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‘Alien: Covenant’ Takes Place 10 Years After ‘Prometheus’

Photo via Twentieth Century Fox

Even though details have been slim, Ridley Scott has shared quite a bit of vague information about his Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant, which is set to shoot early next year for release in 2017.

Scott revealed that the new film will have all the Alien goodies, from the egg to the face-hugger, chest-burster, and even “the big boy.” He also explained that the film will reveal a destroyed Engineer planet, and also shared plans for an expanded universe that will eventually bridge directly into his 1979 Alien.

This time details come from an unlikely source, Costume Designer Janty Yates, who spoke with Collider ahead of the release of The Martian, which she also worked on with Scott.

During the interview she reveals that Alien: Covenant takes “10 years in the future beyond Prometheus,” placing it around 2103/04.

“[It’s] not so much of a spacesuit movie,” explains Yates, adding that the android David, played by Michael Fassbender, will keep the same look from the first film. “There are two different spacesuits in it. We are only carrying on one look from Prometheus, which is with David.

She adds that “Ridley signed off on the next two looks” that they’ve “reinvented.”

Katherine Waterston recently landed the lead role in the film, which will also feature the return of Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw in some capacity.

With Alien: Covenant taking place 10 years later, one has to assume that either it’s going to take Shaw and David that long to reach the Engineers’ home planet, or the “new crew” will be in for a surprise when they cross paths with the android that has a serious God complex.




  • Dan S.

    Seems like Ridley is really trying to distance this film from “Prometheus.”

    • Bradley Fried

      Or rather create deeper context with the follow on films so that in retrospect Prometheus makes more sense.

      • Weresmurf

        Prometheus will never truly make sense, it was a terribly written movie. It was directed well, but the script was an absolute turd.

        • Fleshvessel

          Engineers discover black goo. Try to control it, weaponize it. As with the humans in the past who tried to control the xeno, it is beyond their control and gets the best of them.
          Black goo= Alien Mutagen.
          LV-223 is destroyed. (chestbursted engineers in cryo tubes can be seen in the control room.)
          Dumb humans show up, mess with shit, and curiosity kills the Jonesy.
          David is fascinated with Shaw’s ability to defy her own logic with faith. (This is relevant because of his desire to overcome his own programming limitations and free himself from Weyland.)

          btw, its really David’s story more than anything else. His spite for his creators is mirrored by the engineer’s spite for his creation.

          The end.

          • Mehliens

            No the Engineers used the black goo many times they didn’t just discover it. The Engineers probably created humans on purpose with a variant of the black goo to terraform planets so that they could use those after a wipe out with the Xenos. The weaponized black goo is the wipe out formula.

          • Moon Star

            My major gripe with “Prometheus”: lack of clarity on the black goo and the genesis of the xenomorph.

            What exactly is the black goo, it’s content and its purpose?

            Is the Xenomorph an amalgamation of the engineer and the creature from Elizabeth’s stomach or is it an independent entity?

          • Mehliens

            Yes the goo is very confusing. My take is that there is different kinds of goo. The genesis goo that is used to fertilize planets and a weaponized goo that will turn anything it touches to a Hybrid-Xeno. Shaw was impregnated by someone slowly turning into a Hybrid-Xeno. Which I kinda liked because it seems like as it doubles as a kind of STD as well xD

          • nd4spd

            I found it a bit much with that aspect because there are like 3 impregnations without rhyme or reason. First David spikes the guy’s drink and does who knows what to him, then he bones his gf, she’s got octo-vagina in tow now, then that thing rapes the engineer, which then creates the Deacon (the alien thing).

            It’s like wtf is happening? Are they making it up as they go?

            Not to mention penis-worms turn someone into a zombie as-well.

            Alien lore was already confused enough with the queen laying eggs that create facehuggers that impregnate to create xenomorphs.

            PS. Mehliens would you mind sharing that good youtube video about the writing issues?

          • Weresmurf

            There were no humans in prometheus’s past who tried to control the xenomorph.

        • Mehliens

          Yes sure it doesn’t make any sense because you say so. Thats it, case closed.

          • Weresmurf

            Well no, moreso because the script was poorly written. Theres the skeleton of a great story there but Scott and co. were screwed royally by that hack writer. But if youre unable to be objective and have to be like that, whats the point of conversing?

          • Mehliens

            I’m not arguing that the script wasn’t bad (there is actually a really good analysis by a writer on youtube that explains the real problems with the script). I’m just saying that the movie still makes more than enough sense as to not qualify for “P will never truly make sense”

    • J Jett

      Dan S. most definitely. i’m pissed because i loved Noomi in the PROMETHEUS.

