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‘Dead Air’ Takes Flight With Demonic Puppet Stowaways!

There’s not someone on the wing, some…things are actually on board the flight deck in Dead Air.  They’re practical effects puppets conjured from a successful Indiegogo campaign to provide the jet fuel funding for the Josie and the Pussycats meets Ghoulies comedy horror.  Take a look at some of the behind the scenes shots from filming.  The project is currently listed as In Demand on the crowdfunding site so there is further opportunity to help the movie in post-production.  You can donate here and keep up to date on the project via the usual social media channels of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

Set on a plane traveling to a final gig, Dead Air tells the story of Monster Kitten, an all-female punk rock band who end up on a flight with some nasty little creatures who like to bite and infect their victims to the point of all hell breaking loose at 30,000 feet.  With the help of their instruments, a tape recorder, a dodgy crew member and a bottle of piss, the girls try to fend off the evil to get to play their final gig.



  • CalUni

    Could be fun, I do love an evil puppet once in a while!

    • Saturn

      That’s why your beloved left you.
      Couldn’t deal with your twisted fantasies!

      • CalUni

        ‘Tis true – but I have to own my sexy curse.

        • Saturn

          Yup, those sexy curses are the worst ones.
          I know – I’ve been cursed to bring sexy back.

  • zombie84_41
  • Meisha’s Taint

    Shitty name but looks fun

    Is it to late to change it to “Death Fur Above” ?

  • Mike tantatelli

    Sounds fucking retarded!!! Ill definitely check it out! Lol

  • Necro

    They look like little pieces of shit with hair! I’ll check it

    • CalUni

      FUN pieces of shit!

  • Dan.germouse

    Looks o.k, but that poster is beyond awful.

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