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‘Impossible Horror’ Poster Drizzles Tar Drool

It’s been a while since we last heard from indie Canadian title Impossible Horror, that successfully met their crowdfunding goal back in July 2015.  The silence has been broken but a goo spluttering one sheet from Alabean ART.  Take a look at the park scene drenched in dark tears and bile along with a reminder of their proof of concept.  Film festival selections seem the likely next step.  Stop by their Facebook for future announcements.

Impossible Horror is an original horror comedy film from writer/director Justin Decloux and Producers Emily Milling and Nate Wilson.

Every night a scream rings out in the same neighborhood.

Two insomniac strangers, Lily the filmmaker and Hannah the game designer, head out together into the darkness to find the cause.

Is it a psychotic killer claiming a new victim?

A murderous ghost out for revenge?

A flesh-eating monster?

All of the above with extra chainsaws?

Before they know it, Lily and Hannah have gone from being scream HUNTERS to scream PREY, and an evil force wants them dead.  If they can both survive the night, they may just find the answers they’re looking for, but the price will have to be paid in sanity and blood.



  • MrX13

    Looks interesting, something original as well. Looking forward to watching this film

  • MaryMaria

    More indie Canadian horror, please! And it’s a horror/comedy, too. That poster isn’t very good, though.

  • zombie84_41

    Looks pretty well done. I love all the movies its based off.

  • K.A.M.

    It was a film about a film maker. Self masturbation for 2 hours. They kept saying that they *knew* they were using first year film tropes to the camera. And the main character kept saying “KEEP FILMING” so many times near the end with the same rotating shot it was painful. It had a solid plot idea behind it, but other than a few scenes that were decently done, it was awful. The ending was bad,but don’t worry they film makers new “the ending didn’t need to be perfect it just needs to have one” (literally a quote from the film btw). The only reason this will get any traction is the film makers connections with some people in their city’s industry.

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