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Warner Bros. Has Launched an Academy Awards Campaign for ‘IT’

Why the hell not, right?!

Andy Muschietti’s IT has proven to be a monster at the box office, as well as a critical hit, but what’s the cap to the film’s smash hit success? Will it win any Academy Awards?!

Well, we won’t know if it’s even nominated in any categories until next year, but we do know that Warner Bros. has just launched a “For Your Consideration” campaign for this year’s most successful horror movie. Along with Blade Runner 2049, Dunkirk, The LEGO Batman Movie and Wonder Woman, WB wants Academy members to consider IT.

The studio is asking IT to be considered for the following categories:

  • Best Picture
  • Best Director
  • Best Adapted Screenplay
  • Best Supporting Actress – Sophia Lillis
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Production Design
  • Best Film Editing
  • Best Costume Design
  • Best Visual Effects
  • Best Sound Editing
  • Best Sound Mixing
  • Best Makeup & Hairstyling
  • Best Original Score

Of course, it’s rare for horror movies to even be nominated, but the recent Oscars success of Mad Max: Fury Road has shown that the Academy is beginning to step outside the box and honor more genre fare. And given just how good IT is, we expect it’ll be nominated in *at least* one of these categories next year.

Granted, we don’t expect it’ll get a Best Picture nomination, but at the very least, a Best Makeup & Hairstyling nomination, and possible win, seems both fair and likely.

We’re pulling for you, Pennywise!



  • Trav

    Hey, I’m for it! The movie was great, and it deserves to win some awards.

    • Simon Allen

      Indeed ……Golden Raspberrys !!! LOL

      • Trav

        So, why comment? Just to shit on a movie a lot of people seemed to enjoy?

        • Simon Allen

          I’m entitled to express my opinion if i feel it strongly be it negative or positive dude .
          Life would be pretty dull if we all agreed on everything.
          Don’t take it personally .

          • ruggerd

            There is a difference between expressing your opinion and trolling. You moved from the former to the latter a while ago. We get it. You felt the need to comment on the film in a negative way in a forum that was clearly geared towards fans. Great. You didn’t like it. You’re in the minority. You’re entitled to your opinion that nobody hete cares about but you don’t leave it at that. You have to respond to other peoples comments with continued nasty comments about the film. That is the textbook definition of a troll.

            People like you just get tiring.

          • Simon Allen

            And Snowflakes like you jumping on your soapbox get boring .
            Get a sense of humour and life might just be a little more enjoyable .

          • The Night King

            Sorry Simon Allen, but you are one of the reasons they were forced to clamp down and moderate the comment section. You are very well known for lashing out at other people for having an opinion that doesn’t jibe with your own.

          • Creepshow

            The guy is harmless. Stop being a weinis.

          • Simon Allen

            you might be exaggerating a little there my friend …..i don’t throw around personal insults or launch personal attacks like i said .
            I have several friends on here who i joke consistently with about their likes and dislikes and this is all in good humour .
            As far as being “well know” for lashing at out at people or being responsible for the tightening of policies on here ?
            I think you are attaching far too much importance to any or my posts or opinions .

          • DukeStKing

            Damn straight.

          • Simon Allen

            Thanks Fella .

        • Frank Gambino

          Simon has no life. Just spends his time spewing negativity on the internet then backs it with a snotty, entitled ‘well it’s my opinion and I can not express if if I want’. Boohoo you baby. No one gives two sh*ts about your opinions.

  • Victor Silva

    A bit weird that they’re campaigning for Sophia Lillis but aren’t even bothering with Bill Skarsgard, tbh

    • Wes Draven

      BloodyDisgusting didn’t list it, but Bill Skarsgard’s name is at the bottom of the supporting actors list on the Warner Bros. website.

    • Eddie Barsh


  • Simon Allen

    PLEASE !!!!
    IT was average at best and certainly does not deserve ANY academy awards and you cannot possibly compare IT to the sheer brilliance that was Mad Max: Fury Road .
    The only movies in your list likely to get any nominations are Wonder Woman and Blade Runner .

    • le4therfac3

      wow, you got here fast!

      • Simon Allen

        Yep 🙂 .

    • Jay Bennett

      Blade Runner is a must for technical aspects like Fury Road was

      • Simon Allen

        Technically, Fury Road was astounding .

    • I don’t think Wonder Woman deserves an Oscar, in my opinion is a good super hero movie but I’ve seen better.

      • Simon Allen

        See my reply to Reason .

    • Reason

      Wonder Woman was garbage. Besides, Blade Runner will win all the awards cause it tanked hard at the box office and they gotta stroke Ford and Goslin’s ego to make them fell a bit better about the flop.

      • Simon Allen

        I didn’t pass judgement on any of the movies apart from IT ….i was just predicting what will get the nominations .
        It doesn’t matter what people thought of WW , in the current climate in Hollywood of course it is going to get nominations including best Director for Jenkins .

      • J Jett

        why do you say WW was garbage? what exactly did you hate about it?

        • Simon Allen

          WW is one fine movie as far as i’m concerned .

