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Jennifer Lawrence is PREGNANT in ‘mother!’ – Oh, and We Discovered a Clip with Michelle Pfeiffer!

I’m really enjoying Paramount Pictures’ campaign for Darren Aronofsky‘s mother!, which is looking more and more like a straight-up horror film. While it originally felt like this was going to be some little thriller that just comes and goes on September 15th, the studio has secretly been hiding clues within all of the promotional materials. We’ve been trying our best to figure out what they mean, even alleging that we think this may turn out to be a vampire cult. One thing is for certain – Paramount has made it clear this is inspired by Rosemary’s Baby. I think at that point it became incredibly obvious that Jennifer Lawrence‘s character is pregnant. With that said, we have confirmed this with the help of reddit and @stevezaragoza, who both discovered a website link hidden on one of the posters. By clicking over we initially discovered a kaleidoscope that appeared to just spin around – only now, small things have been unlocking.

First, we discovered hidden imagery that confirms without a shadow of a doubt that Lawrence is preggers (see the screencap at the bottom). This lends credence that the cult is arriving specifically for her baby. It’s worth noting that Paramount does, in fact, own the remake rights to Rosemary’s Baby – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves (*ahem* Venom)…

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Then there’s this hidden clip that extends the scene from this weekend’s trailer in which Lawrence is confronted by Michelle Pfeiffer‘s character, who is inquiring about her desire to have a child. Lawrence is petrified while Pfeiffer dances around the house giving a villainous speech about being young and having children. That’s when she smells the fear and gets serious, “Oh, you do want them…”

This is starting to get interesting…



  • Charyou

    Are you kidding me? I’m thinking more and more that this is just another Rosemary’s Baby ripoff.

    • RIP-REL

      DA (and his team) would not participate in something as simple as that. Just look at that cast.

  • Necro

    I like not knowing, makes the film much more fun going in! That’s just me though!

  • SWDEagle

    Are you kidding me? I’m thinking more and more that this is just another Rosemary’s Baby ripoff.

    • gracia

      Its not. The director said that

  • Lady Bathory

    Guys (BD), could you maybe not spoil plot details in headlines? Just write “Big reveal about J Law’s character” or something. Some of us want to watch the film and be surprised 😉

    • JR

      I came here to say the same thing. I love this site, but I really wish they wouldn’t put spoilers for this movie right in the post title – the filmmaker himself has said he wants people to go in knowing as little as possible!

  • Colonel Ives

    why the fuck would you put a spoiler in the headline

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