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Girls, Gambling, And More Girls As Big Dog Ink Takes Readers To Sin City In ‘Penny For Your Soul’!

I love Indy comics. Like Indy music there is nothing like a really good Indy to offset the glut of ‘SPIDERMAN’ and ‘BATMAN’ titles on store shelves. Sadly, you don’t get to see that many of them these days as shops continue to cut cost by lowering stock on the smaller stuff. That’s why I love being able to share these types of stories with everyone and get their name on your screens. Big Dog Ink announced its first major title today called ‘PENNY FOR YOUR SOUL’ due to be released in May. Inside you’ll find a 9 page preview and all the dirty little details of this sinfully, sizzling hot new title.

Here’s the Official Press Release from Big Dog Inc,

“Big Dog Ink, a division of Legacy Entertainment LLC, is debuting its very first title, Penny for Your Soul, in the March 2010 issue of Diamond Previews, for May 2010 delivery. Penny for Your Soul follows the escapades of a beautiful demon, Danica, who decides to get in on the End of Days battle between Heaven and Hell. Danica sets up shop in Las Vegas, Nevada and offers to buy her patrons souls for ten thousand dollars. The book has plenty of action and exciting twists and turns. From Danica’s interesting pedigree, to the mysterious identities of her employees, Penny for Your Soul is a much anticipated page turner, with an intriguing cast of characters, great storytelling and amazing art. This isn’t your typical “indie” book. Penny for Your Soul is a 24 page, bi-monthly, full color comic with the creative team of writer/creator Tom Hutchison, pencils from J.B. Neto and colors and lettering by Oren Kramek. For your convenience, the Previews order code is MAR100757.

Big Dog Ink appreciates retailers giving a fresh new Independent publisher a chance. As a special incentive to celebrate the release of this first title, for every five copies of Penny for Your Soud ordered through Diamond’s Previews, retailers will receive two copies free.

Big Dog Ink is committed to quality and reliability. All books are guaranteed to be released on schedule and production is top quality. Penny for Your Soul is printed on high quality glossy paper and has received rave reviews on various Comic and Media review websites and blogs. Big Dog Ink has the full promotion, backing and support of the resources of Legacy Entertainment LLC, part of the Legacy family of companies.

At Big Dog Ink, the goal is to impress. Please contact the co-founder of Big Dog Ink, and the President of Legacy Entertainment, Tom Hutchison with any questions or comments. For more information about the Big Dog Ink universe and other upcoming titles please visit”



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