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Franken-Castle Here To Stay! Marvel Announces Title Change And Future Issues!

I don’t think anyone could have foreseen this one coming in the beginning. If you had told me that Marvel was going to resurrect a dead Frank Castle with Morbius’ help and start a ‘MUNSTERS’ like storyline with the character I would have told you you were insane. But I’d have been dead wrong. (That was almost painful.) It was announced yesterday that Marvel Studios will indeed be keeping Rick Remender’s (“DOCTOR VOODOO: AVENGER OF THE SUPERNATURAL”, “THE AVENGERS”) Franken-Castle around for the foreseeable future! Read on for the skinny!

Newsarama Broke The News Stating,

“Marvel Comics announced this afternoon that the Rick Remender-penned, Tony Moore-illustrated Punisher title will see a new name as of May’s issue #17—FrankenCastle, a move certainly implying that there’s a lot more story to be told.”

This is certainly interesting news for the character, and a move that is sure to be received with mixed feelings. In my opinion it is hard to judge whether or not this was a good move or not at this point, and we will just have to wait and see what the results are once we see the sales numbers come May. What say you?



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