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[Updated] Original Filming Location Turned into Retro Haddonfield for ‘Halloween’ 2018?

UPDATE: These appear to be “American Horror Story” Season 7 set photos, which are interesting in their own right. What are they using the locations for? It should make for some fun Easter Egg hunting this fall when the FX series returns.

Last we heard, production was expected to begin this coming Fall on director David Gordon Green‘s new Halloween film for Blumhouse, but some interesting photographs came across our desk today that we just had to share with you.

*Something* began filming over the weekend on Orange Grove Avenue in West Hollywood, which played the role of the fictional Haddonfield in John Carpenter‘s original film. The iconic original houses were restored to their late ’70s glory for what we can only assume is either a teaser for the film or the film itself. The photos come courtesy of mega fan Steve Piacenza, who told us that members of the crew confirmed to him that whatever was going on was tied to the 2018 Halloween film.

Was there watching for a couple nights,” Piacenza told me today. “They turned the sets back to the 1978 neighborhood.They emptied out both Annie’s house and the Wallace house. Talked to a few people working on the movie – it’s definitely Halloween.”

He continued, “The entire block was blocked off and the entire neighborhood was sprayed with frost. The babysitter house/the Wallace house. And the murder house/Annie’s house. In the two featured homes, they emptied out home furnishings and put in the retro furniture. Friday night they filmed an ice cream truck with a mother and son walking across the street before disappearing behind the house. A loud scream [was heard]. Huge production. They filmed Thursday and Friday.”

I talked to a few people working on the movie. They confirmed that it’s Halloween 2018,” Piacenza added. “Was it a teaser or promotion? I have no idea.”

Check out Steve’s set photos below!

We’ll return to Haddonfield on October 19, 2018.



  • King Jordyn

    Hmm…I dont want to have my hopes up but they havent even announced a cast and I thought it would start shooting this fall?

    • Michael Voorhees

      i think they’re just shooting a teaser,i could be wrong tho

      • King Jordyn

        Now that could be possible. Im just glad to finally see movement.

    • sTikInsEkT

      it aint halloween its from emo show

  • Wesley Skelly

    Only issue about th claiming it was made to look like the 70s is the vehicles. I’m no car expert but those are not 70s era vehicles in the Twitter photos are they?

    • Yeah, the Haddonfield police car on the trailer is a late 80’s model. Think original Robocop.

      • lupe

        looks more like 90’s model

      • nevermind. Both the older and newer model police cars say “Brookfield Heights”.

  • Buddy Repperton

    HALLOWEEN 2018: THE NIGHT HE CAME HOME (but by now Michael is so old he just got confused and frightened by all the change)

    • Gd

      the movie will be a direct follow-up to the events on H2,which of course is set on the same night as the first film, meaning michael will probably still be 21 y/o.. so..nope.

    • sTikInsEkT

      dudes gotta be deaf and curved spine

    • Buk Lau

      This is the sequel I want. Give me a sequel to Halloween 6’s Producer’s Cut to wrap up those loose ends of Wynn marking Loomis with the Thorn curse and Michael escaping dressed as the Man in Black. Give me the geriatric slasher! Maybe little Steven Wallace can come visit his Uncle-Cousin-Dad in the nursing home.

  • lupe

    Is that white stuff supposed to be snow?

    • sTikInsEkT

      no its The Stuff hanging around

  • WoodsboroKiller

    american horror story fans have been posting videos and images of this stuff over on reddit. there’s fake snow being used which fits with season 7’s november setting. but maybe it is halloween and ahs fans are mistaken.

  • ScriptGiverrrr

    No way this is for the new movie. Your scooper is a lying pooper.

  • lupe
    • WoodsboroKiller

      brookfield. i’m pretty certain this is american horror story.

      • sTikInsEkT

        emo heights

  • A.J.

    Did he mean the ‘Doyle’ house? Annie/Wallace house are one in the same.

  • Matty Ice 2016

    Fake News….Not Halloween ….The Vehicles Are Not Circa 1978…Click Bait

    • sTikInsEkT

      well it isnt halloween but i just wanna point out that if they were doing a halloween movie there, some seqeunces would be filmed circa 1978 same night as original, and some scenes flash forward to today when the main events happen and it would be smart idea to do both those shoots on same day rather than come back 2 days, pay to clear out streets, pay cops to stand guard, pay road blocks, pay people out of their homes lol it would all be done in 1 day both the modern and retro scenes in the street.

  • Michael Hill

    Why don’t you shove it up her fucking ass

    • J Jett

      craving things up your ass, Miss Hill?

      • Buddy Repperton

        How is calling Michael Hill gay an insult given that you said a while ago that you yourself are gay? Isn’t that like a person with downes syndrome calling another person a retard in an attempt to put them down? Makes no sense.

        • J Jett

          um, who said someone who shoves things up their butt is gay?

          • sTikInsEkT

            clive barker is gay and he wrote Hellraiser, you got a problem?

        • Dude, big thumbs on your “call sign”!

  • sTikInsEkT

    so? 100s of films were filmed in that street.. even Elm Street

    • Mac888 spectral

      Not to mention Christine. The house Dennis Guilder limps out of on crutches is visible 2 or 3 times in Halloween.

  • sTikInsEkT

    ““I talked to a few people working on the movie. They confirmed that it’s Halloween 2018,” ”


    retro furniture and modern cars? sounds like some f’ed up mess

  • Drool Bear

    Tommy Doyle’s house looks the same but Lindsey Wallace’s house had a complete makeover. Gone is the car port and replaced with a 2 door garage and extension of the house above it.Still cool though.

  • Mike Gionfriddo

    Even if this was for Halloween, I highly doubt they would just divulge that kind of information to a stranger.

  • Jeff_Mhr

    The interiors were shot on a set in Halloween. Why would they need retro furniture for this shoot?

    • sTikInsEkT

      1. it isnt halloween
      2. probably no scenes inside, just through the window
      3. even if it is retro it wont match the cars

  • Antonio Stuckey

    It’s AHS sadly they won’t be filming Halloween to late summer early fall

  • Antonio Stuckey

    It’s AHS

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