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Thier ‘Finest Album to Date’ on it’s way From BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE

No better way to let people down than to hype them up first, Bullet For My Valentine is promising their ‘finest album to date’ which is expected to see a release first half of 2010.

“We are almost in the final stages of recording. It has been another long road but it’s been this long for a reason! There have been many obstacles along the way, lots of hard work and long hours in the studio. However, we think that we will produce Bullet For My Valentine’s finest album to date!!!”

“We have written lots of material and we have narrowed down these songs to what we think are the best of the bunch! There are eight tracks recorded and finished so far, from some of the best stuff we’ve ever written. They have all the qualities that you would expect from Bullet but with ’something’ else. A twist! We are all blown away so far with how everything is going. Don Gilmore is an incredible producer and has really helped us develop our sound.

“We do apologize for how long the album is taking but we need this to be right, and we certainly don’t want to rush things and spoil it for your guys. We will get the album out as soon as possible. We will hit the road as soon as possible, and we will see all you crazy fuckers as soon as possible!”




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