  • lostboytexas

    Prometheus was OK, but I remember reading an interview where it was explained in more detail and THAT kicked ass. Most of the story was stripped away from the film though. I don’t think it was ever filmed so no ‘Directors Cut’ on the horizon.

    • I liked Promethus. I agree, it wasn’t the world’s best or anything, but I don’t really get all the hate people have for it. And you’re right – what he was going for with the Engineers was fascinating. Something about one of the engineers being Christ, right? My hope is that he’s able to expound on these ideas in his sequel…

      • Mehliens

        Ridley said in an interview that they had the Christ idea on the table but discarded it because they realized it wouldn’t do anything good to the established themes. The Lindelof script already suffered from overcomplicated layering of themes already so that was a wise choice.

        • GrossGreg

          He referred to the Chrise idea as “too on the nose” whatever the fuck that means.

          • nd4spd

            Unimaginative; over-literal; lacking nuance; obvious.

    • Mehliens

      Yep, the Spaiths script did a much better job at character interaction, explaining the themes and was way better in in overall coherence. Hell, it even explained how the two scientists could get lost in the space donut. Everything was there in the beginning and then stuff got cut and rearranged until the internal logic of the story got distorted a little too much.

  • Pinkytoe

    The more I hear about this, the dumber it sounds. Ridley, rather like Lucas, needs to be kept FAR from his own creation just to salvage it. I already see what he’s going for with the simple comment that all the incarnations of the alien creature will be included. It’s like he’s overcompensating and attempting to shovel as much as he can into one movie. Wondering if Lindeloff was the problem w/Prometheus after all or if he was just attempting to clean up Ridley’s mess. RS has got plenty of other projects in the works, and he needs to just go focus on them. Abandon the Prometheus franchise completely. As much as people want to argue, it just sucked. Ass. Bad. Grrrr!

    • Mehliens

      Ridley isn’t like Lucas at all. Lucas is an ideas man but horrible with script and execution… just like Blomkamp btw. Ridley almost never writes his own stuff and doesn’t pretend he could do it. If he gets a good script he usually delivers and he is far from being the one trick pony that the other two represent. Ridley is decorated veteran director and has some solid stuff under his belt and if he would have kept the Spaiths script for Prometheus the whole thing would have probably been a winner. Also Ridley had the sensibility to hire Villeneuve to do Blade Runner 2 which shows he is aware of whats the right thing to do.

      • I like what you have to say.

      • Johhny Tbone

        My only problem with his Sci Fi as of late is he needs to assume he does not have to educate the audience. Much like the hologram scene in Prometheus or the gravity assist explanation in The Martian (really? The head of NASA needs to be told what gravity assist is?)

    • Juan Diablo

      It’s pretty funny how he was so adamant that Prometheus wasn’t an Alien movie… then the most intriguing part about it was the proto alien… he responds by switching up and packing all the Alien history into to the sequel that he can

    • GrossGreg

      Scene 1: Elizabeth Shaw wakes from hyper sleep in a cold sweat. “It was only a dream,” she thinks. “Thank god it was just a horrible dream.”

      You’re welcome, Ridley & co.!

  • Honestly I think the Neill Blomkamp version would be better. Because in my opinion Blomkamp was doing the movie for the fans instead of Ridley Scott, he’s doing this only for the cash.

    • Pinkytoe

      RIght. And it feels as thought he’s trying to go all blockbuster w/it which is exactly what ran the franchise into the ground in the first place. I truly think Blomkamp has some fresh ideas too, and could probably repair much of the damage to the story with a semi-reboot. And well, we all know that Michael Biehn could use the work. ;P

      • Mehliens

        What are his fresh ideas exactly? Everything we saw and heard from him up until now was just hot air.

        • Juan Diablo

          They had my money if they brought it to the screen

    • Johhny Tbone

      Blomkamp would turn it into socialist vs capitalist aliens…

      • abyx34

        Or maybe would just turn them to illegal aliens, like he did in district 9 😀
        Although I loved the movie 🙂

        • Johhny Tbone

          oh don’t get me wrong, I love his movies but yeah, they always seem to have that common theme

      • Mehliens

        Finally we would have the Antwoord to all our questions

        • Juan Diablo

          I read that Ninja was a terror that almost ruined the entire production. Throw someone a bone and they immediately slap you in the face.

    • Blompkamp was/is making a continuation of Alien with Sigourney Weaver, not a Prometheus sequel. Not really his version as per se; both movies would be quite different in narrative and tone.

