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Brandon Cronenberg Directing Space Horror Movie ‘Dragon’

Yes, he’s David Cronenberg’s son. And he’s a damn good filmmaker in his own right.

Variety reports tonight that Brandon Cronenberg will follow-up his excellent debut feature Antiviral (above) with Dragon, an epic sci-fi thriller that the Canadian filmmaker describes as being “like an adaptation of an imagined Philip K. Dick novel.” He adds that the film will explore “the pleasures of space horror in a satirical and at times psychotic universe.

Set in the near future, Dragon envisions a society radically changed as a result of discovering ancient organic lifeforms drifting through the cosmos, whose alien biochemistry has been processed to create a hugely profitable drug that acts as an “opiate of the masses.” The film follows a captain and her crew as they hunt these “dragons” in deep space, seeking to secure a comfortable future.

Cronenberg will co-write the project with Marvel Comics writer Dan Abnett.

Shooting is expected to begin in mid-2018, with Luc Roeg’s Independent and Martin Katz’s Prospero Pictures producing.



  • Seal Clubber

    I am pumped to see this !!

  • Nekrim

    Dan Abnett co-writing this ! This might end up decent.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    ““like an adaptation of an imagined Philip K. Dick novel.””

    He might be good, I hope so
    He’s got a good pedigree
    Cronenberg never became a bad director like some of his peers who were brilliant during their shared heyday

    His later stuff isn’t bad like ridley scott, its just boring

    I dont really care for people trying to emulate or compare their vision to PKD anymore though PKD is brilliant but hollywood only flucks it up
    They just like to drop that name for hipster credit and then pump out the same hollywood tripe as usual

    • sailor monsoon

      Boring is worse than bad
      Prometheus may be “bad” but i at least remember things about it
      I remember nothing about maps to the stars.

      • aFriendlyAgenda

        “Boring is worse than bad”

        I cant really argue against that

        Thats true too

    • HappyClappy

      Had to get the Ridley Scott jibe in there didn’t you..
      I wonder, have you even watched any of Ridley Scotts later films.

      • Reason_Prevails

        Yep. Scott is one of the best filmmakers working inside the (admittedly painful) studio system.

  • HalesTales

    I haven’t seen Antiviral yet, but I’m liking the plot synopsis.

  • Mehliens

    Anything Cronenberg is good enough for me. Now if just his daddy would pic up his career again instead of writing books…

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