        • Reason

          I just found it BEYOND boring. Granted, I’m not much of a “super hero” guy. I watched about 45 minutes of it and it was so cheesy, I just couldn’t take it anymore.

    • Eddie Barsh

      No. Just no

      • Simon Allen

        Sorry …….#truestory .

    • Matt Miller

      *cough* Dunkirk *cough*

  • le4therfac3

    i can see it being nominated for makeup and hairstyling. i would have said cinematography too but it wasn’t chung-hoon chung’s best work

  • Jay Bennett

    Warner Bros really thirsty for them awards huh… Im a fan of IT but, Fury Road Im so sorry they mentioned you here you deserve better

  • Mr. Dry

    Listen, I really enjoyed It, it’s in terms of technical features, one of the best we’ve seen lately, I love all the recognition that it’s getting and I really hope it gets at least nominated to Makeup & Hairstyling and maybe Cinematography, but I really don’t think it deserves any of the other categories.

  • Bill Skarsgård deserves at least, a nomination for best actor.

    • Eddie Barsh

      I think if Heath won it, Bill should win it. Every bit as iconic if not more..

      • Dude, in my opinion Heath Ledger as Joker is so overrated. I mean, he’s great but not perfect as everybody says. The new Pennywise is more iconic.

        I bet a lot of people will hate this commentary.

        • Creepshow

          *raises hand*

        • Eddie Barsh

          I disagree, heath was incredible as joker. Bill Skarsgaards portrayal was legendary. Absolutely legendary. He should win it IMO. Horror movies don’t get the respect they deserve at the academy awards. If there was EVER going to be a horror movie to win an award, this would be the one

          • Eddie Barsh

            I understand there hasn’t been any great horror movies worthy of academy award nominations but this one is different. this movie was special. This is the one we should elevate to an academy award winning level

          • gabriel

            Split and Annabelle Creation were better this year. But I’m a huge fan of It. Best adapted screenplay for sure.

      • Simon Allen

        Really !!!

    • Will Schuster

      Tim Curry wipes the floor with him.

  • Reason

    Man, who CARES about those jackass awards? Bout as good as winning a grammy. Nothing more than a bunch of assholes patting each other on the back. The movie is a HIT,…an award isn’t going to change that.

  • Rohan

    The academy awards only panders to movies that they think make a ‘statement’, even if they do suck.

  • The Night King

    Have Pennywise host the Oscars this year and just troll the shit out of Hollywood’s elite for their hypocrisy and lying bullshit over everything that’s happened in the past few months.

  • Travis_Bickle

    The kids in IT were amazing. Those little pricks nailed it. I understand everyone has attitude about awards shows like this, which I understand. It’s more about bringing the attention to horror and hopefully shows studios that this is what people want. Everyone wants to be scared 🙂

  • Hayden Koutras

    Would love to see ‘IT’ take home a few awards.

  • DukeStKing

    As long as nobody on the set was molested or sexuality harassed. Who knows? By the time the awards come around, there may be only a few left to nominate. Oh and by the way, IT? Really?

    • Simon Allen

      give it time .


    Man, that frickin’ leper.

    I think it’s pretty cool they’re mounting an awards campaign for It, even if it’s just for PR purposes. At the least, it draws more attention to the movie, and I’m glad whenever a horror movie can share the ballot with the usual artsy fare.

    Personally, I think It deserves all the awards, especially because I heard Simon Allen is a huge fan of the movie and considers it the best one he’s seen in years.

    • Simon Allen

      If your gonna mention my name you could have had the manners to ask my permission first . 🙂
      And the leper …….worst make up job of the year easily.

      • MODOK

        Simon Allen: “[..] you […] have […] my permission […] . :-)”


  • Best picture? Best director? The film was great, but these people are crazier than Pennywise.

  • Blaz138

    IT was a solid “okay”. Not even close to on the same plane as Blade Runner

  • Necro

    Hey money talks and we all know ‘IT’ made a shit load of it! Maybe it can win an award for most money made! There’s a first time for everything right?! On the real as much as I’d like to see a Horror film dominate the ‘socially elite’ and win every fucking award they have a category for, I’ll be happy with a nomination. Again it made how much money though?!

  • Dot

    It’s WB, they also launched one for Wonder Woman

  • Matt Miller

    Lol never. Well maybe Makeup.

  • RedNeoCon

    This film is a far….far…far…far….far….cry away from anything that even remotely deserves an award.

    • Eddie Barsh


  • nicholasmwalker

    i said from the get go it should at least get a nomination for best adapted screenplay, and i stand by that

  • Dennis Giles

    special make up effects maybe,but no biggies ! I liked IT alot seen it 3 times (once at Cinema)Great pace of the movie But I hope they don’t fuck the 2nd part up !!

  • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

    IT was better than a lot of modern horror films I’ve seen but this is overdoing it a little.

  • Saturn

    IT had better win at least 12 awards at the Oscars, otherwise those behind the Oscars will soon find that they too will float down here……

    IT must win EVERYTHING!