    • ThunderDragoon

      Completely agree.

    • Attila

      Blomkamp – I do not want to see an alien movie from Blomkamp, from the guy who made Chappy and Elysium. Anyway it was just a hype, do you really think bringing back Ripley and grandpa is a good idea? Why do we really want to see another Alien copy? so boring, everyone just rapes the Alien universe since Alien 3

      • Mehliens

        Yes, going back to Ripley’s character would be utterly useless. No matter what one thinks of Prometheus but you have to give it to Scott that he correctly realized that “Alien” needed a different angle and new characters bad

    • Mehliens

      You somehow magically know that Blomkamp would succeed in the continuation of the Alien franchise? How so?

      • SugarShane333

        Yeah I am absolutely baffled by these people who seem to think Blomkamp was gonna make some masterpiece of an Alien movie. Elysium and Chappie were absolute garbage, but he’s all of a sudden gonna make a classic? I think it has a lot to do with the title Alien 5 and the old cast being back, that has clouded the minds of fans.

  • WordsWithSam

    It sounds like they’re taking the Alien 3 route which is to erase the character we spent an entire film sympathizing with for no reason whatsoever. I have a feeling this film will not make any sense when tied to Prometheus and it will only ruin the intrigue and mystery of Alien when they try to tie into that, too.

    I would’ve preferred seeing Blomkamp’s version first. At least it had plans to bring Sigourney back and would tie up her fight with WeYu nicely. I just don’t see the point in dragging out the Prometheus story line if the plan is to just pretend like it didn’t really happen. Ridley muscled his way in and knocked Blomkamp’s film to the back burner and now he’s doing everything in his power to spoil the series. Not to mention, doing all of these interviews where he’s releasing all of this info is destroying any mystery or intrigue his film would have.

    • J Jett

      Sam very well said. i agree 100%.

  • Michael Dale Cox

    Funny how everyone seems to think the creators of material, such as Alien or Star Wars, should be kept away from that material for the fans sake. But the fans didn’t create this material and should have zero say in what is done with it. It is not the fans intellectual property.

    • J Jett

      that’s right! it’s up to Ridley himself to ruin his creation!

    • Ridley didn’t create the Alien, that was all the Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett, with the artistic talents of H.R. Giger behind the actual look of the alien. Ridley just directed their movie.

      • Garth


        You make it sound like that was the easy part, ffs.

      • Eizzy IceBorne

        Giger worked together with Scott and followed his suggestions. Direction comes from direction and it means, that the director is supervising, controlling and checking up everything they do on a movie. Got a fucking director and you got a fucking movie; no matter how well the script is written. But a good director can help to look the most stupid script at least a bit entertaining.

        Yes, Dan O’Bannon and Ronald Shusett wrote the frist draft; with additions of Walter Hill and David Giler. But it was Scott who decided about the style of the movie, the feeling, the atmosphere, the creature and even the grains in the screen.

        So, there is abolutely nothing wrong saying Scott created Alien. You are – by far – underestimating the job of the director.

        • Pressly Parrish

          sorry friend you are “just” over estimating the job of the director, they have a lot on their plate yes, but usually its the producers doing the things you just mentioned definitely not the director unless they are also co producing.

          • Mehliens

            No that is exactly (part of) what Scott is doing. No overestimating there.

          • Mehliens

            Please before you continue making stuff up watch some documentaries about Ridley Scott and what he does first ok?

        • My point is that the Alien wasn’t created by him, I am completely aware that Directing a movie is a hell of a lot of work and definitelly not easy, but it was a joint effort and the majority of it depended on the script and the artist responsible for the iconic creature, which already existed in a previously published book by Giger before Ridley Scott even knew about the script.

          But now all of a sudden he’s the mastermind and everyone in Hollywood is licking his balls waiting for him to squirt out a genius alien movie. Just check out the writers attached to this movie, there’s 3 in all and two of those have some pretty shitty movies under their belt…

      • Mehliens

        Just directed the movie… xD

        • Pressly Parrish

          yeah to be honest directors a lot of the time get way more credit then they deserve. my first feature did not release but i saw an interview in a local medium where the director, who directed the film based off of my script, loved the process of creating these characters and this new world that was his. Yeah right. I wrote it myself, I forged those characters. The writer’s deserve way more credit then they oft times receive.

          If this script is shit, no amount of great directing can save it. Sad but true, and some directors are just highly overrated.

          • Mehliens

            Seriously, its been some time that I had to read such clueless nonsense. The great directors of this world weep and those not alive spin in their graves.

