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[Review] ‘Alien: Covenant’ is an Intensely Crafted Nightmare

Fox has had a strong sense of confidence with Alien: Covenant that made it hard not to at least get a little bit excited for the film, even after the giant misstep that was Prometheus. I watched every trailer, each of the two prequels and read up on what I needed to know for the film and despite all that I tempered my expectations. I’m relieved to say that, while not without its flaws, Alien: Covenant is nothing short of the film we wanted, and I’m even more excited for the series’ future after watching it.

The film picks up a decade after the ship Prometheus mysteriously disappears with all of its crew. The ship the film is named after, Covenant, is on its way with a small crew of its own and a massive cargo of colonists and human embryos to a planet that may or may not be humanity’s new home. They’re well into their voyage when they pick up a rogue human transmission from another life sustaining planet they hadn’t known of previously, and things kick off from there.

Right out of the gate, the film is visually stunning. Ridley Scott’s mastery of color grading and framing is presented at full force from start to finish. Much like the original Alien film, the future Scott imagines is advanced but also refined in a way that makes it feel more than plausible, and even at points possible. Despite the advanced tech required to move people across galaxies, a lot of it still requires human (or synthetic) maintenance and from the very beginning, you’re left completely aware that anything could go wrong at any moment.

The Covenant’s crew is rounded out with some great talent including Michael Fassbender’s Walter, Katherine Waterson’s Daniels and Billy Crudup’s eerily fanatical Christoper Oram. The real star of the show though is Danny McBride as the ship’s pilot and maintenance leader, Tennessee. At first, he plays his usual loveably dumb and kind of annoying role, but Scott smartly writes Tennessee in a way that totally subverts what you’d expect for him, and McBride handles it flawlessly. Waterson brings a surprising mix of leadership, strength, and humanity to her role as the film’s protagonist that I honestly wasn’t expecting. She’s smart and resourceful when she has to be, but she isn’t ever reckless, and the decisions she makes thought the film (except for one towards the end that totally goes against her character) are entirely sensible.

As for the horror aspects, there’s almost more than enough tension and gore here to satisfy fans of the franchise who felt let down by Scott’s previous entry. Both the Xenomorphs and Neomorphs in the film are downright disturbing, and the CGI is minimal in relation to both. The practical effects are downright disgusting, and watching people get torn apart is just as juicy as we all hoped it would be.

As far as whether or not the crew’s enemies lean more towards Alien or Aliens goes, I’d say it’s a healthy mix that will satisfy fans of both films. There’s a clear difference in intelligence and ferociousness between the Xenomorphs and Neomorphs that I was happy to see. Michael Fassbender also brings some much-appreciated humor into the film that breaks up the tension at just the right moments.

Covenant‘s only true misstep is due to the fact that Scott is far too resistant to leave the more fantastic elements introduced in Prometheus in the past. David has an obsession with the meanings of classical music and humanity, and frankly, that stuff is so cringe-worthy to me that I think the film could have easily done without it and would be noticeably better for it. It’s an added layer that, at this point in the franchise’s greater story, serves no purpose and I think it’ll be tough to keep including it in meaningful ways going forward.

If the only question you want to be answered by this review is whether or not Alien: Covenant is better than Prometheus, then that answer is a resounding “Yes.” If you were hoping that it would totally leave the ideas introduced in Prometheus behind, you might be a little disappointed with certain parts, but as a whole, I think you’ll probably enjoy it. The story is self-contained for the most part, but it does open up some plot threads for a sequel. With that said, Covenant is the shot in the arm that the franchise’s future needed it to be.



  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    not reading this because BD likes to spoil everything 😉

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      also, biased against Prometheus, hard to take seriously

      • aFriendlyAgenda

        But wouldn’t it be hard to take anybody who took prometheus seriously seriously

        • Chemaira

          wow there are still people who dont understanding prometheus? weird

        • Hudson

          Typical to hate on Prometheus. Whatever. True fans got it not just millennials that watched Alien last week

          • Alanmac

            Spot on!!!!!

        • EatShitAndDie

          Obviously, you know as much about the franchise and original story as Jimmy Champane. Next time, shut the fuck up.

