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Neve Campbell and Kevin Williamson Talk ‘Scream 5’; “It Would Be Challenging”

With Wes Craven gone, can the Scream franchise continue? Should it?

It’s been 20 years since Scream changed the game and five years since the most recent installment of the series was released, and many horror fans have spent those five years wondering if we’ll ever see the iconic Ghostface mask back up on the big screen. Every once in a while, one of the key players in the franchise is asked about its future, and since it’s been a while since we’ve heard a peep about the potential-but-unlikely project, we thought you might be interested to read the most recent comments from Kevin Williamson and Neve Campbell.

Speaking with ET Online this week, Williamson and Campbell reflected on the franchise, and naturally, they were asked about the likelihood of its return.

“Wes and I, when we were starting Scream 4, we had plans for Scream 5 and 6,” Williamson told the outlet. “Now without Wes, I feel like you have to sort of answer the questions of how and why, and I don’t know how to do it without Wes and I don’t know why to do it.”

Campbell had much the same answer, but she didn’t rule out Scream 5 entirely.

“It would be tough to do it without Wes,” Campbell said. “His vision was so clear and he was so good. I think it would be painful. It doesn’t mean it would never happen, but it would be challenging. Nobody is talking about it at the moment.”

Williamson also noted that if someone could figure out how to do it, he’d gladly buy a ticket.

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  • WoodsboroKiller

    I’m sure there are a million feasible ways the franchise could continue (outside of the TV series). I think the main concern is box office success, since Scream 4 didn’t perform well. But why not make it for Netflix? The TV series is a Netflix Original outside of the US, so does that mean they hold some of the rights to the franchise?

  • Tiger Quinn

    Just make her the fucking killer already. We’ve wanted it since 3. Should have done it for 4 and reignited the franchise. Or fuck it, go for broke and make Dewey, Syd, and Gail already killers in action who are turning on each other.

    • Hash-Slinging Slasher

      And this is why fans are not allowed to make the movie.

      • Tiger Quinn

        Piss off. It was just an idea. Seriously, you thought “Why don’t I try to shame someone for expressing an opinion”? Enjoy being THAT dick.

        • Hash-Slinging Slasher

          Wait, so you’re allowed to express your opinion, but I’m not allowed to express my opinion of your opinion?

        • Micah Unice

          It truly is a shitty idea. It would be a slap in the face of first-generation fans.

      • Justin McGill

        Sorry.. but Sid was wearing thin as a character in 3.. 4 should have been her swan song. Making her a perceived victim and the killer would have removed her from the series opening it up to a new cast. Dewey and Gale could have still been around as supporting characters going forward. I know people don’t like the idea but it made the most sense for the series going forward. But they botched #4 on many levels sadly.

        • Hash-Slinging Slasher

          Just sayin don’t make her the killer. That’s idiotic.

    • Adam Nixon

      I know some people like the idea of Sid being the killer, or the old characters getting killed off. But I’m just really not a fan of those ideas. Sid, Gail and Dewey survived four movies… they deserve a happy ending. Doing something as radical as making one of them the killer or killing one (or more) of them off would just feel like a slap in the face to me. It’d be 20 years of being invested in these characters right down the drain.

      If they had done something like that back when “Scream 2” came out… maybe even “Scream 3”, maybe it would have worked. But considering how long the franchise has been around and the fact that the characters have all now gone through four films… it’d be too contrived and too much of a betrayal in my opinion.

  • lgb

    I really have worries that this might not be a good idea. Possibly the biggest part of what made Scream as a series so fun to watch was Wes Craven’s direction, it had his specific intelligent direction behind it that worked. If they wanted to make the last 2 parts the only other name out there who would even come close would be Carpenter cos the franchise needs a legendary director with that kind of knowledge behind them and with an eye towards pointing out the cliches in the genre, can’t think of anyone other than Carpenter to pull that off.

  • Cody Hyde

    Scream: The Final Chapter

    • Richard

      The last 2 screams should have been the Final chapter.. the last personal linked to the origanal killers died in 3 and her cousin who was just trying to cash in on the scream fame died in 4

  • Jack Derwent

    IDK if we really need one at this point. Scream 4 felt like it had no reason to exist.