          • My point is that the Alien wasn’t created by him, it was a joint effort and the majority of it depended on
            the script and the artist responsible for the iconic creature, which
            already existed in a previously published book by Giger before Ridley
            Scott even knew about the script.

            But now all of a sudden he’s the
            mastermind and everyone in Hollywood is licking his balls waiting for
            him to squirt out a genius alien movie. Just check out the writers
            attached to this movie, there’s 3 in all and two of those have some
            pretty shitty movies under their belt…

          • Mehliens

            Your argument has some merit but its all in all nonsensical. Kubrick didn’t write The Shining or 2001, Carpenter did not write The Thing nor did he come up with the creature design, Coppola didn’t write Apocalypse Now. SO FUCKING WHAT? I’d still bet you that no one else could have made the movies to the masterpieces that they are and they way they were made. You totally underestimate the power and importance of a director,

          • Oh, don’t get me wrong, a director is absolutely the thing that keeps the movie together and focused, but I’m only talking about the creation of the Alien here. He can’t take credit for that because it just simply isn’t true, it was not his idea and he is not the all-knowing mastermind behind it.

            And either way, there have been some good/great movies made by sub par directors merely because the scripts/content/team they were working with elevated the material, a good example is the recent Guardians of the Galaxy movie. That director has done nothing but shit in his career and then suddenly he made this awesome movie thanks to the creative team at Marvel. Granted it’s most definitely NOT a masterpiece but by all accounts it’s a fine movie lead by a crap director.

      • Jon Lachonis

        Directors do get more credit than they deserve, and sometimes more blame. Anyone who doesn’t understand that doesn’t know dick about filmmaking and is very obviously poorly read on the craft.

  • According to Blomkamp it’s just on hold/hiatus until Scott has finished production on his Prometheus sequel. But yeah, I fear it’s going to return to it’s post in development hell for a long while now.

    • Mehliens

      Yep. There will be no Alien 5 by Blomkamp after Elysium and Crappie. Good riddance.


    how about you STOP. and let Neill Blomkamp make his take on Alien. Because his version sounds and looked ‘concept art’ just amazing. Prometheus was shocking from characters, acting, story. None of it we gave a damn too.

  • Mehliens

    Concept art does not equal good ideas and Blomkamp is a total hack.

  • Moon Star

    This movie should have been out this year, five years is too long for a sequel. Also what exactly is “the big boy”?

    • Ridiculous

      5 years? are you even reading? The movie will be set for 2017, but the time in the the new alien movie will be 10 years after the events of prometheus, not 10 years in real life…

      The Big Boy obviously is the Alien himself, a.k.a. Xenomorph, just like in the old first movies.
      -_- dude, it’s way too obvious.

      • Jago Hara-Kiri

        Prometheus (2012)
        Alien covenant (2017)

        well its 5 years isn’t ?

        • Ridiculous

          If he meant that way, then answer is simple – Check IMDb, he obviously was doing other movies as well…Riddley is not doing only Prometheus and/or Alien. Logically, cause he’s producer.

          Scroll down, everything is in a descending order from newest to oldest, and scroll down till you see Prometheus…

  • Well, he can’t hear you, so good luck barking orders.

    I think it’s a mistake to assume that Neill Blomkamp’s take on Alien is going to be better than Prometheus just because of some cool concept art. I loved the hell of District 9, but the rest of his filmography has been little more than very charming garbage.

    Ridley Scott may be going a little daffy in his old age, but he’s still a great filmmaker who has made a ridiculous number of classic films. I’m more than willing to see where he’s going with this Promethus stuff.

    • Mehliens

      The thing I still like about Scott is that he still has most of the 80’s humanist qualities in his movies and he didn’t buy into the flashy / fast cuts / shaky camera way of film making the kids want with the god awful McMarvel menu.

  • DrewHamster

    Lmao where’s that guy with the Halloween Icon that always yells on these posts?

    • SugarShane333

      Haha I only click on these to watch that kid rage and see where he randomly drops his f-bombs.

  • Anon24

    that’s an pretty long jump forward in time for the narrative…

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    What always amazes me is that fans hate so hard on Alien: Resurrection but because Ridley Scott was involved with Prometheus they’ll gladly accept the horrendous mess of a story that only happens due to plot holes. Kinda like the love for Kubrick’s Shining or Apple products or Justin Beiber.

    • Fans do this? As a fan of Prometheus, I rarely see anything but hate for the film online. Most of that seems to be aimed at Lindeloff, but I never see anyone defending Prometheus’s loveable plotholes because of Ridley Scott.