      • EatShitAndDie

        That’s because you’re a test tube ass-hat.

    • Elizabeth

      Nope. This one didn’t have any spoilers.

      • Chemaira

        its all about spoilers

      • Kristoffer Groves

        Yes it did

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Interesting, in a vague way
    So they DID just go ahead and lift the “intercepting an unknown signal” from Alien wholesale

    Is it chucked full of more ham handed references and callbacks to better movies like prometheus was?

    I’d like to hear more details how the story unfolds
    Becasue the script to that logan movie written by michael green was so disjointed that it was practically non-sensicle, and then he seemed to try to cover that up with repeatad closeups of gore that came of as silly and uncalled for

    I’m wondering if he did the same thing here

    • EatShitAndDie

      You need to read the original Alien screenplay. You don’t know what you’re talking about dipshit. Also it’s nonsensical*, and “that came of as silly” doesn’t make any sense, fuckboi

    • Kristoffer Groves

      You’re the only person who doesn’t like Logan.

    • Mehliens

      I’ve rarely seen a person so vocal about filmmaking without having the slightest clue of how film is actually made. Everything you say is pulled right out of your ass completely void of actual sense or knowledge of the real facts or experience. Congrats bro

    • Daniel Baldwin

      Michael Green doesn’t even have a full screen credit here, only a story credit. At least two other writers worked on the screenplay after he moved on.

  • Kaid Smith

    I just want to know if Shaw is alive. That’s the only thing I want answered before going into the movie because if I go and see it, if she’s dead, that is the one thing that’ll keep me disappointed and possibly ruin the whole experience for me. I don’t care what people say, I enjoyed Prometheus and I’ve held on to Shaw because she was a good character. I don’t care about Daniels.

    • Vicente Garcia

      Have you seen the prologue short film “The Crossing”? It answers your question!

    • CalUni

      Agreed! Shaw was a great character and very curious to see her fate.


    Personally, I loved Prometheus so I’m sure I will really like this movie. I’m glad to hear that I can expect a lot of practical effects. I’m hoping the CGI is done well, I’ve been hearing mixed things with some saying it’s minimal and very well done and others saying it’s sub par. Can’t wait to see for myself.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    I’m reading all these different reviews and they’re all over the place
    Some people are saying its too prometheus,
    some people say its not prometheus enough

    Some people are saying that its half prometheus, half Alien and half alienS

    Some people are saying its smart enough,
    some people are saying that everybody dies by doing something stupid

    Interestingly the scores aren’t really all over the place
    Although everybody seems to have seen a different movie,
    they’re all in the B-/7ish and up area so far
    But I seem to recall prometheus was too

    In fact I seem to recall critics gushing over prometheus,
    so hard to say

    Everyone does seem to agree that its nice looking
    If you want to follow all the reviews so far you can follow them here:

    • Kristoffer Groves

      Everybody dies from doing something stupid? So it’s 100% Prometheus then.

  • Nick Cremers

    I think every fan wants to see it and I realy dug prometheus! Loved the vibe and shots.
    Also in every review there has to be some kind of emphassis on cgi. As someone working often with cgi I am tired if hearing practical fx are the best blabla. It is the combo that works best. There are probably tons of invisible fx shots in it to define the covenant world that wouldnt be possible with only practical. So stop all nagging about that topic I am tired of it.
    As a horror fan I care more about what the movie does to me…

    • Mehliens

      Hm, most people complain only about the times when cgi is completely misused and could have been obviously outdone with practical effects. See The Thing 2011

      • Nick Cremers

        You probably overlooked the other 100 and then some vfx shots but the thing 2011 was a nice movie. In my eyes, I liked it, and I liked the older ones too.
        But dont forget that practical fx dont differ from vfx when it comed to quality.. that is what eventualy makes them work..obviously.
        Not the fact that it is practical only, thats nonsense.
        IT 1990;)

  • Vinnie Vincent’s Dead Dog

    I really liked Prometheus. Sue me.

    • Kristoffer Groves

      I just filed the paperwork. Please dont try to dodge the process server when he shows up at your home/work/wherever.