    • Khy

      I at least like to look at Scream 4 as a fun “reunion” movie. Just a nice little trip back home. Under that particular viewpoint it works. As the beginning of a new trilogy? It fails.

  • lupe

    I think with Wes gone, the Weinsteins have full control of the franchise. Hell, they had a lot of control when Wes was here… With their history of fucking up movies and denying the artistic endeavors of those film-makers involved, I have no hope for the future of Scream.

    • Khy

      Agreed. Even if Scream 5 is made(Which I wouldn’t rule out, the Weinsteins may be desperate one day and would have no choice but then to try and milk the Scream name again even though that hasn’t proved successful since 2000) it won’t be written by Kevin and highly doubt any established cast members will be jumping to return, except for maybe David. Then it’ll probably go through a chaotic production and keep getting pushed back.

      Then when it finally releases it’ll be crap.

  • disqus_uqr3Boh0Wp

    I want Scream 5 and 6. I say make it because there is an out side chance that it could top 1-4 but it’s unlikely, it will be interesting to see what someone else will do with it. it must be a cinema film though and not DTV or Netflix.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Just let it be done. It was a good story, but it has been told, completely. You have three good movies and one so-so in a series that likely never would’ve gotten as popular as it was had it not come out exactly when it did. The series had good success, but continuing on from this point just tarnishes the franchise. Part 4 was the curtain call. It was well done and although the box office didn’t reflect it, was one of the better sequels. I don’t see how you open that box again and not cost the series a lot of respect, especially now that the mastermind is gone.

  • lion7718

    Let Rob Zombie do it 😉

    • Khy

      Sidney becomes a coke-addicted stripper at the Woodsboro Woodpecker Lounge.
      Gale now lives in a trailer in the middle of the woods where she shoots rifles and says “fuck” every other word.
      Ghostface is really a slack jawed redneck.
      It’d be perfect.

      • Creepshow

        “I’m The Ghostface. And I’m here to do The Ghostface’s work.”

  • Kyle Ord

    This has to happen

    We must overshadow the atrocity that is scream the tv series

    • Khy

      Meh, the Scream TV series is already overshadowed looking at those ratings lol.

  • Khy

    There’s no reason to make a 5th even from a narrative standpoint. Scream 4 ended with literally all of the new characters dead with the exception of Deputy Hicks. Jill is dead. The trio survived a fourth massacre. I mean where else can you go? Randomly killing them off in the next film? Making Sidney a killer? Silly. Leave it alone.

    If a Scream 5 did happen I’d rather the trio simply be small supporting characters and not the major focus- instead focus on a new cast of characters in Woodsboro- there’s a ton of awesome actors/actresses I’d like to see in a Scream film both young and old that could carry the story into new territory. But it’d have to be REALLY solid casting and actors with a bit of a “name’ to them.

    Then a Scream 6 could close out the new group’s story and the series can rest. At least until the remake which hopefully won’t happen before 2096.

    • I agree with you but because of the lack of interest in Scream 4 theatrically I’d keep it as a show (also because I think 4 was a fitting end to our trio’s story and I don’t really want a Scream film without Wes at the helm, though I could be persuaded if the right people came on board). What I’d do is move the show from MTV to Netflix and set it in a neighboring town to Woodsboro and like you said follow a new set of characters being terrorized by a new Ghostface (and of course bring back Roger Jackson and the Ghostface costume). About halfway through the season I’d have Sidney show up for a 2 episode guest appearance to reach out to our new lead and basically give her the whole “I’ve been where you are, I know what you’re going through” kind of thing and also lay down some hard truth with something like “I hate to have to tell you this but you need to take a long hard look at all the people in your life and figure out who you can really trust because I’ve been betrayed by a boyfriend, friends and even family members,”. Gale and Dewey could also show up briefly to help pass the torch to a new generation (something a lot of us thought Scream 4 would do) but I wouldn’t kill any of them. They all deserve a happy ending in my opinion and I don’t believe old characters have to die in order to pass the baton to new ones. And I’ve thrown this out there on this site before but I’d handle MTV’s Scream by revealing that it’s actually Stab: The Series and have the characters discuss it, some being a fan of it while others dismiss it for not being enough like the Stab movies and being completely unconnected to the film franchise it’s based on (which would be pretty meta). Sorry this is so long!

