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Barf Bags Provided at Los Angeles Screenings of ‘Raw’

I’m not ashamed to admit when I’m scared or when I something is so vile it affects me physically. I nearly lost my lunch when I saw Julia Ducournau’s award-winning psychological horror thriller Raw (read my review), now in select theaters across the country. While the film itself isn’t that gory, there’s one scene in particular that churned my stomach so badly that I contemplated running to the bathroom.

Even after paramedics were called to “rescue” a viewer at the Toronto premiere, I laughed a bit. Even though most of these are not publicity stunts, it’s usually caused by a patron drinking too much or getting sick from camerawork (such the case with V/H/S). So, even though I was a bit surprised by my own experience, a Los Angeles-based theater knows I’m not alone.

The Nuart Theatre in Los Angeles is offering custom-made barf bags to customers before the movie begins playing, says THR. An usher hands out the bags after explaining that, due to the graphic gore in the movie, several viewers have fainted, while at least one person vomited.

“One of the staff at the Nuart took up the initiative to make the barf bags out of paper lunch bags. What a fun idea! I remember that used to be done with some horror releases in the 1970s,” said Mark Valen, a film buyer with Landmark Theatres and who also programs the Nuart.

Raw, about a young girl who develops an all-consuming appetite for human flesh, made its world premiere at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival before playing at other fests, including Toronto. Focus World picked up rights to the movie following Cannes.



  • Golic

    What a gimmick.

    • ArmitageX

      Right? What is this? The fourth movie in the last year they said people were barfing/passing out at? Uh huh…

    • BloodyDisgusted

      If it gets people to the theater, who gives a fuck?

    • zombie84_41

      Thats what I say too. Then you watch it and go umm so this is what people were getting sick too. Its like the asshats fainting in Passion Of The Christ. I remember when I was workin in the theater when it came out, we had Ambulances there every week. People were dropping like flies, I was laughing alot.

  • I really want to see Raw, seems to be amazing.

  • zombie84_41

    More hyjinks for a bunch of pussies. I remember when everyone bugged over contracted and said it was sick and all. That movie was awful. But I enjoy when movies make me sick to my stomach. If you want to watch a really sick movie that will churn your stomachs watch Septic man. That movie was super gross. The day after also effect me alot too.

  • Dana Lo

    america , land of pussies that cant watch movies anymore cause they are to “sensitive”….whata joke . go get eaten by this stupid movie.

  • JR H

    What scene? The movie was so dull… I can barely remember it.

  • Bill Kim


  • Xmoritz

    I can’t wait to see it!!

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