    • The chicken man

      I watch it at least once a month. I guess I’m pretty lame.

    • Alanmac

      Absolutely. One of my all time favorite films. I’ve never been able to understand the hatred for that movie.

      • Saturn

        Count me in as a Prometheus fan too – it was a little flawed in places but was still better than any of the sequels/cross-overs that followed Aliens.
        It really does seem to be finding it’s own fanbase a few years after the fact.

    • blenky

      So do I. I think one day it will be reassessed as a great sci-fi film. When Alien came out it had mediocre reviews and look how that has turned out.

  • evilED

    “…but Scott smartly writes Tennessee in a way that totally subverts what you’d expect for him, and McBride handles it flawlessly.”

    If the reviewer had bothered to do a simple IMDB search, he’d see that Ridley Scott didn’t write anything related to Danny McBride’s character. In fact, he wrote nothing at all. It was written by four screenwriters, not the director himself.

    • Mehliens

      True but a director has a lot of influence on the characters and how they are written and even more on how they are portrayed on screen

    • sliceanddice

      Maybe directed ins the word they were looking for.

  • Mehliens

    Waiting for the article explaining that Covenant also shares the same Universe as Star Wars and 3CP0 is actually voiced by Weaver

  • Christopher Nickerson

    Quite a few reviews I have read, while spoiler free, enthusiasm. Essentially, as I feared, Scott is dead set on removing any mystery about the Xenomorph and its origins to the point where it hurts the Xenomorph as a monster.

    • WOLF

      We see this time and time again. Origin movies typically hurt the monster. I’m not sure why they keep doing it.

    • The Drucifer

      To be fair that officially started in ALIENS. I’m kinda cool with learning what’s up with it.

      • Christopher Nickerson

        Aliens added to the life cycle but did not explain where they came from

        • The Drucifer

          It made this great unknowable thing and turned into a bug effectively neutering it.

  • sliceanddice

    Just booked a ticket. hope its brutal.

  • Dave Brown

    I dug Prometheus, warts and all, so I’m good with anything carrying over and being explained. This movie sounds great and I’m sure all the ‘Alien stuff’ and images will be sprinkled throughout so the fanboys can play with themselves when something they recognize shows up.

  • I decided to watch this one with low expectations.

  • Creepshow

    I didn’t see Prometheus. I just had no interest in an Alien prequel (of sorts). But obviously I have to watch it to understand things in this (actual) Alien movie. I really hope it’s not a slog to sit through.

    • I enjoyed it a lot. I think you might actually dig it.

    • The Drucifer

      PROMETHEUS is good as long as you don’t expect an ALIEN film. It’s expanded universe stuff which is fine by me since I’ve been intrigued by The Space Jockey since I was 6. It has some character logic problems ppl like to wax hyperbolic with,but it isn’t anywhere near as bad as ppl say.

      It has an implied story that it tells in the background which is pretty cool but if you’ve read/seen any Ridley interviews specifically about ALIEN he’s actually been dropping hints for decades about this new series and what he wants to explore.

      Check it out and enjoy…or don’t.

      • Creepshow

        Thanks bud. Horror is a no brainer for me, but with sci-fi I tend to be 50/50 at times.

        • The Drucifer

          It’s for sure a sci-fi/adventure film. It’s biggest problem might be that it’s not as smart as it wants to be but not as stupid as it should be. It rides a strange line between thematically interesting grown up sci-fi and dumb summer movie sci-fi.

        • J Jett

          Creepshow, i’m the same way when it comes to sci-fi. i’m not a huge sci-fi fan (for example, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY…meh…). let me know (on any of the articles on this site) what you think of PROMETHEUS whenever you end up watching it. i’m very curious to know what you think of it. i appreciate and like many parts of the film. the biggest problem i have with it is that the characters are written to do THE most idiotic things ever just to move the plot along. several characters act as moronic as many characters do in season 1 (and even season 2) of THE STRAIN. lol. the Engineers in PROMETHEUS though are extremely interesting and i would have loved to learn much more about them (i think we do in COVENANT).