      • Khy

        No I really like that! That’d be a great way of doing it. Hell, they don’t even have to bother even mentioning the MTV show since both are practically unrelated. Just have it set in a neighboring town as you said years after Scream 4- we follow a new cast and a new mystery and we pepper the trio in and out but the sole focus being on the new generation. Netflix would be perfect.
        If it’s half as good as Chiller’s SLASHER then we’d be in good hands. Though hopefully it’d have stronger writing.

    • David Nagle


  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    there could be a 5 and 6 but they have to reall think the stories, but no point without Craven

  • Khy

    I just rather have Kevin simply tell us what was in the treatments for Scream 5 and 6. Might as well spill the beans. They won’t happen.

    • Justin McGill

      I think the plot for Scream 5 sometime told me was incorporated into Williamson’s series “The Following”

      • Khy

        I believe that. Kevin doesn’t let scrapped ideas go to waste. There’s supposedly a lot of elements from his original treatment of Scream 3 that’s also in The Following- mainly the whole cult narrative itself.

      • ScriptGiverTJ

        It was his initial plot for Scream 3 that became the basis for The Following

    • Thiago S.

      i’d love to know what his ideas were too… i guess that, if he’s not telling, he might still think there’s a smaaall chance it can become something sometime….

  • DarkBree

    For Scream 5 to be successful it should be a reboot or a soft reboot. Either bring back Kirby as the final girl with a new cast or all new cast with no one returning. Either way no Dewey, no Gale and no Sidney and forget the TV series ever existed. It could be like Jurassic World, the events of the previous movies happened but it’s a brand new story!!

    • Thiago S.

      maybe you’re right. or maybe just bring gale again, divorced from dewey, to cover the murders and connect the two stories.

  • Randy Moses

    Off the top of my head, if I wrote Scream 5, I would go meta with it. That’s where the film series has it’s roots. It would take place in the ‘real world’, and be about a killer stalking Neve, Courtney and Co, and would poke fun of its own troupes. It would be a good companion piece for “New Nightmare’

    • Saturn

      Until I read the last line I was thinking “wait a minute – that sounds like New Nightmare!” – then I noticed that’s what you were going for.
      It might work – perhaps have Neve on set of a new tv show she’s in, possibly a horror show, and then a fan decides to take his love of horror movies too far…

    • Thiago S.

      i think neve’s had issues with that in the past, i don’t think she’d be down with that idea….

  • Adam Clifton

    My idea for a Scream 5… the killer wouldn’t be inspired by horror movies, he’d be killing because he hates horror movies, the Stab movies in particular. The main target wouldn’t be Sidney, it’d be Gail Weathers. He’d blame her for the reason why he’s killing teenage Stab fans and it would be a mystery over who it is. Dewey would be a major suspect because of his recent divorce with Gail and with what happened to his sister. In another twist to the formula, the killer wouldn’t be revealed at the end but escape into the night leaving the proverbial door open.

    • Khy

      I like that!

  • Nick Adams

    I think the direction of 5 should be focused on Sidney as a mom. Her history with her own mother and Billy’s mother, seeing the stakes for her character raised as she also has to protect her daughter or son would be a cool twist. I think tying in some Randy like rules from horror films with mothers, you could go crazy with it. I’ve got a killer in mind that would take this to the next level and extend the series.

    • Thiago S.



    scream is dead. scream 4 ended the franchise with it’s poor box office. with wes now gone it’s all over. life goes on….move on with Jason. freddy and the rest of our beloved monsters. ghostface is done.

    • Thiago S.

      If it depended on box office results alone, we wouldn’t have had any jason or freedy or any other ‘beloved monster’ from the 70s or 80s in the twenty first century at all…


        If it depended on box office results then we would always have a freddy-jason movies. freddy vs Jason grossed 82 millions 14 years ago and 120 worldwide. the resent f13 remake grossed 40 millions in just 3 days and 100 millions worldwide.

        FREDDY and JASON are alive……..ghostface is dead.

        • Thiago S.

          I said we wouldn’t have any “in the twenty first century”– because if you were to look before that, the previous movies all flopped. Jason Goes to Hell (1993) grossed just 15.9M while New Nightmare (1994) grossed only 19.7 *worldwide*. Franchise low.
          That means— series are dead— until someone decides they aren’t.


