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Doug Bradley Talks Pinhead vs. Michael Myers Film That Almost Was

Hellraiser + Halloween = Helloween?

Frankenstein battled the Wolf Man, the Xenomorphs fought the Predators, and Freddy duked it out with Jason, but did you know that there was one point in time where Michael Myers and Pinhead almost came together for an epic confrontation? Yes, the Halloween and Hellraiser franchises almost joined forces in the early 2000s, and oh boy would that have been wild.

In an interview with Your Move Magazine, Hellraiser star Doug “Pinhead” Bradley just opened up about the failed film, which was being developed around the time of Freddy vs. Jason.

Said Bradley:

I was told that the year before Freddy vs Jason was released, Dimension Films rejected two scripts for a Hellraiser-Halloween crossover, which was obviously where they would go because they owned both franchises. I was told the reason they turned it down is because they didn’t think it would work. They predicted that Freddy vs. Jason would bomb, but it opened at the top of the box office and stayed there for a second weekend – I think I’m right in saying that it was the first movie that year to do so.

After its success, Dimension wanted a Hellraiser-Halloween movie made immediately, so it was certainly going ahead. I had a couple of phone conversations with Clive [Barker] about it and I was getting quietly excited. Clive said he would write it and I heard reports John Carpenter would direct.

So what happened? Bradley explains:

The version of events I got back on this is that the Akkad brothers, who produced Halloween, retained control of the sequels and didn’t want the crossover to be made. I guess they didn’t want Michael Myers hanging around with the likes of Pinhead.

Around the time the film was being considered, a poll was held to determine whether or not fans cared to see Pinhead and Michael Myers do battle, and the overwhelmingly negative response to that poll is thought to be another reason why the mash-up never happened. As for specific plot details, none were ever revealed; it’s likely the project died before Barker got to work.

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  • Daucus Karota

    I think had the fans been aware that Clive Barker was writing it and John Carpenter directing, they would have changed their tune. Just a hunch.

    • Matt

      I’d love to know what direction Mr. Barker would’ve taken with the script. That could have been very interesting indeed.

    • Jeffrey Scott

      Its very likely they both would have written and Directed it but not taken credit for either or. Not uncommon actually. Carpenter directed several scenes on Halloween II But wasn’t Credited for it.

  • Jonathan Larsson

    I would’ve liked to see that. It might’ve given both of the franchises different directions than what they ended up with.

  • DucksonAPlain

    Man, I’d love to see a Hellraiser cross-over with something, but what would even work? Certainly not Halloween. I can’t really imagine there being a good chemistry between the two Icons, or really an interesting way to have them fight or hunt the same prey or whatever.

    • Frank Lloyd Jr

      Pinhead Vs Candyman. Both supernatural. Both Clive Barker characters.

    • Jeffrey Scott

      The Scarlet Gospels is a crossover with Pinhead and Harry D Amour(Lord of Illusions) Alot of fans want barker to do a film adaption of the book.

  • Michael Josef Kappel

    Would of been better as a Freddy crossover

  • Otterlee

    Pinhead would’ve torn his soul apart.

  • gary41172

    Thinks a Freddy and Pinhead film would be way better than a Pinhead and Michael Myers film. And believe a Jason and Michael movie would be very cool, if done right. but, that’s my opinion 🙂

    • Max X kinght

      I AGREE but that Pinhead vs michael myers would be better then nothing

    • Good ol’ JS

      Jason and Michael sauntering towards each other…stabbing, slicing, evaporating into thin air only to appear behind one another. I don’t think it would work, they’re essentially the same character in a different outfit. Them working together and competing over kills would be much more interesting

  • Se_7_eN

    Since Michael dies from burning and decapitation (Until the next film), this would have been a very short movie… Unless he was able to escape Pinhead by walking away?

    It does make sense though, that Pinhead would want to take him, could have been very interesting.

  • Matt Senn

    I found a link to an article from earlier this year which also references a previous article from 2003 that interviewed proposed director Dave Parker and his brief synopsis of what the film would’ve been about: Just for fun!

  • Geno1987

    Pinhead only has one trick. Summon chains and grab people. Would make for a rather dry fight if that’s all he is capable of doing.

    • James-Polymer

      Nah, that’s just the hardware he uses for bagging his prey. The Cenobites’ whole shtick was extreme sensory experience; the idea that the same nerve ending could give crippling pain or orgasmic pleasure depending on how it was stimulated. (Clive Barker was heavily inspired by the BDSM scene when he came up with them.) They were also neither good nor evil, they just did what they did. You had to be a sexual deviant and/or have some deep-running emotional issues to solve the puzzle box and summon them in the first place.