          • Creepshow

            Thanks Jett. But I’ll be honest here, I’m really not looking forward to watching it. It feels like I have to eat a turd sandwich first, just to be able to get a dessert that might taste like shit too. A real gamble.

          • J Jett

            LOL. i completely understand. 🙂

          • Craig Forshaw

            The reviews I’ve seen say that this film threatens answers, but doesn’t deliver them.

    • Rick-Taylor

      I agree with Drucifer. You really should see this as a movie on its own. Think of it as a future version of the Prometheus myth. That is partially what it is. Also, depending on what ancient mythology you like, you may think of it as a sort of Ouroboros retelling, as well.

      I am legitimately curious to know what you think of Promtheus.

  • Aaron Johnson

    I don’t understand the “Prometheus” hatred at all. I thought it was fantastic. And I like it more with each viewing. It’s one that I continue to learn new stuff in every time I watch it.

    • The Drucifer

      people are fickle. PROMETHEUS is a solid film with character and some story problems, but it’s incredible piece to look at and listen to. It’s story is there if you’re observant enough but it is too vague. I liked Shaw and I think David is maybe the best thing to happen to the series since the first film.

      • lol. what are you saying? Transformers looked and sounded amazing yet it still garbage. The ideas in Prometheus weren’t terrible by all means. It was just a bad script i.e. when you have the Geologist scream out “I’m in it for the money” for example which made the narrative just dumb. Top that with some cringe worthy acting and moments and yes, call me fickle. I found P to be unwatchable.

        • The Drucifer

          Fair enough but unwatchable is a bit harsh and hyperbolic if anything it’s a feast for the eyes and junk for the brain. It’s nowhere near as bad as people say but nowhere near as good as it should be. I like it despite its flaws. it deserves a better rep than it gets. The fickle thing comes from ppl unwarranted expectations of it being an ALIEN film when Scott spent a long time saying it wasn’t.

          • Matt Miller

            I also liked Prometheus a lot. Yeah, it has no xenomorphs, but it stands on its own as a great film. It’s visually impressive and has some heavy ideas about the origin of man and stuff. The way it manages these concepts is not entirely satisfactory but it still is a thought-provoking and enjoyable film (the cesarea scene is great xD). It was way smarter than any blockbuster nowadays. And the characters of Shaw and David were great, I hope they are not wasted in this film

        • Craig Forshaw

          Plus, so far, Scott’s prequels have effectively killed off Blomkamp’s Aliens sequel and Del Toro’s At the Mountains of Madness.

      • Dirty Frank

        Prometheus is a disgraceful film that retcons everything “alien” about the previous films into something merely the product of an older human race. That this new film continues that mess is profoundly disappointing. And this is the first overly positive review I’ve seen. Most are saying it’s a tonally inconsistent, narrative mess with good looks and the same idiotic character problems of Prometheus.

        • The Drucifer

          lol I’ve read the opposite. I’ll hold judgement until I’ve seen it myself. I’m pumped.

        • Rick-Taylor

          The comic book sequel to ALIENS has the Space Jockey race in it, and I assure you, it is much closer to what you would imagine that species to be.

      • Craig Forshaw

        Badly told, navel gazing nonsense. An utter waste of time by a massively over-rated director.

        • The Drucifer

          He’s (very) inconsistent but I’d argue against being overrated. Dude changed the visual language of sci-fi.

          • Matt

            Anyone who directed Alien and Bladerunner, is hardly overrated. Craig is a miserable shmuck.

  • Wolf Kane

    4 days to go till we get it here in the UK, not been this excited about a film for years.

  • Dirty Frank

    Most reviews are calling this a good looking, well acted, tonal and narrative mess. Good scares, but a further reduction of anything alien about the series due to the continued retconning. I utterly hated Prometheus for the terrible retcon of the Jockey, and I have zero intention of seeing this, especially after the disgusting way Scott treated Blomkamp.

    • Brando

      I don’t hate Prometheus for the space jockey essentially being a huge dude in a flight suit; It was a lot of the other stuff I didn’t care for.

