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Netflix’s ‘Death Note’ Gets a Trailer and Release Date!

Netflix has dated Adam Wingard’s manga-to-film adaptation of the Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata penned series Death Note for August 25, 2017, Bloody Disgusting learned. Netflix has also released the film’s first trailer that teases the film’s student and his supernatural notebook.

‘Death Note’ follows a high school student who comes across a supernatural notebook, realizing it holds within it a great power; if the owner inscribes someone’s name into it while picturing their face, he or she will die. Intoxicated with his new godlike abilities, the young man begins to kill those he deems unworthy of life.

The movie stars Nat Wolff (Paper Towns, The Fault in Our Stars) as Light Turner; Margaret Qualley (The Nice Guys, The Leftovers) as Mia Sutton; Keith Stanfield (Straight Outta Compton, Dope, Short Term 12) as “L”; Paul Nakauchi (Alpha and Omega) as Watari; and Shea Whigham (“Agent Carter”, “Boardwalk Empire”) as James Turner.


I am honored to be working with this great cast and I look forward to bringing Tsugumi and Takeshi’s unique story to a global audience,” Wingard said when filming began last year.

Death Note is produced by Roy Lee (The Ring, The Grudge, Blair Witch, The Departed), Dan Lin (The Lego Movie, Sherlock Holmes), Jason Hoffs (Edge of Tomorrow), and Masi Oka (“Heroes Reborn”, “Hawaii-Five-0”).

Lee and Din add, “Our vision for Death Note has always been to bring this captivating story to the screen for its longtime manga fans and to introduce the world to this dark and mysterious masterpiece. The talent and diversity represented in our cast, writing, and producing teams reflect our belief in staying true to the story’s concept of moral relevance — a universal theme that knows no racial boundaries.”

Wingard is a growing force in the genre community having directed A Horrible Way to Die, V/H/S, V/H/S/2, Blair Witch, The Guest and You’re Next.





  • Rez

    It looks amazing the bad part is we hafta wait until August…..

  • Usually the Netflix movies are bad, I hope Death Note be an exception!

    • Bla Blah

      eh, the Netflix tv shows are usually good though. When I first heard about it, I though it was going to be a series and was excited…then I heard it was a film and was like ehhhh

    • James

      From what I’ve seen so far the Netflix movies have actually been decent. This looks good as well.

    • Dr. Acula

      no wonder netflix is syfy channel for hipsters

  • David Tucker

    This looks surprisingly really intriguing! Can’t wait to check it out

  • Woop, will be watching this, regardless of the fact it won’t be as good as the manga

  • Blade4693

    That guy is supposed to be Light Yagami? Yeah I am going to pass on this one.

    I will admit I am a bit curious to see what the Shinigami look like though

  • astronauta69

    looks better than Ghost in the Shell imho

  • Ms. Ripley

    I loved the Manga and this movie adaption (at least the trailer) looks worthy. Adam Wingard’s style is unique so I trust him to adapt the strange story and mood of the original book. Plus the music (I hope it’s in the movie too) added to the weird atmosphere. So, so, so looking forward to it.

    • Dr. Acula

      did you like the 2015 show?

      • Ms. Ripley

        After starting the 2006 Japanese movie adaption and stopping after 30 minutes, I was kinda done with screen adaptions. I honestly had no hope for this movie either. But then I head the name Wingard and the trailer does look awesome.

        Is the 2015 show worth a look?? Is it good?

        • Dr. Acula

          2015 is horrible it is a typical Asian teen drama, the only thing they got right is make the characters look exactly like they did in the manga, which doesn’t fit in the real world.

          I didn’t like the live action movies too, and I am a big fan of the directors work he has done some great movies. And the movie was more accurate than this new American one..

          I said this before but the only thing that could make this one stand out is if they go more the horror route, no comic relief from ryuk and the deaths of the people written in the book to be more graphic.

  • Mr. Dry

    Shit! This actually seems really good! I NEED to see Dafoe incarnating Ryuk.

  • J Jett

    this looks pretty good! the ferris wheel part seems like a scene from one of the FINAL DESTINATION movies!

  • Alanmac

    Looks fantastic!!

  • This would have made for a great tv series.

    • Dr. Acula

      did you see the 2015 live actin show?

  • redeyedjedi410

    Wish it was a show but it definitely has me interested.

  • Darth_Siskel

    Where’s Misa-Misa?

    • Eric Heiden

      Maybe she was the girl with the cigarette. I doubt it, but I’m not sure how many liberties they’re taking with this thing.

      • Dr. Acula

        it is why else zoom in on that chick

        • Eric Heiden

          Good point.

  • Abandoned_Being

    What I’m thinking is they’ll show this movie to see how the fans will respond to it. If they like it then hopefully they’ll respond by making it into a series later on.

    • Chip

      It’ll do poorly.

    • Dr. Acula

      the 2015 Japanese live action show did poorly, and it even got the characters to look like they did in manga. so why would this 1 do good

  • DigitalBeach
    • Dr. Acula

      only thing that could make it watchable is if ryuk has no comic relief and is just creepy and this take is more horror route with intense graphic kills caused by th e notes rathher then heavy crime drama the anime, 2015 show and the movies were.

  • Chip

    This…looks nothing like Death Note, except for Ryuk popping up in the middle. This doesn’t look like it’s going to bring anything good to the table. Knows no racial boundries, makes the protagonist white and the character that everyone knows is going to be offed Black. Yep. Good going there.

    • Pretty much the only good casting here is Dafoe.
      Honestly can’t think of anyone who would fit better there.
      Everything else is crap.


  • Chance LeBoeuf

    There’s not much to go on, but also nothing that makes me all that worried. I love Death Note. It’s still one of my favorites, so I’m rooting for this. Willem Dafoe as Ryuk is absolutely perfect, and I’ve been falling in love with Keith Stanfield since seeing him in more movies. Dude’s got a promising career ahead of him.

    I like the new additions they made to the notebook as well. The weathered parchment paper seems more fitting.

    • Eric Heiden

      Hi Chance,

      I’m optimistic about this myself. As for casting, I think Dafoe is a great choice, but I would have been just as delighted if they’d brought back Brian Drummond. It’d be cool if they gave Drummond a cameo.

      Did you ever see the Japanese live-action movies from a few years back? If so, what did you think of them?

      • Chance LeBoeuf

        I actually have them all, and they’re only decent at best. (and that might be being generous) The second film being the best of the bunch.

        The one thing I will give the films over the series is the ending. I still think ending it with Light and L is how it always should have been, and the films had an ingenious way to go about it.

        Other than that, I’m still hoping for a great film adaptation, and really rooting for this one to be that. It’s going to be different, but as long as they preserve the spirit of the original series and those creative liberties are good, then I’ll be satisfied.

        If it does suck, whatever. We’ll always have the show, right?

        • Eric Heiden

          Thanks for the response!

          I too liked the ending to the movies. Didn’t you just love the way Ryuuk laughed when he realized he was being shot at?

          For me, another thing the movies did better than the manga was addressing Kira’s fallibility. I recall a scene early on where some university students point out that Light’s victims might not actually be guilty of the crimes they were accused of.

          One thing I think would be cool would be if Light realized he killed an innocent person by accident. How would it affect him? Would it make him more conflicted? Would he make up an excuse? Would it drive him over the edge and make him more dangerous?

          I guess we’ll find out what happens later in the year.

  • Bloated Butcher

    meh.. just watch the anime if you want to see it adapted. This just looks like some American Horror Story crap

  • vlzvl

    …i stopped reading when he says about VHS and Blair Project,
    well Death Note, welcome to your scheduled fuck-up-a-franchise.

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