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In the Spirit of Re-Animator and From Beyond, Watch Andrew Bowser’s Short Film “House Mother”

In the Spirit of Re-Animator and From Beyond, Watch Andrew Bowser’s Short Film “House Mother”

If you’re a Nerdist fan you are probably familiar with Andrew Bowser. If not, he’s an incredibly talented filmmaker who’s responsible for some of their funniest and most viewed clips as their in-house art director. He’s also a huge horror fan and House Mother is his latest short film created as a proof of concept for a feature length story written by Bowser. He describes it as “House Mother harkens back to both Clive Barker’s gothic body horror classics like Hellraiser and Nightbreed, and Stuart Gordon’s absurdist Lovecraftian masterpieces Re-Animator and From Beyond. ”

The film stars tars Jessica Parker Kennedy (Black Sails, Colony), Shelby Steel (Powers, Teen Wolf), Emily Rudd (Olive Forever, Sea Change)… oh and Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator, You’re Next) in her first role as a monster!

Watch the short right here!


House Mother (Short Film) – Written and Directed by Andrew Bowser

“House Mother” features Barbara Crampton’s first time playing a MONSTER! Check out the short film by Andrew Bowser right here!

Posted by Bloody Disgusting on Thursday, September 21, 2017


The awesome VHS ART for the short is featured in the Slashback Video art installation.

House Mother tells the story of Sarah Chalmers, a sheltered teenager who was raised in a Mennonite community. She was brought up in a very conservative Church and by parents who don’t want to see her leave home. But Sarah decides to attend College at a LARGE University and get a taste of what life is like outside of her family’s farm.

At the University she meets a group of Sorority sisters who encourage her to pledge to their Sorority PHI KAPPA PHI. Wanting to make new friends, Sarah does so – and the hazing process begins. Sarah soon learns of an Urban Legend that exists amongst the sisters of Phi Kappa Phi. Rumor has it, over 100 years ago when PHI KAPPA PHI was founded – an evil evil woman named Demetria Clemm served as House Mother over the sisters. She was very strict and enforced a strong set of rules over the girls.

In an attempt to keep them “tamed”. If the girls acted out in any way, Demetria would demean them and even physically punish them. She would heap shame on the girls when they were caught in acts she deemed “wicked” and would torture the girls for experimenting with their burgeoning sexuality. Eventually the abuse became too much to bare so the girls banded together and killed their ruling House Mother. Most of the girls were imprisoned or sent to mental institutions – and the spirit of DEMETRIA is said to live on within the walls of the PHI KAPPA PHI house. In present day, Sarah is told that the more bad they do – the stronger Demetria gets, and if you recite a certain passage while looking into a mirror – House Mother will appear to judge you for your wicked ways.

The hazing process at PHI KAPPA PHI takes Sarah to places she never thought she could go…and gives Demetria just enough power…to rise again…to judge the sisters of Phi Kappa Phi with brutal finality.



  • Grimphantom
    It was…..ok i guess…..not much into sorority bitches being A-holes all the time, just makes you want to see them killed sooner. Barbara Crampton looks good as the main monster, a bit cartoony but not bad.

    • zombie84_41

      I laughed. I think it be good for a feature film.

  • David Tucker

    Not quite sure how this harkens back to Clive Barker’s Hellraiser or Nightbreed. If anything, it’s homaging Candyman, with the chanting in the mirror. And the Lovecraftian vibe is a stretch too… Overall, pretty… nothing.

    • Chip

      I got more of a Night of the Demon’s vibe off of it more than anything. Same kinda mean-spirited world view and set up.

  • zombie84_41

    LOL. that was funny. Crampton looked awesome. I hope they make this into a feature film.

  • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

    Way too short, but otherwise good.

    WTF is up with using the janky facebook player though? Vimeo, youtube, anything else would have been a better idea

    • Tan Shearer

      What’s good about it? Just 5 minutes of unrealistic hazing that would never really happen.

      • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

        Very true. Honestly I thought the house mother makeup was well done, and I dig Barbara Crampton in pretty much anything but otherwise yeah, it wasn’t anything too special.

        And the “stupid bitch whore” hazing crap was juvenile and obnoxious

        • Tan Shearer

          I never understood the whole hazing sorority thing Americans do. I mean aren’t Universities supposed to be a place for the best and brightest? UK universities don’t do any of that immature crap at least it’s not widely known cause generally anyone can join a society here they’re not exclusive for only select people.

          • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

            As someone who works at a university I can verify that in theory it is supposed to work that way, but in reality there are a ton of people here who are not remotely the best and brightest, and reinforce that on a daily basis

          • Tan Shearer

            I really don’t get Americans. I went to a UK University and yes they had clubs called societies based on common interests e.g. heavy metal, rock climbing, etc. apart from maybe the autistic people’s club there were no entry requirements and anyone could join and you certainly didn’t have to be sexually harassed/assaulted to join either.

          • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

            I think it all boils down to elitist attitudes where certain people feel the need to be part of a club that’s “above” everyone else, as well as people who feel insecure and must be accepted in a group to feel important.
            I’m sure there are some who’s hearts are in the right place and actually just want to be part of a social club and do good though (community service, charity events, etc) as well

            However when I was in college I stayed as far away from the frat/sorority way of life as possible. In my opinion if you join a club and instantly gain 1000 friends, but zero genuine friends then it’s a waste of time. Also, surrounding yourself with only identical likeminded people sort of takes away a huge experience of college which is getting out of your comfort zone, and experiencing new people and ideas.

            Just from my personal experiences with frats and sororities though most of the stuff you see in movies is pure fabrication. Sure there is drunken stupidity and assholes, but most movies take the hatefulness and vulgarity way beyond the norm for entertainment purposes

          • Tan Shearer


  • david310

    Love the artwork on the poster…and I think Andrew Bowser should be a household name, but I’m not sure how you make that into a feature length movie. The make-up for the house mother seemed very old school….maybe that was the intent.

    I’d rather see Bowser make a movie about Weird Satanic Guy getting kicked out of his satanic cult for making them look like idiots after his infamous viral news appearance. Alone and dejected, he ends up conjuring the great lord of darkness and getting revenge on the cult, who are really just a bunch of wannabes who don’t really believe in Satan. (Maybe he’ll make that movie after House Mother. Weird Satanic Guy is a really funny character. He should make a cameo in House Mother….one of the girls brings him in as an “expert” on all things dark and paranormal. He’s never been around so many hot chicks before, so he’s off his game….gets killed by the House Mother.)

  • David Lees

    Good to see he’s found more constructive ways to spend his time than kidnapping Princess Peach.

  • J Jett

    so it’s 4 minutes of pretty much nothing happening then close to 3 fucking minutes of end credits? this looks like it could have been good but again, nothing happens until the lightning quick flash edits at the very end. this was frustrating to watch.

  • cat

    i love barbara crampton as a villain i hope she does more

  • Papa_spoosh

    am I crazy or was the zero Stuart Gordon/ Clive Barker vibe in this? I mean seriously zero. Wouldn’t be a letdown but I was expecting some great gore and fun.

  • Ben Horn

    Well, it definitely kept me interested seeing how it was a short. I actually wanted to finish watching. It has some definite potential to be a good movie to chill and watch on Halloween. I dig it. I would like to see the full film. I like that old school horror vibe I got from it.

  • James Cumberland

    I have no idea what Crampton was saying.

  • Evan3

    I enjoyed the fx and the general concept but DAMN, that movie was Alllll over the place. It doesn’t give me a lot of faith that if a 4 minute film was so muddled, that he could keep together a feature.

  • Tan Shearer

    This is garbage, like people would really do that to get into a stupid club also why would they want people to do that to get into a club? Plus hazing is actually illegal and their club would be disbanded for doing it.

  • Billygabe


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