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Heroes Star To Bring The Zombie Apocalypse To IDW Publishing

I’m going to out myself here and say that I do not like NBC’s X-Men-esque melodrama “HEROES”. I will further out myself in saying that I used to be a fan of the show, and in fact own the first 2 seasons. But then they killed Elle and that kinda thing don’t fly with me. However, one of the bright spots of the series was always Brea Grant’s portrayal of “The Speedster”. Grant is a favorite among fans of the horror and sci-fi genre being a self confessed geek who does much work within the genres and charitable organizations, and also having starred in Rob Zombie’s “HALLOWEEN II”, and in the cult indie flick “MIDNIGHT MOVIE”. Well now Grant is trying her hand at comics with her new title from IDW, “WE WILL BURY YOU”. Read on for the preview.

Written By: Brea & Zane Grant
Art By: Kyle Strahm
Covers By: Ben Templesmith
MSRP: $3.99

“1927: The first talkie ended the silent film era, the first man completed a solo transatlantic flight, and… a zombie virus decimated the human race. Two unlikely heroines use their unorthodox skills to survive as a zombie infection spreads through the streets of New York and beyond. Brea Grant (Heroes) and Zane Grant promise the worst breakup ever and an epic beginning to this historical horror miniseries.”

“WE WILL BURY YOU” is due for release later this month.



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