    Nah, IT won’t. It’s probably going to go up against GET OUT, and, well you know, gotta make sure the awards are shared out in a more diverse manner…..

    And there’s now’t wrong with that – I hope GET OUT does get nominated and wins some stuff. It’s good movie.

    IT’s been a good year for horror – long may IT continue.

  • EvilHead1981

    It was a great horror movie,but Best Director and stuff like that, yeah… no!

  • BreeBennett

    No Best Actor for Bill Skarsgard? But I doubt it will be nominated.

    • SpaceManSpliffz .

      that’s a joke, right? pennywise’s voice sounded like hoggle from labyrinth, and the actual monster was a discount demogorgon with a walmart led flashlight in it’s throat. his performance was terrible, and his “pennywise smile” looked retarded. they ripped off the goblin shark style mouth from prometheus/covenant, the effects were absolute garbage (freeze frame when he bites into georgie’s arm for reference), the movie was edited like garbage, the dialogue was hokey and not realistic at all (i was a kid of the 80’s, i know – stranger things and super 8 were way more in line with how we all talked back then) and most of the kids were annoying as hell, even good ol beep beep richie was ruined. this movie is clown shoes, and deserves to be thrown down a never ending well alongside henry fuckin bowers

      • Ricky Bond

        Better stop watch movings you dont know about IT. or read the book first. Your opinion is dogshit lol

        • SpaceManSpliffz .

          english, please?

      • BreeBennett

        No jokes here. I liked his portrayal and others liked as well.

        • SpaceManSpliffz .

          that’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it, but i disagree. what did you like about his portrayal?

          • BreeBennett

            I think he did a great job! He was really commited to the role, the eye thing he did, that smile. He was also creepy and menacing, his voice, his mannerisms. The characterization was perfect.

          • SpaceManSpliffz .

            fair enough, for me he just didn’t do it. i really wanted to like the movie, i really did. enough that i watched it twice, but it just didn’t take for me. his face annoyed me immensely, i didn’t like the voice (hoggle haha) and i though his twitching movement was weird. the one part that he did legit give me a shiver was when he comes out of that fridge. that looked great but the rest of his performance felt like too much of a try hard thing to me. i get he was trying to be scary but it could have been done in such a better way. more subtle in the reveal of pennywise until you’re scared shitless to the point you don’t want to see his face. i didn’t like the leper, or the mama ripoff, or the mummy, or the zombies, or the bloody bathroom. the creepo dad was creepy af tho. maybe he’ll redeem himself for me in chapter two but i’m not holding much hope

      • Frank Gambino

        I thought he was excellent. Not Oscar worthy, but still good.

      • DukeStKing

        I wonder how IT would feel if someone could replace all Skarsgards Pennywise scenes with Currys’. As an adult, Tim Currys’ portrayal still creeps me out alot more. Especially the first gutter scene with Georgie.

        • SpaceManSpliffz .

          that would be awesome, somebody start photoshopping tim curry’s head frame by frame, please!

      • Imthegdbatman

        So edgy. Are cucks like you really still pretending to hate everything? I mean, this is 2017, it doesn’t make you look cool at all. Gotta love neckbeard basement dwellers thinking they are soooo cool by going against the mainstream. You know you beat off to IT on the regular.

        • SpaceManSpliffz .

          you know all the cool slang don’t you? too bad you can’t accept that others don’t have the same opinion as you, and have to resort to name calling like a petulant child just to try and get your point across rather than present a decent rebuttal. ie why you liked the film, what you thought worked and didn’t. i presented my case, let’s see if you can back up all that shit talk with some actual facts. it 2017 sucked, get over it.

  • IWC-3PO

    A horror film receiving that many nominations would be a real, dare I say it, game changer.

  • SpaceManSpliffz .

    i was trying to be subtle about it, did i come off too strong lol

    • gabriel

      Stopped reading after you mentioned Stranger Things.

      • SpaceManSpliffz .

        and that means what, exactly?

    • Necro

      Nah! Hey that’s your opinion and I respect that

  • I think the campaign makes sense, but that the studio knows they don’t really have a shot at the major awards at this point. Maybe some of the technical/effects areas, possibly. But it’s a multi-part movie, and the Academy tends to avoid awarding anything to those until the last installment is out, rather than risking awarding the first part and then having the second part be a dud. This isn’t the case so much with movies and sequels, but when it is up front known that it will be a two-part movie or a trilogy, they don’t tend to hand out any of the big six (Best Pic, Best Director, Best actor/supporting, best actress/supporting) until they’ve seen what happens with the rest of the installments. It will be a shame in this case, because the kids won’t get a fair consideration since they are anticipated to be such a small portion of the second film.

  • llcc1103

    Wow talk about delusion… it was a jump scare cgi fest. wtf

  • MrX13

    Best adaptive Screenplay, Best Visual Effects and Best Sound Mixing would be the best. Best Movie would be freakin awesome but I highly doubt that. No matter what though, IT will alway be a badass movie!

  • Robert Telford

    Just cause Sophia Lillis is a girl and on screen at the age are you serious? this female favouritism world is getting out of hand.

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