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LEGO ‘The Human Centipede’ First Sequence Playset

Discovered over at Deviant Art, AsparagusTrevor imagined a LEGO playset that would surely spawn many nightmares in children ages 7-12.

Who wouldn’t want to assemble their own Human Centipede, based on Tom Six’s terrifying trilogy about mad scientists who assemble giant centipedes by connecting human beings ass-to-mouth? The Devil inside you could decide who’s the lucky one on the front, and who will be tormented in the middle. I joke, but I’m getting a little nauseous just talking about it.

Still, the best part of this art is the attention to details: there’s a “Banned by the BTHA” warning.

Can’t wait for a release date on the third film.



  • dirtyghettok

    I just spilled tea on laptop from laughing so hard. (Insert deity here) I wish this was real. My Christmas shopping for my nieces and nephews would already be done.

  • Trevor Young

    Might I suggest the least enviable position to be is the end. I mean, you’re getting it twice digested.

  • J Jett

    that’s hilarious. the picture of the little boy crying….(not to sound mean) too funny. this type of “toy” is just as funny as “The Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset” (from South Park) regarding the Paris Hilton cell phone stealing thing! lol.

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