could literally change the name of the killer and remove a few homages, and the reboot would be a random teen slasher in the woods (which it should have been).

            Unless you didn’t completely like Jason Voorhees or F13 to begin with, I’m really having a difficult time seeing how it “added layers” or “made up” for anything.

          • Am I to assume you upvoted yourself by accident? haha

          • Jason Pollock

            Thank you for that. I couldn’t remember what film it was. And you’re right about everything else. It’s so weird that, when someone actually has the right info, no one wants to read or listen.

      • Norman Osborn

        What was going on with Paramount possibly making a new Friday the 13th movie (which didn’t give them overall rights to the series, which remained with New Line/Warner Bros.) actually had nothing to do with that box set of ALL the movies happening. It happened because Warner Bros. temporarily was distributing Paramount movies on home video, so for a small time, the home video rights for all the movies were easier to solve. With that deal over, it would once again take a lot more deal-making for such a set to be made.

        • I said the another 12-film box set won’t happen because the other box set was only possible because Warner Brothers had given the full Friday the 13th rights to Paramount. In 2018, New Line Cinema gets Jason back. No one said anything about the cancelled film.

          • Norman Osborn

            Right, but that’s not why that box set happened – it was distributed by Warner Bros. thanks to that deal to release Paramount films. And Paramount only had temporary rights to one new Friday the 13th movie, not to the series overall.

  • Brian McNatt

    Eh, I’d consider it if it had all the films.

  • NOCC Monkey

    Man, I am so tired of these companies throwing these half assed collections out there. There is no way I’m going to buy one of the 2013 collections on ebay that those thieves are way overcharging for.

    • Jason Pollock

      It’s still the only way to get all the films. Be patient, canvas eBay, and you might find a box cheaper than you’d expect.

    • There’s nothing ‘half-assed’ about it. This isn’t a brand new set, just a collection of the previous editions. If you’re going to be ungrateful about it, then don’t buy it.

    • J.J.

      How exactly are they thieves? They bought something with the intention to make a profit when it goes out of print. If you don’t want it don’t buy it. You can’t be robbed from buying something willingly.

  • Steven Carter

    Will it be avaliable in Australia, we didn’t even get the original box set

    • bigval

      Actually we did it was available at JB Hi-Fi. It was too expensive for my tastes at over $100 and I had them all on dvd anyway. I only recently bought the ‘From Crystal Lake to Manhattan’ dvd box set and that was because it was $10 in cashies.

      • Steven Carter

        Sorry but the Bluray Box Set was never released in Australia.

  • Jason Pollock

    Literally the same discs from the 2013 set (which were eventually broken into separate skus which are still fairly easy and cheap to find – I bought my V/VI disc used a few months ago for $6.00) – but without Jason Goes to Hell or Jason X. As others have said – a Blu 3D format III would make me buy this set – and to be honest, Jason X would make me buy the set — but that’s about it.

  • John Connor

    How much are those 2013 complete collections going for?
    I have two sealed copies.

    • The chicken man

      On ebay, anywhere from $150 – $1000.

      Pretty expensive.

  • Raul Calvo

    It’s just the old set but without the physical extra goodies, wich is lucky for me: I didn’t want to buy another set (it would be the third including the old Paramount DVD set). The real question is: When the unrated version of Jason Goes to Hell will be available on Blu-ray?

    • Exactly. Everyone seems frustrated because they assumed that this is a brand new thing. That doesn’t appear to be the case, unfortunately.

    • Necro

      Thank You Raul! When I bought the 2013 Blu-ray set I was so stoked to watch the uncut version of ‘Jason Goes to Hell’ on Blu-ray and what a fucking let down let me tell you! They need to hurry up with it! Maybe with the rights going back to New Line next year they will release it, considering it was their first released ‘Jason’ film after they received the rights from Paramount. Keep ’em crossed!

      • Raul Calvo

        Maybe with the new documentary they do a new edition, like they did with Fright Night in the UK. As you said, fingers crossed!

  • Brad Tyler

    YES! Finally! I am SOOO gutted I missed the original box set. I don’t care for part 9 so not bothered too much about that one. X, F vs J and the remake I already own on Bluray, so not fussed about those ether. However, WTF is up with that “artwork”? Looks like it was drawn using an old Amiga paint package from the 80s… URGH!

    • J.J.

      I really don’t understand why blu-rays never use the original movie posters. VHS always had the best covers.

  • Nia Snacks

    Good god finally. Unfortunately that’s a pretty lame box set but Jesus Christ finally it’s getting released again on Blu-ray

    • It doesn’t appear to be a brand new set. Just a re-packaging of the 2009 deluxe editions. Don’t expect new discs or special features.

      • Nia Snacks

        I figured, but all I have is a dvd box set so this is an upgrade for me. I still have faith for a huge dope boxset. If it can happen for phantasm, it can happen for F13.

        • J.J.

          Don’t just assume blu-ray will be an upgrade. Sometimes blu-rays are actually worse than the DVD version.

          • Nia Snacks

            JJ with a very loose understanding on technology.

          • J.J.

            Not at all. Plenty of Blu-rays are no different to the DVD (The Crow Blu-ray for example) or have less extras than the DVD version.

  • I got the last box set and although it’s lush I was gutted several parts were cut I got excited about this cos I thought wow a lush one with uncut parts totally gutted when I saw the quote unquote art and still no mention of whether all parts uncut disappointed

  • trash


    still no proper 3D blu ray version of 3 I guess

    the anaglyph version is a mess

    • Brad

      For who? All CEs dropped 3D from their 2017 lineup. 3D is dead.


    I guess we will not get the uncut versions……..AGAIN

  • jason1978

    Wish this franchise would get some more love like the Halloween and Hellraiser sets got. Appears this is just a repackaging with the terrible looking DVD collection art. Also there are more than 8 movies so not really an ultimate collection

  • I still have the “From Crystal Lake to Manhattan Project” box set along with the movies that followed on dvd. Until I see a blu ray box set that’s not only affordable, but also stands out with good box art and love, I’ll pass.

  • michael35

    Hell no this is the EXACT SAME THING as the other Bluray collection.

    Hell no to these peoples greed they don’t even put tv spots in these things that is cheap as hell.

  • J.J.

    Ugh that ugly ass cover art. JUST USE THE ORIGINAL MOVIE POSTERS. Why do blu-rays always have to choose crap cover art. VHS and older DVDs almost always used the original movie poster.

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