            Even without scream we would have a fvj film which was on the cards long before scream ever existed and dude stop comparing beep ghostface with Jason and freddy. FASON, FREDDY ARE KINGS OF HORROR NO MATTER IF A FEW MOVIES FLOPED THE JASON MOVIES WHICH FAILED WERE PARTS 8,9,10 FOR CHRIST SAKE. SCREAM FLOPED SINCE ONLY PART 4. JASON PART 4 WAS A HUGE SUCCESS.



          • Thiago S.

            your use of caps lock doesn’t make your words any more factual or true. that’s still just your opinion.

            got it?


            no it’s not my opinion. it’s facts and numbers. scream was dead by part 4. Jason movies were much alive until part 7 and after a decline they were resurrected again in 2003 with FvJ and the 2009 remake was another box office success while scream went to……MTV LITTLE GIRLS……LOL

          • Thiago S.

            we’ll resume this discussion in a couple of years when they announce scream 5 or scream reboot or whatever, kay? kay.


            until then Jason would have a couple of more hits…….
            Jason beats ghostface everywhere.
            in box office, movies but more important IN THE BODY COUNT where it you want to be a true slasher king.

  • marklola12 .

    wes got lucky with scream, right time and place sort of thing, he was another 80s director that used to be great but lost his talent more or less in the 90s and onwards, carpenter is the same…used to be good but then …crap

    the scream movies stopped being good at the 2nd one, the 3rd was horrid and so was the 4th.

    the tv show is crap…there is nowhere to go with another movie they could not come up with a good reason or story because its a series of movies that is as basic as you can get…a killer goes round killing people…that’s it

  • VTTM

    I’m always down for a new Scream, simply cause I don’t expect much from them except being entertained.

  • Sister Ruth

    I wish they had they had kept the original ending with the originals being killed off. Anti-heroes and no survivors/winners in horror was a thing for a while and the new trilogy could have played off that, a series about the villains. Ah well.

  • Tyr

    Sydney could be like Laurie Strode. Stalked till she’s in her 60’s. Make part 5 and give her a proper send off.

    • Thiago S.

      That was horrible what they did to Laurie Strode, kill off such an amazing, influential character in a movie like Resurrection. If that’s what’s in store for Sidney i’d rather not see scream 5 at all

  • Pc

    Fuck Neve Campbell soup. She brought political shit recently urging people to support Clinton.

    • Anthony Cashmere

      Your an asshole!

  • Justme28

    Think it’s time to leave the franchise now. If it wasn’t for the awful Scream 3, they perhaps wouldn’t feel the need to keep on compensating. It’s done. Time to leave it alone.

  • Kenzie

    I couldn’t care less if there was another bad scream film I just want another. Mostly because every awful sequel I skip over and pretend doesn’t exist. I could easily watch one and part two and then the fourth if I wanted that to be a trilogy. I watch nightmare one then three then four then six most of the time. I have a fondness for the sixth one direction being soo cartoony.

  • Adam Nixon

    At this point, I’d either say just let it go, or do a different story for the fifth film. Without Wes, it’ll just feel wrong to do a direct sequel to the original franchise. Now, perhaps if Kevin Williamson was both writing and directing, I’d give it a shot… But I’d rather not see them bring in a brand-new director who hadn’t worked on the previous films.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to them bringing in some fresh blood behind-the-scenes if a fifth film was either a new story or something radically different. (I’ve seen a lot of people suggesting a fifth film take the “New Nightmare” approach and be about a killer hunting down the real-life cast of “Scream”… that might be fun.)

    But I’m just not sure I wanna see a proper, direct-continuation of the original series at this point.

  • Alex Stewart

    Is there any new news one scream 5

  • Anthony Cashmere

    Make Neve Campbell, the new Ghostface killer, as she rampages through Woodsboro,murdering a new group of teens obsessed with horror films! Sydney could have finally gone off the deep end of insanity, because of her legacy surviving all the previous Ghostface killers, has a mental break, develops a split Ghostface killer personality, as a psychological defense, and kills a new set of students, obsessed with horror! Works for me!

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