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Celebrate Halloween Early with Unique Blu-ray and DVD Designs for 19 MGM and Fox Titles!

EXCLUSIVE: Twentieth Century Fox and MGM Home Entertainment are celebrating Halloween with incredible new collectible Blu-ray and DVD packaging for a whopping 19 of their titles.

Treat yourself to hours of frightful fun with this exclusive Halloween Collection of 19 thrilling, chilling films with limited-edition art packaging by renowned artist/illustrator Orlando Arocena. Utilizing vibrant colors and a fervent imagination, Arocena’s striking cover art creations add a perfect touch of terror to these haunting horror titles. Choose your favorite Halloween hits, featuring Hollywood’s biggest stars, and start planning a killer movie night that’s sure to be a scream. It’s an eye-popping, spine-tingling collection to die for!

The below titles will be available at major retailers nationwide for a limited time and while supplies last beginning on September 12, 2017. Fans who purchase any of the films at Walmart will also receive an exclusive coloring book featuring all 19 of Arocena’s designs!

Films available in the exclusive Halloween collection include:

28 Days Later
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
• Black Swan

Carrie (1976)
Child’s Play
• Devil’s Due

The Fly (1986)
From Hell
• The Hills Have Eyes
Jeepers Creepers
• Jennifer’s Body
• Joy Ride
• Killer Klowns from Outer Space
• The Other Side of the Door
• Poltergeist
The Return of the Living Dead
• Victor Frankenstein
• Wrong Turn
• Young Frankenstein



  • Josh Evans

    Wow, most of these are really awesome!!!

    • Yes! I want some of them

  • Richard C.

    These look awesome! Unfortunate that I already own a lot of them. Wondering if this is going to be Wal-mart’s big movie promo for the season (like the Universal Monsters glow covers last year).

  • Necro

    It’s too bad I have every one of these!

  • Khy

    I like the Carrie, Black Swan, Joy Ride and Jeepers Creepers covers.

  • Jesse Hammer

    These are beautiful and they do this every year now, it seems to clear out back stock. They’re just paper cards stuck inside the sleaves. Unfortunately, they are bare bones discs with zero extras and often a crappy transfer to boot. Got this one last year.

  • Tremors

    Looks like a cash grab. I’m curious if these are actually going to be the cases or just those shitty stick on fake covers that Best Buy uses. And why so many shitty movies? Probably very basic releases or prior releases

  • Chris Risdal

    While the art on these are nice, there are so many duds. ‘Devil’s Due’?

  • Nozomi

    Killer Klowns From Outer Space <3.

  • Christopher Nickerson

    Holy crap, how many releases is the for Killer Klowns now? Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie, but it seems like it is now re-released at Halloween every year with different art

  • lonestarr357

    The Carrie cover reminds me of Anthony’s sister (the one who had an accident) in Dante’s “It’s a Good Life” from Twilight Zone: the Movie.

    These covers are weird as shit, but I appreciate what they were going for. Love the details on the Young Frankenstein cover.

    • Russell Reball

      LOL yes it does.

  • Dennis Chenier

    These covers are everything. I wonder if we can just buy the posters.

  • Khy

    Even though there are a few duds(Devil’s Due, Poltergeist ’15) its still nice to see them get some kick ass cover art and attention too.

  • kaido

    They always release these as little posters glue to the bluray. If they finally do slipcovers I can see myself buying them.

  • zombie84_41

    i own all these already with cool covers. FUCK.

  • Peter Lahti

    where can those be bought as posters??

  • I want all 19! Its an interesting collection of movies, (some terrible & some amazing) which makes me want to buy them for some reason?

  • Will these be available in the UK? Or at least somewhere that ships to the UK?

  • JohnnyScience

    These look awesome. I love the Wrong Turn cover.

  • Marshall Johnson

    sure a waste of money because it going to be the cover art only as in the box part that you take off and don’t keep because it get dirty

  • AdamX

    Those are epic!

    Kind of a bummer some titans like Freddy and Jason don’t get in on this but they really jazz up say Wrong Turn or Jennifer’s Body beautifully.

  • Lady Krampus

    Some info for the specs of the disks themselves would be nice. But alas, a shiny new cover often masks a shitty disk. I’d say buy the posters from the artists website to save your movie shelf space.

  • Steven Speeg

    So Amazing! Orlando’s style is rich and full of energy. These covers are a true work of art.

  • El_Fez

    Wow, those are some ugly ass covers.

  • Evan3

    Love them, particularly the Young Frankenstein cover.

  • No Nose Nosferatu

    This was lovely.

  • Hardcore F’n Mudd

    Hey these are pretty coo – Good lord they’re terrible!

  • Sean Burke

    As many of you are wondering, yes they are glued on cards on the front of a previous release.

  • Frankie Ramos

    So annoyed that Best Buy has a display of 16 of these movies and the one Blu-ray out of the bunch that I’d want to pick out, Joy Ride, isn’t one of them :/

  • dafs

    The art is well done, but the series doesn’t make any sense. It’s clearly inspired by Day of the Dead and sugar skull art, but there’s zero connection between that culture and these movies. What does Young Frankenstein have to do with Dia de los Muertos? Or Jack the Ripper? And who out there is buying copies of Devil’s Due?

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