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      It sounds like its worth seeing
      It also sounds like one of those as good as it gets situations
      Which it probably never could have been anything other then

      Its a sequel to a prequel,
      its a sequal to prometheus,
      scotts worst one trick pony visualist skills are really all he’s barely got left by now, its just one of those situations where its got so many things to overcome that decently worth watching is really as good as its going to get

      And it sounds that
      At least once

    • Rick-Taylor

      I like Prometheus as its own stand-alone film. But, I unabashedly keep my love for the Alien series in the canon and non-retconned category.

  • Golic

    Covenant is only receiving positive reviews because Prometheus set the bar so low.

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      I think that might be working for it and against it
      Setting the bar low definitely helps in its own sick way,
      keeping the bar low with everything is basically the butter on hollywood’s bread

      But it also seems like some critics knew that they WAY oversold prometheus at the time, and they’re saying that this is better then prometheus but rating it lower, becasue they kind of looked like fools with prometheus after people started seeing it and saw that it wasn’t as great as they were saying it was

      prometheus is ony 72% on RT now,
      (which is still too high),
      but later reviews brought it down
      It started out for a week or two at like 87% or something like that

    • Mehliens

      Or maybe its a solid film…

      • Matt

        Prometheus was a solid film, beautifully crated and had a great atmosphere. The only problem with it is THAT FUCKING PLOT HOLE! Why did that group of advanced research scientists take their fucking helmets off on an Alien world?!

        • Radb707

          I could easily imagine John Ratzenberger playing the scene. “There’s an atmosphere in here”
          John: Is there? *takes off helmet*
          “Wait, don’t…”
          John: Meh…seems fine *drinks a beer*

  • FunkyMagurk

    Prometheus was a very good film (I don’t care about the changes in mythology, etc….none of that should matter, what should matter is the film’s QUALITY). The only issues I had with Prometheus were the stupid actions of the biologist and geologist (as a biologist myself I found it particularly insulting) and also there were some problems with the script (it was fairly convoluted), but it was still a great, grand scale sci-fi film with mostly excellent acting and amazing visuals. If this even equaled Prometheus in quality I would be happy, but this is apparently a lot better….so I call that a success. Anyone hoping for a film on legendary par with the original Alien or Aliens is living in a fantasy world. What’s important is that this is likely the first good Alien film in 31 years. Prometheus was miles better than Alien 3 or Alien Resurrection (and let’s not even mention the atrocious AvP movies).

    • Mehliens

      According to your logic detectives must be mad at Blade Runner or at all Detective films for that matter etc. The team of the Prometheus was just symbolic for the hubris of man, none of the characters was meant to represent actual humans / professions. The new Alienverse is highly Mythic in nature playing around with Archetypes and humorous simplifications. Like Scott always preferred to do in his films

      • DrewHamster

        Nah, as much as I love Prometheus I have to say that the Biologist and Geologist were pretty stupid in the film. Most notably when that one reaches out to touch the alien creature. It’s the only aspect of the film I can’t defend :/

        • Mehliens

          That’s just your way of seeing it. Fifield and the other dude were obviously written as goofy characters like Brett and Parker in 1979 Alien. People are so blind in their judgmental ways they don’t see through such things. I personally thought that some of the character interaction and tonal issues were the actual problems. The ‘scientists’ were rather irrelevant and perfectly in tune with Scott’s usual way of sprinkling in some signature humor even if it’s nonsensical. But they are
          not different in their silliness to all the other archetypes that Ridley loves to use. Look at Covenants Tennessee where who could almost be seen as a message to those who didn’t get Fifield. It’s just the way of the school of artists that the 70s created. The issues are elsewhere in my opinion.

          • Radb707

            The problem is the actors played them completely straight. At least Fifield’s anyway. If it was two cargo haulers or random grunts then sure, but these were supposed to be intelligent scientists.

          • Mehliens

            What? Nope, the actors didn’t play them straight at all dude. Watch the film again

      • Rick-Taylor

        Well…… I am a Firefighter and every movie and show with firemen in it gets it completely wrong. Ladder 49 did get the family and camaraderie spot on, but the firefighting was way off. I also work in the subways, and every movie that involves scenes on trains makes me roll my eyes. Police are constantly guffawing at how insultingly they are portrayed in movies and tv. I don’t have any knowledge, but I am sure Crime Scene Investigators would be uproarious over those CSI shows. I totally agree with your main point, but I am just pointing out that your first sentence is a truth and not hypothetical.