    • Mehliens

      Who doesn’t like Justin Bieber? I personally never thought that Ridley was any good at delivering a coherent and tight story not even in his biggest masterpieces. Yet for some strange reason this “flaw” has become a little bit of his signature style that gives his films that rough simplified, almost mythological comic book-y (sometimes almost fairy tale like) feel rather than the naturalistic approach to narrative structure. Also his old school style of direction and his incredible visuals is what makes everything still work. I know it sounds like an attempt to justify his inability to do better in the story structure department, but since everybody agrees on this flaw anyway (fans and critics alike, and he still chooses to work in this way for decades now) we can safely assume he just doesn’t care what people think his movies should be like. So we have to accept the way his films are with all the goofiness and inaccuracies. I personally think that Blomkamps fanboys are far worse in aspects of their blind worship and selectively ignoring that almost everything about his films is extremely thin and superficial up to the point that they become this carnival of annoying hyperactive elements that just randomly get thrown into his films like little screams for attention.

    • Andrew

      It’s because Prometheus really isn’t that shitty.
      The fanboys KNOW what defines a shitty Alien movie and Resurrection is the pinnacle shitty movie.

      Also choose the word “plotholes” wisely. Plotholes dosent mean “unanswered questions.”

      So far all of the criticisms I’ve seen for the movie are nothing more than mere nitpicks to me.
      “Some dude touched an Alien snake” 0/10.

      “Dude who made map for cave got lost in cave even though it’s established that the map (made by robots not the geologist) was immediatly transferred to the ship and a sandstorm made it impossible to make contact with it” 0/10

      Im not going to pretend to act as if Prometheus is a flawless movie but the first thing you need to do is compare it to most of the modern sci fi garbage we get like After Earth or Jupiter Ascending to get the remote sense that Prometheus really isn’t that BAD.

      Also, where’s this coming from? NOBODY I’ve come across has ever used the “Ridley Scott is the director so fans will immediately love it” excuse.
      Mainly because it dosent exist?

      Ridley Scott’s movie track record hasnt been too bright recently (Aside from the Martian) so I doubt anyone is actually *defending* him.

      Regardless his methods of directing are still insightful.

      • aNYagenda

        “The fanboys KNOW what defines a shitty Alien movie …”
        But then they mistake shitty for being good.

        “Also choose the word “plotholes” wisely. Plotholes dosent mean “unanswered questions.””

        Okay, replace plotholes with stupid.
        Everything we see on screen in prometheus might “make sense” if we cling to the conceit that everybody in the movie is stupid.

        And the best part of that is when prometheus apologists defend this with the argument that people are actually stupid in real life.

        Some people really are.
        And maybe thats the scariest thing about prometheus.

        • Andrew

          Maybe we could have a decent debate if you actually delved into detail a bit instead of constantly drilling into my ear “stupidstupidstupid” and nothing else.

          Also thanks for indirectly calling me stupid.
          Unyielding hatred for a movie isn’t healthy.

    • aNYagenda

      I didn’t think A:R was all that bad, just not great.
      I probably like it better then A3, and a personally just dont care for alienS although I understand why some people do.

      There was the base problematic premiss of cloning Ripley with an Alien inside of her,
      but honestly I didn’t find that more irritatingly nonsensical then the Premiss of alienS that they’re suddenly colonizing the same tiny planatoid in the middle on nowhere that the Derelict was on.

      It was a LOT less stupid then prometheus.

  • disqus_k39rnaVe8B

    – Look! Another albino alien snake!
    – OMG! Let me Hug it!

    • aNYagenda

      Ridley thought that was smart enough to commit to film the first time,
      fat chance of him and the screen writer from green lantern doing much better.

  • Andrew

    I hope for Covenant they keep a consistent low-fi sci fi atmosphere on the ship. That’s kinda an Alien universe milestone right there.

    • aNYagenda

      Dont you think that it was already silly enough to have a movie set before Alien with clearly more advanced technology, without having another sequel that suddenly jumps technologically backwards again just to rip-off Alien some more.

      • Andrew

        Considering Prometheus was a 1 trillion dollar ship compared to the Nostromo that was basically considered to be a “space truck”,
        I can understand the differences in technology.

      • Rachell Diane Spencer

        The difference being the original was a work crew, and the prequel was the richest man on the planet’s private excursion.
        You know many poor guys in salvage driving a brand new Tesla? Or Elon Musk riding around in a 30+ year old beater car?

  • Gyíkcsőr Picture

    This is my stop-motion version of Aien-prequel:

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