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Universal Sending Two to ‘Purge’ On ‘The Island’

Y’lan Noel (Insecure), pictured above, and Lex Scott Davis (Training Day) are set to star in Purge: The Island, Universal Pictures’ The Purge prequel to for release next July, this tracking board reports.

Gerard McMurray (Burning Sands) will direct from a script by The Purge creator James DeMonaco, who returns to produce Blumhouse chief Jason Blum and Platinum Dunes partners Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form, as well as Sebastien K. Lemercier.

Set on Staten Island, the film will demonstrate how the New Founding Fathers’ batshit crazy plan to rescue a dying economy turned into a national holiday in which all crime — including rape and murder — is legal for one whole night each year.

DeMonaco promised that Island will be the most “crowd-pleasing” of the Purge films.

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  • Lard

    Not a fan of these movies but I LOVED Burning Sands. Great movie! Its on Netflix.
    It’s about how today’s college fraternity’s have no boundaries, and how crazy & out of hand they’ve gotten, specifically hazing.

    • theundead

      Not a fan of the film’s? Yet your on here

  • Necro

    Now how is it that DeMonaco calls this purge film the most “crowd pleasing” to date, and it’s the one purge film he’s not directing. Glad to hear it, but what he couldn’t bring that aspect to any of the three films he’s directed?!

    • Khy

      Oh nvm, I JUST read your burn at the end lol

  • Andrew Engelhardt

    Oh boy, another battle royale ripoff.

  • Khy


    Hopefully no Frank Grillo. I like him, but I’m ready for a break from his character. That will most likely be the case since this is the first ever purge.

    I also would like to see them tackle other crimes people are allowed to commit. We get it, yes, murdering is number one- but there is soooo much more. But maybe some of it is “too boring” for a film. I would love to read a novel based on The Purge.

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