        • Mehliens

          Someone with active common sense!

      • Craig Forshaw

        Hahahahahahaha! That’s a terrible and frankly ludicrous explanation. Of course they were meant to be representative of the jobs that were their only real defining characteristics. They had one job, as the meme goes.

        • Mehliens

          Then you must hate movies a lot since they almost never get it right EVER. Also you seem not to get Ridleys humour. He by default always injects some goofy characters and character movements whenever he can.

  • I disliked Prometheus. The plot made no sense, the scientists were terrible and there were hardly any scenes to disturb or to excite. Filled with plotholes it was a missed opportunity. This one seems to be ticking the right boxes but I hope it is not like “The force awakens”. A tick list of all the things we love about Alien and nothing new or original. I am seeing this on Imax this Thursday. I bought the soundtrack and it is great! I hope the film lives it up to my expectations. The Alien franchise is my favourite

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Good lord!

    I just watched “10 minutes of covenant footage from alien day”
    Its kicking around on the internet
    Once something is on the internet you cant get it back off

    That was silly

    Obviously we’ve all figured out that they land on a planet and proceed to stomp around on Alien spores without environment suits on what so ever
    Thereby “avoiding” the criticism prometheus got for stupidly taking their helmets off
    But the convenient stupid comes hard and heavy for the next 10 minutes

    It was also a collection of scenes and images from the rest of the franchise
    And remember yoda bouncing around like a playground rubberball in the prequels?
    Yeah he’s in there too

    We’re all gonna have to see it anyway
    But it looks pretty silly from were I’m sitting

    • Mehliens

      Bitch please, what? When was the Alienverse ever meant to represent the real world? Its always been crazy ass fantastic dark space comic. Its silly because its not meant to be hard scifi. The dual space Pinocchio in Covenant should have given you another hint. Like all Scott movies its more or less a grim fairytale wrapped in mythic symbolism and sprinkled in existentialist angst. What the fuck did you expect? Its like opening a metal hurlant in the 80s and complaining that the stories aren’t actually possible. I haven’t seen the film yet but I can already tell you are a TOTAL IDIOT.

  • TrackRecord162

    I did not like Prometheus.

    • Orwellianson

      We don’t care.

  • Watched it last night. This film is crap. Slightly better than Prometheus, but that’s not saying much. Follow’s that film’s plot structure almost exactly and it’s clear that Ridley didn’t learn anything from the mistakes made in the previous film. There’s a goddamn six minute sequence where Michael Fassbender teaches himself to play the recorder.

    • Whitey Cornbread

      “There’s a goddamn six minute sequence where Michael Fassbender teaches himself to play the recorder.”

      – I expect Ridley to right that wrong on the Director’s Cut when he includes the original 3-hour recorder sequence he had envisioned.

      • Saturn

        I pissed myself laughing at that scene “you hold this and I’ll do the fingering….” (or words to that effect).

        • Orwellianson

          The whole cinema I was in roared with laughter with that bit.

  • Lee W Dalgleish

    I’m very much looking forward to seeing this film on Saturday. We get it early in the UK. The trailers look great and the feedback I’ve seen on social media has been very positive. It’s not without it’s criticisms though, obviously. I like Prometheus, despite it being poor compared to the other films. But on it’s own it’s still fairly enjoyable. I’m just excited to see Xenomorphs on the big screen again and I can’t wait to see the Neomorph.

  • Craig Forshaw

    Ever other review I read has slated this, and the fact that you think Ridley Scott WROTE the film shows that there is a real lack of even basic research or fact checking here. You need an editor.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    These reviews are sociologically interesting

    It seems like the harshest criticism is coming from the comicbook intellectuals and feminists Thats the group that I assumed would be the built in audience

    But I guess I was assuming that covenant would stick closer to hollywood political formula then it apparently has From what I’ve seen of it it has, but to some people who are into that, not enough

    They’re very upset that its NOT lindelof enough
    And that there’s too much fassbender and not enough power-chick Ripley analogue!

