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Annabelle: Creation courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures


‘Annabelle: Creation’ Could Be the Most Profitable Movie of 2017

‘Annabelle: Creation’ Could Be the Most Profitable Movie of 2017

While the $1 billion mark for the Conjuring universe is impressive on its own, the big story here is that the James Wan-produced Annabelle: Creation is on track to become the most profitable film of 2017. This comes just weeks after various websites reported that Jordan Peele‘s Get Out is the year’s biggest box office moneymaker. While this may be true as of this writing, New Line Cinema and David F. Sandberg‘s Annabelle sequel is going to put up a fight.

Universal Pictures’ Get Out was produced on a reported budget of just $4.5 million, while the worldwide box office gross has topped $250 million. This is an absurd amount of money for such a low budget film. What’s interesting, however, is that the majority of its take came from the domestic box office ($175 million) with the international numbers totally “just” ($75 million).

Annabelle: Creation is the opposite, although the projected $100 million+ domestic take isn’t anything to sneeze at. With its own tight budget of just $15 million, in just two weeks it has crossed $96 million internationally, putting its total at $160 million. With $30 million more coming here in the States, Creation will already be just $60 million behind Get Out‘s worldwide numbers.

It gets interesting when you look at the first Annabelle film’s numbers, which landed right around $250 million even though it was shrouded by blistering criticism from both fans and critics. If Creation matches Annabelle‘s $170 international gross, which is highly likely, by year’s end we’ll be talking about how James Wan’s Annabelle: Creation is the most profitable film of 2017.

Yet, no matter how you look at it, this is a huge win for horror. Mix this battle in with the forthcoming release of IT and 2017 is going to be the year horror dominated the box office. And “they” always say horror is dead…



  • J Jett

    um, i’m confused. didn’t WONDER WOMAN make $800,008,376
    (worldwide) with it’s budget being $149,000,000? now if you are talking about HORROR MOVIES ONLY then yes, ANNABELLE 2 may be the most profitable film of 2017. am i off on this?

    • Brett Lovejoy

      Err, what? The genre is irrelevant. WW made back four times its budget, whereas this has made back roughly 25 times its budget; thus, it easily crushes WW’s take.

      I’d say it’ll be a toss-up between this new ‘Annabelle’ title and ‘Wolf Warrior II.’

    • Jay Bennett

      put it this way, the original saw cost 1 million, but made 104. million, therefore making back x100 of its original cost, same goes for annabelle, due to its low budget if it makes a large figure it would profit much more than something like wonder woman, which only quadrupled.

    • ChinoX813

      Yea, WW made more money, but in terms of Investment vs returns, Annabelle, as well as get out & Split, all had bigger returns compared to what was spent.

    • McGilli

      Brett & Jay

      So, by your reasoning (forget about marketing etc for this):


      Movie A cost $1 Million to make, and made $5 million final at box office

      Movie B cost $100 Million to make and made $400 Million final at box office

      Movie A was the bigger success because it made 5x its budget and had a profit of $4M while Movie B did worse with 4x its budget and a profit of $300M.

      Let me put this a way I think you can understand batter.

      You give me $1 – but I have to pay you back 10x that much next week.

      I give you $100 but you have to pay me $500 next week.

      I guess you win because you got 10x your money back , and I only got 5x mine.

      • The Schwab

        The poster has a point.

        Do keep in mind Get Out had a 30 million marketing budget, though, on top of that 4 1/2 million.

        much as I hate nearly every Comic book Movie, let’s be clear: this is
        apples and oranges– a quasi- low budget film that became a blockbuster
        sensation vs a quasi-mega budget blockbuster film that simply couldn’t
        have failed.

        Wonder Woman (a film that I admit I don’t care to see, however) had a budget of 149 million.

        And it did make more of a profit margin than Get Out by far.

        Yet, if Wonder Woman made 100X its budget it would be in the 100’s of billions of dollars.

        I ask… what film has made that. Ever?

        Nothing. Period.

        Horror if often the most times of return on your investment.. but not necessarily the greatest return.

        that said, Horror is my favorite genre, but dare I say part of its
        allure is it’s mostly unfettered by mainstream tastes? I have always
        been glad that it is mostly underground.

        Not saying I don’t like
        seeing a horror film be successful so there’s more…. but dare I say
        that I also thought Get Out is the most overrated horror film in
        consensus of this decade so far? I guess I just did.

        Again glad it did well, but I will rather watch my fully independent or foreign shit.

  • Wtf?! Nobody is projecting 100mm domestic. It’already dropping like a rock.
    Plus the most succesfull movie will be the one with the smaller budget and the bigger income. Annabelle 2 was more heavily marketed than Get Out and the 175mm domestic of Peele’s movie are clearly out of reach for the Conjuring offering. I hate these box office posts.

  • Jay Bennett

    While its nice seeing horror make big bucks at the box office, I’d rather movies involving some creativity and new ways to scare rather than yet another jump scare demon movie, but its a step in the right direction and what general audiences eat up

  • ChinoX813

    People love to complain about everything New Line or Blumhouse release but they clearly know their audience. Good for them.

  • HeteroFriendly

    Cool beans.
    I like James Wan.

    Good to see somebody who tries, and doesn’t just make flashy overpriced ripoffs and remakes of other peoples accomplishments be rewarded with success for their efforts.

    That brightens my day.

  • Aaron Eiermann

    It’s no surprise to me. This country is in a state of darkness. This is where horror movies thrive. Annabelle creation is a solid haunted house/possession film. It’s not the greatest, but It’s solid. People want to see movies like this in dark times. It’s an escape. It’s beautiful. Cheers to the people making these movies!

  • Francesco Falciani

    here in Italy it has already sorpassed the conjuring 2 and i bet it will do better than the first annabelle.

    • Finalmente qualche news non riguardante Zalone o la commedia all’italiana! A quanto sta?

      • Francesco Falciani

        Quasi 2,6 milioni di euro… prossima meta battere il primo annabelle a 2,9 e dovrebbe farcela…

  • WondrousPoop

    This article is hilarious.

    • The term is Horrid

    • Ted C


      • WondrousPoop

        Yes. His math is terrible.

  • Creepshow

    Hooray for Raggedy Ann. Who is locked in a box in Connecticut. *shakes pom-pom*

    • Necro

      HaHa! WTF!

  • Brian McNatt

    Considering how much this site was hyping the movie, I was expecting it to be mediocre at best. But no, I was pleasantly surprised. Pretty solid. Spooky fun.

  • Harry Manback

    I really liked the movie, my 7 year old daughter LOVED it.

  • Ocelot006 .

    This is some shit math there Brad.

  • m△cs

    Wait for IT-

  • Mike Lawrence

    Definitely happy for any success Wan gets. He’s rejuvenated the horror industry in my opinion, and success can only mean more of his creative ideas coming to the big screen in the future.

  • Andrei Iliescu

    Not only that, but we still have Cult of Chucky and Jigsaw coming out. I know they might not make a lot, but still, a great year for horror.

    • Necro

      Don’t forget ‘IT’, ‘Leatherface’, and ‘Stranger Things ssn 2’

  • dduuurrrr dddduuuurrrr

    Absolutely in no way is this a win for horror. A garbage movie brings in droves, people now expect all horror to be this schlock, all big budget horror will continuously be pushed this direction and we’ve shown that the studios incredibly deceptive rotten tomatoes marketing was very effective.

    This is a win in the same way that getting out of work because your dog died is a “win”.

    • Necro

      With respect to your opinion what do/would you consider a win for Horror to be then?

    • Hash-Slinging Slasher

      Did you even see the movie? lol

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