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Annabelle: Creation courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures


‘Annabelle: Creation’ Could Be the Most Profitable Movie of 2017

‘Annabelle: Creation’ Could Be the Most Profitable Movie of 2017

While the $1 billion mark for the Conjuring universe is impressive on its own, the big story here is that the James Wan-produced Annabelle: Creation is on track to become the most profitable film of 2017. This comes just weeks after various websites reported that Jordan Peele‘s Get Out is the year’s biggest box office moneymaker. While this may be true as of this writing, New Line Cinema and David F. Sandberg‘s Annabelle sequel is going to put up a fight.

Universal Pictures’ Get Out was produced on a reported budget of just $4.5 million, while the worldwide box office gross has topped $250 million. This is an absurd amount of money for such a low budget film. What’s interesting, however, is that the majority of its take came from the domestic box office ($175 million) with the international numbers totally “just” ($75 million).

Annabelle: Creation is the opposite, although the projected $100 million+ domestic take isn’t anything to sneeze at. With its own tight budget of just $15 million, in just two weeks it has crossed $96 million internationally, putting its total at $160 million. With $30 million more coming here in the States, Creation will already be just $60 million behind Get Out‘s worldwide numbers.

It gets interesting when you look at the first Annabelle film’s numbers, which landed right around $250 million even though it was shrouded by blistering criticism from both fans and critics. If Creation matches Annabelle‘s $170 international gross, which is highly likely, by year’s end we’ll be talking about how James Wan’s Annabelle: Creation is the most profitable film of 2017.

Yet, no matter how you look at it, this is a huge win for horror. Mix this battle in with the forthcoming release of IT and 2017 is going to be the year horror dominated the box office. And “they” always say horror is dead…




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