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‘IT’ Actually Made $123 Million at the Box Office This Weekend!

Numbers for New Line Cinema’s IT continue to float.

Early tracking expected a $50 million opening for the Stephen King adaptation, then $65m, before reports said it could actually hit as high as $85m. After a record-breaking Friday night, $100m was all but guaranteed, and even then nobody anticipated the whopping $117m it was estimated to have made early yesterday morning. Guess what? That was just an estimate. New reports indicate that IT actually pulled in north of $123 million over the course of this weekend. Not only is IT a horror film but it’s also R-rated, making this one of the biggest success stories in the history of cinema. It has shown that genre fans are getting sick of fast food horror and are ready to be taken seriously. It’s time that studios invest in us as well as their superhero franchises.

$123 million. Holy shit. We’ll update this with any new numbers that come in later today.

[Review] IT Achieves Horror Greatness as Pennywise Becomes a Horror Icon for the Ages!

Pennywise was played by Bill Skarsgard (read our interview) with the Losers’ Club including Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard, Sophia Lillis, Jack Dylan Grazer, Wyatt Oleff, Chosen Jacobs and Jeremy Ray Taylor.

In Andy Muschiett’s film, “A group of young kids face their biggest fears when they seek answers to the disappearance of children in their hometown of Derry, Maine. They square off against an evil clown named Pennywise, whose history of murder and violence dates back for centuries.

Javier Botet plays The Leper, and Nicholas Hamilton plays Henry Bowers. The cast also includes Owen Teague, who plays bully Patrick Hocksetter.

Stephen King's IT Pennywise courtesy of New Line Cinema



  • Hunkulees

    Earned every penny. I was happy to chip in my $22.50. And somehow they pulled it off without the help of legendary horror master Johnathon Schaech! Doubly impressive huh Brad?

    • Angela M Campany

      You were very (Penny)wise about going to see this movie !!

      • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

        Haha, nice!

    • scream4ever

      LOL I remember when he was going to be the “next big thing”.

    • Saturn

      To be honest, when I first head that Schaech wasn’t going to be in it I was a little “WHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!??”
      I was disgusted that we didn’t have modern horror cinema’s mash up of Peter Cushing, Lon Chaney and Vincent Price actually in the movie.
      But, I think it did fine without him……….

      • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

        Somehow they managed to pull it off, despite all odds, but I still feel there was an intangible Schaechness to it that allowed it to succeed

        • Saturn

          I did notice a few Schaecer Eggs in the movie, loving nods to those who were disappointed that he couldn’t find time to appear in IT – for the real fans.
          There was that tree outside IT’s house which was obviously a reference to that time he was chopping wood in another totally classic horror movie.
          Most people I mentioned it to after the movie had completely missed it!
          Some thought that perhaps I was reading too much into it, that I should get over the fact that the Schaechmeister had too much on to make it into the movie.

          • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

            Well spotted! That is a keen eye you have! Also of note, the red balloons are a direct reference to that time back in third grade when young Johnny Schaech got pinkeye from the neighbors cat. It was a horrific time in his life and he has said in interviews that he credits his legendary horror status directly to that day, as he focuses on that trauma in every performance in order to keep his edge

          • Saturn

            Who would’ve believed that a case of Pinkeye would lead to the birth of such a truly iconic horror legend.

    • In america you spend 22$ for the cinema??

      • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

        Not quite. That was for my wife and I. Of course after we got 1 drink and 1 popcorn it was almost up to $40. That’s where they really get you

  • Frank Gambino

    lets hope studios start investing a little more money in horror movies now. between the conjuring series, It, Get Out… Horror movies have proven to be very profitable over the last few years. Hope it keeps going this way.

  • pablitonizer

    Congrats to all, very well deserved! such a beautiful genre and yet so despised, great film. Can’t wait for chapter two

    • Saturn

      Horror as a genre “despised”?
      Get out of my office!

  • Rick-Taylor

    I’m not familiar with the term. What is “Fast Food Horror”?

    • James Tillotson

      Quick, poorly made films that rack up lots of money on idiots who don’t knowna good film from a bad one.


      Paranormal activities and the endless sequels
      The Devil Inside
      All the Saw sequels
      I could go one

      • Jay Bennett

        Complete with the trailer beats of “The scariest movie you’ll see all year – Magazine” with footage of easy scare audiences losing their shit at loud noises. Thankfully these are starting to die out one by one!

        • Saturn

          With a Bloody Disgusting review of “arguably the greatest horror game changer of the year! 3 skulls”.


          • Jay Bennett

            *cough* Blair Witch ’16 *cough*

          • Saturn

            This time in stunning 3D!

      • Rick-Taylor


    • I Am Colossus

      Anabelle….Saw 16….. jump scare part 20

      • Saturn

        Jump Scare part 20?
        I thought they decided to skip that one and go straight to the meta reboot of Jump Scare : Bloodlines.
        You know, the one that is a remake of the original but on steroids…...

