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‘American Psycho’ Spoofed with Huey Lewis and Weird Al!

“Hey, Al…”

Talk about going full meta.

One of my all-time favorite horror movies is Lionsgate’s American Psycho, directed by Mary Harron from a novel by Bret Easton Ellis. I could be flipping through the channels, and if I catch the film at any point it would be impossible for me to turn off. It’s more than a classic, it’s a masterpiece. Christian Bale‘s performance as Patrick Bateman was Oscar-worthy, delivering chills through insane monologs that were typically about the meaning behind some of his favorite albums.

Bateman’s rival in the film is Paul Allen, played by Jared Leto. In one of the film’s most intense sequences, Allen is drinking in Bateman’s apartment as Bateman prepares to murder his associate. But before he does, he goes into a long diatribe about Huey Lewis & the News‘ excellent Fore!, while explaining the meaning behind the album and the track “Hip to be Square”. Allen hilarious notes the newspaper all over the floor, and the raincoat Bateman is wearing as he brims with excitement as he talks about Fore! and brings an axe down on his head.

Funny or Die spoofed the aforementioned scene in which Huey Lewis portrays Bateman and Weird Al appears as Paul Allen. They flip the script by having Lewis boast about Lionsgate’s American Psycho, speaking about its life on video, Bale’s performance and how it received new life on video. Al’s mention of the newspaper on the floor is the spoof’s best joke, “Are you referencing Huey Lewis & the News or something?”



  • Braker

    It was better when you ran this exact same story four years ago. Search function much?

  • zombie84_41

    This is classic. And American Psycho is amazing, truly is.

  • aFriendlyAgenda


    Huey Lewis always just seems like a cool guy
    The kind of guy you could hang around with

  • Orwellianson

    This is OLD but still gold.

  • rabid_god

    Technically, I believe you are correct. American Psycho (the movie) came out in 2000. American Psycho (the book) came out in 1991. I think the standard (and typically accepted) amount of time that has to pass for something to be considered a “classic” is 25 years. That being said, as of 2017, the book would be considered a classic, but the movie would not. Not until after 2025.

  • rabid_god

    Is Huey Lewis cross-eyed? Not making fun, I just never noticed it so much before.

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