      Besides, you could also say Michael Myers only has one trick; sneak up on people and stab them. =/

      • Geno1987

        Myers has shown to use different tools than just his knife. Pinhead has shown very little variation on how he deals with his prey beyond hooked chains. How would he defend himself if those failed?

        • James-Polymer

          That implies that at some point he’ll *run out* of chains; from what we’ve seen, they appear to be the otherworld’s most plentiful resource. If some don’t work, he’ll just call on more until the job is done.

          Remember, chains are just for catching prey before taking them back to his dimension, whereupon said victim would “taste [their] pleasures.” Cenobites live in an entire world based on hedonistic combinations of agony and euphoria; we’ve only seen a tiny fraction of this world in the films. All the cooking utensils and gardening tools in the *world* would pale in comparison.

          • Geno1987

            Which is exactly why Pinhead would be an ill fit for an opponent. He has never been cornered or shown the ability to even fight. We have no idea what he can do beyond the chains. The sequels never explored his character or abilities beyond what he did in the first two films. The magic and chains would automatically defeat any opponent he would come across, making for a poor VS battle.

        • OmarComin’

          Drop to the floor and put his hands in front of his face?

  • Frank Lloyd Jr

    How about a Halloween/Children Of The Corn crossover?
    “The Night He Walked Behind Rows”

    • James-Polymer

      That’s…actually much less insane than most crossover ideas I’ve heard. The setting, the characters, and even the “supernatural” element would work if done right.

      Speaking of Children of the Corn, I’ve always wanted to see a story told from the perspective of some of the kids strong-armed into the cult. Perhaps an episodic series would work better than a single film, but I think there’s plenty of potential scares and drama to be had.

  • lion7718

    Pinhead vs Leprechaun

  • Louis Tyson

    I have always clamoured for a freddy vs jason vs michael movie! Make it happen! We see cinematic crossovers all the time with marvel, dc and now universal monster classic yet we never see it with our horror icons from the 80’s! Hey we don’t even get to see a slasher movie from that era maybe once every ten years if we are lucky Lol

  • Good ol’ JS

    That’s where they fucked up. It should have been a Pinhead/Michael Meyers collaboration not confrontation. MM joins the cenobites, creative hell ensues. All of our horror icons should be working together and really make an interesting movie…no way the “good guy” wins that one.

  • Adaaification

    Why not? Meyers in his first incarnation was more like the unstoppable Boogeyman, a supernatural phenomen that has no explonation. He was not good and not evil. He was a force, a force that brought balance. Today its a stereotype, but back then it was not. The teens got what they deserved, they broke the rules and Meyers fixed it. Simple as that. But they ruined the series from part 4 onwards and a new sequel / prequel / whatever will not change that.

    And Pinhead is more like a explorer, an adventurer. Everybody i know sees the cenobites as something evil, but i don’t. They are scientists in my eyes, they explore the flesh and the pain. In every possible aspect.

    But can Meyers feel pain? Possible, in the first one he got a lot of scars. But it never slowed him down. Pinhead can feel pain and he is not immortal. Meyers is immortal from my understanding, the boogeyman is. He represents all the fears of the world, long forgotten but still alive.

    Would be an intressting crossover. Alone to see how Pinhead would take on Meyers.

    • OmarComin’

      You sound like a budding rapist.


    i was holding out for the pinhead vs chucky film, myself.

  • Halloween_Vic

    Glad it never happened tbh, I remember hearing about this at that time and I was one of those fans who voted Hell NO! Michael and Pinhead just don’t go together and it would have been rushed just to hop on the success of FVJ. If Michael was to battle anybody his only worthy opponent would be Jason. Now that’s a film that should have happened and should still happen.

  • George W. Kush

    Probably for the best, a cameo either way might work. But a whole movie?

  • ShadowInc

    Barker writing, and Carpenter directing? FUCK YEAH!!!

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    I remember the poll in question. It was conducted on and yea, people were vehemently against it. It was looked at as exactly what it was; an attempt to cash in on the success of FvsJ. There was no other reason the movie was even in talks to be made. Glad they quickly scrapped it. And no way would Carpenter have touched it. They may have been talking about asking him, but he would’ve refused.

  • RedNeoCon

    Horror movies are the bastard child of cinema. These movies are made for under
    $8mil and sometimes less, but have huge returns at the box and on blurays. I can’t figure out why they wouldn’t attempt to at least try it.

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