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Eric Heisserer Fired Himself From the ‘Sandman’ Adaptation

Eric Heisserer (The Thing, Lights Out, Van Helsing) conducted an AMA earlier today over on Reddit to promote the upcoming sci-fi/thriller Arrival and let slip a very interesting and quite admirable bit of information. He made it clear that he purposefully fired himself from the Sandman project, which he was attached to for a while, because he felt that it was meant to be a series and not a movie.

When asked if there’s any hope for Sandman, Heisserer replied, “I really hope so. I have been strongly advocating for it as a prestige TV series instead of a film, so I fired myself from the project because in my opinion it is built to become a series.

The idea of adapting Neil Gaiman’s comic Sandman into a film began in the 90’s and has been attempted ever since. For a little while, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was attached as producer, director, and potential star but he left the project abruptly after it shifted from Warner Bros. to New Line Cinema. Gaiman himself commented on this sudden departure back in March.

There has been no other word on the project and its status. At this point, we’ll have to continue to believe its dead in the water until something tells us otherwise.



  • Zachary Brown

    I couldnt agree more. Even as a series you would never be able to adapt it all, but its a least a better idea than a movie.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Thank every pagan god that may or may not exist across all time and the entire universe.

    Although I’m pretty sure that hollywood isn’t done letting this dude ruin classic properties. He’ll find another victim.

    Maybe they’ll let him write a star wars movie.
    It would be even worse then the last 5.

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