        • I Am Colossus

          Naw that’s next year, Jump Scare Origins, the haunted dollhouse

          • khail19

            God, I love these people.

          • Saturn

            I’m really hoping that horror great Johnathon Schaech is going to reprise his role as Scary John, the legendary potato ricer killer – as these last 5 without him in his iconic snowman sweater just haven’t been up to scratch.
            Fingers crossed that this one’s for the fans!

  • Jay Bennett

    Well deserved. Since Part 2 is already confirmed this only really determines the bigger names they get to play the adults, right?

    • Mike Bailey

      I’d prefer unknowns, or indie film stars over big name A-listers. Although there are a select few a-listers I wouldn’t mind seeing in the second film.

      • Jay Bennett

        Couldn’t agree more however I heard someone mention Chadwick Boseman and Julianne Moore a while back who would be nice choices.

        • melanie conover

          i had read the director has his eyes on Jessica Chastain as an adult Bev.

          • Jay Bennett

            She’d be perfect.

      • Randy Moses

        I think ‘unknowns’ to ‘little-knowns’ is the way to go myself.

        • Necro

          I wouldn’t mind seeing Elijah Wood.

  • scream4ever

    I wonder if it could’ve broken Deadpool’s opening record had it not been for hurricanes down south.

    • Randy Moses

      I was thinking along this line myself. I wonder how much more it would have made if the US hadn’t just been hit by two hurricanes.

  • Demented Daniel

    “It has shown that genre fans are getting sick of fast food horror and are ready to be taken seriously.”
    No $#!t, Sherlock.

  • C-3PO’s

    PG-13 horror movies will always make money, because teens can go with their friends. That’s why those Fast and Furious movies are so successful.
    I wonder if IT would have made more at PG-13.

    • Grimphantom

      Not really, teens want to see an R-rated more than a PG13, i remember when i was younger i watched R-rated movies and got more entertain from them than PG-13. Also Studios(some) have notice that people don’t give a crap about PG-13 horror movies because they know it’s tone down and how some directors don’t put the effort of being creative or being limited on not going too far because of that rating.

      It worked for The Ring and the Grudge but recently, people are just sick of watching PG-13 horror since they don’t deliver. If IT had PG-13 i doubt everyone will go since what i mentioned before, they know that the movie it’s toned down with the gore and violence.

  • I Am Colossus

    I like being THAT guy……I called this after the teaser….the movie was destined for success….it has the biggest following of Kings novels next to The Shining, it’s NOT a remake btw, the first was a TV series, this is the first theatrical film of the book, and on top of all that just hype alone guaranteed it’s future…..loved it btw….seen it last night I was engaged….it wasn’t the scariest thing I seen but it was INCREDIBLY entertaining. Frame one to the end, just awesome, so fucking good I’m a fan now and the anticipation for the next film just blew through the roof..

  • llcc1103

    I really dont understand the appeal of this movie. It was literal sudio pushed, cliche horror, jump scare commercial bulls*&t with an overload of CGI. Fukinaga was going to make a film that was about tone, subtlety, and real horror. Not this crap. It was incredibly disappointing.

    • Grimphantom

      Hey genius, Fukinaga was part involved in this movie. Even when he was not the director he still was part of this new movie… if you want to talk crap about the movie, also blame Fukinaga.

      We get it, the movie it’s for everyone but stop bitching if others enjoyed it, go watch Death Note or something

      • llcc1103

        Actually no. If you did any research or had any understanding you would know Fukunaga walked away (or was fired) because in his own words him and the studio did not see eye to eye. All he had was writing credit.

        “Fukunaga: “I was trying to make an unconventional
        horror film. It didn’t fit into the algorithm of what they knew they
        could spend and make money back on based on not offending their standard
        genre audience. Our budget was perfectly fine. We were always hovering
        at the $32 million mark, which was their budget. It was the creative
        that we were really battling. It was two movies. They didn’t care about
        that. In the first movie, what I was trying to do was an elevated horror
        film with actual characters. They didn’t want any characters. They
        wanted archetypes and scares. I wrote the script. They wanted me to make
        a much more inoffensive, conventional script. But I don’t think you can
        do proper Stephen King and make it inoffensive.”

        I’m sorry I triggered you by the way. Ill make sure that if I dont like a movie ill keep it to myself and avoid posting it on an actual message board about that movie.

    • Necro

      Really that disappointing to you huh? It’s cool opinions vary.

  • tyler

    Really wanted to love this but it just didn’t do it for me. Too much comedy and the trailers took away from the good scary parts too much. The sold out audience seemed to be let down when we were leaving the theater too. On a positive side – I will take this ANYDAY over found footage, dumbass Paranormal Activity films, and PG-13 horror (except this film very well could have easily of been PG-13 and not took anything away from it). Another positive is that this should definitely cement the path for many R-rated horror films to be made now… hopefully. So, I guess I’m not too upset over this film.

  • thegunshow

    Molly Ringwald gets my vote for the adult Beverly.

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