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‘Alien: Covenant’ Takes Place 10 Years After ‘Prometheus’

Photo via Twentieth Century Fox

Even though details have been slim, Ridley Scott has shared quite a bit of vague information about his Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant, which is set to shoot early next year for release in 2017.

Scott revealed that the new film will have all the Alien goodies, from the egg to the face-hugger, chest-burster, and even “the big boy.” He also explained that the film will reveal a destroyed Engineer planet, and also shared plans for an expanded universe that will eventually bridge directly into his 1979 Alien.

This time details come from an unlikely source, Costume Designer Janty Yates, who spoke with Collider ahead of the release of The Martian, which she also worked on with Scott.

During the interview she reveals that Alien: Covenant takes “10 years in the future beyond Prometheus,” placing it around 2103/04.

“[It’s] not so much of a spacesuit movie,” explains Yates, adding that the android David, played by Michael Fassbender, will keep the same look from the first film. “There are two different spacesuits in it. We are only carrying on one look from Prometheus, which is with David.

She adds that “Ridley signed off on the next two looks” that they’ve “reinvented.”

Katherine Waterston recently landed the lead role in the film, which will also feature the return of Noomi Rapace’s Elizabeth Shaw in some capacity.

With Alien: Covenant taking place 10 years later, one has to assume that either it’s going to take Shaw and David that long to reach the Engineers’ home planet, or the “new crew” will be in for a surprise when they cross paths with the android that has a serious God complex.





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