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Exclusive ‘Tragedy Girls’ Images Covered in Glitter and Gore

A new spin on the slasher genre, Tyler MacIntyre’s Tragedy Girls was one of our favorite films at the SXSW Film Festival. Gunpowder & Sky loved it too, having acquired the film for release in theaters on October 20, 2017, Bloody Disgusting learned. In addition, they’ve just provided us with some ridiculously good imagery that sums the film up in just a handful of shots: girls, glitter, and gore. I love this film and its imagery, which is put on display with the final shot displaying the girls wearing their blacklight masks to prom. Tragedy Girls is also insanely violent, leaving blood and guts all over the school campus.

Trace and I are huge fans of the slasher that follows two budding teenage sociopaths who use their online show about real-life tragedies to send their small midwestern town into a frenzy, cementing their legacy as modern horror legends. Trace says it “earns a like, a retweet, and a follow,” while I exclaimed that it “leaves a hilarious and bloody mess.”

The full cast is quite impressive, including Brianna Hildebrand (“The Exorcist”, Negasonic Teenage Warhead in Deadpool), Alexandra Shipp (Storm in X-Men: Apocalypse), Craig Robinson (This is the End), Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games), and Kevin Durand (“The Strain”, X-Men Origins: Wolverine), with Jack Quaid, Timothy V. Murphy, Nicky Whelan, Austin Abrams, and Kerry Rhodes.

Sadie and McKayla are two social-media obsessed best friends who will stop at nothing to build their online following. The self-titled “Tragedy Girls” kidnap Lowell, an unambitious local serial killer, and force him to mentor them into modern horror legends by committing murders to blow up on the internet. As the bodies fall, the girls become national news and panic in their small town hits a fever pitch — just then, Lowell escapes! Now with the local Sheriff closing in and their relationship on the rocks, the girls must rethink their plan before they find themselves the latest victims of their own killing spree.



  • Necro

    I really want to see this, but my fear is that it’s more comedy than Horror.

    • William Tokarsky

      Have faith it is HORROR at it’s finest …

      • Necro

        Ok William Thank You!

    • J Jett

      i’m excited for this movie! are you ready for THE STRAIN’s final ep next week? how do you think it’s going to end?

      • Necro

        Yeah J I’m ready for ‘The Strain’, although I’m glad the group caught on to ‘Zach’s’ bullshit. Honestly I don’t really know what to expect. As much as I like ‘Quinlan’ I hope he gets his 2000 year wait on killing ‘The Master’, even though that means he dies as well. No matter what ‘Eph’ better kill him, it looked like last episode he truly is through with the bullshit with him, and it looked like he has reached the acceptance stage of possibly having to kill him (Zach).

  • Brett Carruthers

    Just theatres or theatre and VOD?

    • A Guy In Films

      Hey Brett…Tragedy Girls will be in theaters only on 10/20. Traditional theatrical release.

      • Brett Carruthers

        That’s too bad. I don’t imagine it’s gonna do that great.

        • Micah Unice

          You’re wrong. It’s already generating huge buzz.

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