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First Details on ‘Unfriended: Game Night’ [Exclusive]

After learning that the sequel to Unfriended had filmed in secret, we did a little digging and discovered more information.

Not only have we confirmed that a screening did, in fact, take place this past Thursday, October 3rd, but we’ve learned that the film’s title is Unfriended: Game Night.

While we still haven’t figured out who the filmmakers are, we do have some plot details.

We’re told it uses the same computer-screen format and tells the story about a teen who comes into possession of the new laptop and finds that it may have been stolen. He discovers the previous owner may be watching every move he makes and will do anything to get it back.

Bloody Disgusting exclusively learned back in 2015 that an Unfriended sequel was already in the works with Nelson Greaves, who wrote the first film that was produced by Timur Bekmambetov, scripting.

Blumhouse had acquired the first film out of a film festival, with this sequel they are producers.

A sequel to Blumhouse’s The Gallows was also allegedly shot in secret, which we reported on last month.

Unfriended (image source: Universal)



  • Silhouetters

    Unfriended was a horrible piece of shit, and this will be too.

    • theundead

      Oh really can you explain why it got good reviews and was a box office success?

    • jsmoltz29

      I hate to be purely pessimistic about any horror movie because I know I love a ton of what polite society would consider horse shit but come on the first one was absolutely terrible and this is just another cash grab un needed sequel. Did you see Houses October Built 2? Fucking don’t.

      • ChowYunPhat

        Thanks for the warning. I almost rented that last night.

        • jsmoltz29

          Its basically a rehash of the first one with a M Night Shamalamadingdong twist at the end. It also felt way less genuine. Watching the first one, it felt so suspenseful because there was that sense that shit like that could legit go down. Part 2 just didn’t have that feel.

        • Micah Unice

          Try Hell House LLC instead. Similar concept, way better execution.

          • ChowYunPhat

            That’s is actually what I ended up watching. Great flick.

          • LucasCorso

            Hell House LLC was pretty good. Much better than House October Built.

        • theundead

          And you gonna listen to him wow

      • theundead

        Why are you on here?

    • LucasCorso

      I expected Unfriended to be a horrible piece of shit. So low expectations may play into it here . . . but I really liked the movie. It’s one of the most surprising positive movie experiences I can remember. Impressive too, in my opinion, because I think it is just about impossible to make that movie work . . . but they did it.

      • Silhouetters

  • Lard

    I actually enjoyed the first one, soooo gimme more.

    • Silhouetters

      mm same, I really enjoyed the horrible acting and childish storytelling, really added to the scary experience for sure.

      • Lard

        Did me liking a movie trigger you this fast?..yikes >.> you must be a delight to hang with.

      • theundead

        Why are you on here since you hate the movie go watch the boring dead oops I mean the walking dead

  • As i said on the other article the reception for the first film seems divided, i was one of the ones that loved and supported the film. I also appreciate the use of them filming in secret, to me it shows that they care about this film and want to keep us very entertained. But this plot irks me, I hate male leads especially when theyre in their teens. Idk why, most characters are just extremely unlikable for me. But this might end up being pretty good, even if the plot kind of lowered my expectations.

    • theundead

      Kind Of Agree With You On That But Might End Up Being Good

    • Khy

      I thought in the last article they said Shelley Hennig was back, I guess that was false.

    • fools2234

      You hate male leads? So you’re a sexist.

    • LucasCorso

      I was surprised by it. Thought it would suck, but gave it a shot when it was available on HBO. Enjoyed it quite a bit.

  • Brian McNatt

    It might have been because I’d been suffering some extreme computer and privacy issues at the time, but the first Unfriended was an absolute nightmare experience for me. Just too scary to be enjoyable. Haven’t seen it since to find out if it holds up, but will probably check this one out.

    • Aaron Johnson

      The first one scared me to death and I haven’t had computer or privacy issues. It was scary to me because I couldn’t figure out a way out of it. It was an impossible situation and it just got worse and worse as it went along.

  • Khy

    I was hoping they did something different and ditched the webcam angle for this movie. Doubt I’ll watch this.

  • zombie84_41

    WHY? the first one was garbage. Complete garbage.

    • theundead

      Don’t ask dumb questions

  • Mike Lawrence

    The first one sucked. Why the hell would anyone want to watch a sequel?? What a waste of time.

    • theundead

      Cause it was a box office success and got good reviews and why are you on here?

    • LucasCorso

      Because many of us liked the first one. And there are quite a few of us. The first one was produced for about $1 million and raked in over $32 million. That’s a pretty good return on investment. And that’s the main reason a sequel was made.

  • Unfriended was okay but it was definitely a single story movie, didn’t need a sequel at all and it’ll no doubt flop

    • theundead

      First one didn’t flop

  • Necro

    Well I was hoping they would opt to get away from the computer screen format, I guess that’s a bust now!

  • BreeBennett

    I liked the first one.

  • Youri Gavrilov

    Bekmambetov rules. But I thought, THIS flick was the “Unfriended” sequel –

  • Reece Catlin

    I didn’t mind the first one, I liked the fact that they didn’t use fake social media platforms .

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