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Dead Space Returns! Dead Space Extraction Comic Out in September

When I say comic adaptation of a video game series, a Pavlovian response in most readers is to cringe and/or vomit. One of the few adaptations not to do that was last years’ Dead Space comics(which is currently in paperback.) Well the team that brought you that is back to go back to the hell filled with necromorphs with Dead Space: Extraction out September 9. This should be pretty fun but I am sad it’s only a one shot…synopsis after the break.
deadspacextract Take a step further into the horrifying world of Dead Space with Extraction, the special edition comic of the forthcoming Wii title, from the same creative team behind the original Dead Spacecomic! Senior Medical Officer Nicole Brennan gets the chance of a lifetime when she’s assigned to the USG Ishimura… but before long, the necromorph infection breaks out and Nicole must race to unravel the horrifying clues she finds in a very special young girl!

Written by Antony Johnston, art and cover by Ben Templesmith.
32 pages, $3.50, Sept. 9



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