    But if they had made another girl power prometheus, it would have probably gotten more critic mafia approval, but it would have sucked like prometheus did

    Its interesting how not only divided we are as people politically,
    but the divide between critics and what people actually want to see

    Well I mean some people want to see that,
    and then you’ve got another half of people who dont

    Theres really no good way to satisfy both sometimes
    More often not then there is these days

    It sounds like they may have been better off just choosing one or the other

    • Mehliens

      You were actually funnier when you were just bashing Scott

    • moebius2249

      That’s why you stick to the same formula like Disney did with “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, when resurrecting a moribund franchise. Sure, there are a few people who will think it’s retread, but the majority of viewers responded to that approach.

      The only way Ridley could truly reassure the majority of viewers was to say he was dumping the :Prometheus” arc altogether and starting from scratch.

  • Not to mention THAT one scene in the MedPod. Sheesh.

  • Luca Modica

    I saw Covenant this afternoon and it was rubbish. Don’y waste your money.

    • Matt

      ur gay

      • Luca Modica


        • Nik


        • Matt

          You’re* retarded

  • Hugo Leonardo Arevalo

    Covenant is already out here in Brazil. Watch it last night and its a OK movie. Aside the Neomorph, which are DOPE, there is basically nothing new to the Alien mythology or anything new at all. Characters are totally forgettable, plenty of blood, gore and deaths, also, plenty of CGI for the xenos, and isnt that minimal.

  • Dave Unwin

    what a let down this movie is. so boring and suck a remake of the 1st 2 films.

    see full review at


    • Härra Pärnits

      Why would I click on it when your comment is dumb and obnoxious?

    • Orwellianson

      We don’t care about you or your dumb opinions, Dave.

      Typical whiny neckbeard…

  • Ryan 741

    Just back from the cinema in the UK, absolutely loved it, buzzing right now.

  • Colin Christian

    Got my tickets for Thursday night. I loved Prometheus,so this sounds like perfection to me.

  • James B.

    Too many spoilers and imagery posted on this site like with IT.

    • American Atheist

      I avoided all trailers and internet articles. I wanted to go in fresh and I was not disappointed at all. Great film. Awesome ending.

  • Matt

    I know this is really off topic, but I think it would be cool of Ridley Scott made a “Hyperion” movie based on the novels by Dan Simmons.

    • Härra Pärnits


  • I enjoyed it but was so disappointed with how they presented the Xeno.. they really took a shit on the majesty of it’s lifecycle. Also, the climatic action scenes felt shoehorned in an attempt to invoke Alien/Aliens.

    It totally ignored Shaw’s question that tail-ended Prometheus (why were the engineers going back to earth to kill off the humans?).

    • Derek

      Do you mean that the climax was EXACTLY like Alien/ Aliens?? If so I’m super disappointed.

      • American Atheist

        No, it’s not.

        • Tomas_Wittrup

          No, it’s only identical to Alien. But faster, like they only watched Alien once on VHS, and it was stuck on fast forward.

  • disqus_k39rnaVe8B

    This film is shit.

    • HappyClappy

      So elequent, do you perhaps produce literature, poetry?

      • disqus_k39rnaVe8B

        Do you right poetry about shit?

  • Orwellianson

    Literally just got back from seeing the film an hour ago; I enjoyed it for what it was although there were still a few questions I wish they had answered.

    Overall, it was a pretty solid film and I hope they make another sequel soon.

  • American Atheist

    Great film! Extremely dark. I loved the ending! I can’t wait for the next one. Bravo!!

  • kreddyfrueger

    “The CGI is minimal”, I think we saw a different movie.

  • Tomas_Wittrup

    Yea, I’m going to jump on the “this film is basically unwatchable” bandwagon. And I’ll freely admit that I enjoyed Prometheus despite it’s problems. And even Covenant has a lot to like. If it wasn’t for the terrible pacing, lack of protagonist, excess of characters, or plain surface level philosophizing this could have been something special. David as a Dr. Frankenstein was excellent, the concept was excellent, the visuals were excellent, the execution was one of the worst I’ve seen in years. 🙁

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