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‘Get Out’ Scores Big With Five Independent Spirit Awards Nominations

Is an Academy Award nomination next?

Just last week we learned that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is considering Jordan Peele’s Get Out for potential Golden Globes nominations (in the “Comedy” category… go figure), and today brings even more great news for the film, as it’s been honored with multiple Independent Spirit Awards nominations.

Film Independent announced the nominations earlier today, and Get Out was bested only by Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me by Your Name, which nabbed six nominations.

Get Out was nominated in the following five categories:

  • Best Feature
  • Best Director – Jordan Peele
  • Best Screenplay – Jordan Peele
  • Best Editing – Gregory Plotkin
  • Best Male Lead – Daniel Kaluuya

The 33rd Independent Spirit Awards will air March 3, 2018 on IFC.



  • Kane

    does anyone actually care? i mean the movie isn’t even a horror its thriller that teeters on sci fi and its a very mediocre one at that… there is some decent acting but over all the story and message were fucking ridiculous and the plot holes… jesus christ dont even get me started. better luck next time Peele maybe the next movie wont have a “message” to it trying to force people to like it so if it sucks like this one they’ll actually fuckin tell ya

  • Matt Miller

    I’m not a fan of the movie but it looks like it will be a player in awards season. I think it may finish with Best Picture and Best Screenplay in the next Oscars.

  • Geno1987

    Everytime a movie about black people getting mistreated by white people is made it always gets a ton of awards and high praise because nobody dare say the content itself may be flawed or nothing.

    • Imagine a movie about a black gay man, I think would win a Oscar… Oh wait.

    • Travis_Bickle


  • I liked the movie, it’s nice, tells a good story about the racism, but it’s more thriller than horror. In my opinion, we have better horror movies than Get Out and they don’t receive the same attention.

  • Dennis Chenier

    I feel if an award has to be won it’s for Best Male Lead.

  • EvilWhiteMale

    Good film, but nothing spectacular. Let’s stop it already.

    • Jay Brezzy

      As an angelic black male, I agree man lol.

  • Drew

    Insert fart noise.

  • The Night King

    (Note: I am neither liberal nor conservative) This movie is being treated as a major milestone in film making because liberal types are hysterically easy to put on a guilt trip so any movie that paints minorities in a victim or positive light must be celebrated. If you truly wanted to make a horror movie that touched upon race, you’d make a film about people trying to escape a lawless warzone like the once peaceful and prosperous city of Baltimore where the gangs and the gang mentality now rule the streets.

  • sedoi

    Good film, but I don’t really think it’s good enough to overtake so many awards

  • Travis_Bickle

    To late…

  • Travis_Bickle

    This movie is great regardless of what the Infowars crowd thinks.
    It got nominated for awards because it’s a quality film…not because of white guilt you dickhead racists.

  • Jay Brezzy

    This is to bad to see so many people that i have seen post on here for years…and i liked allot of what they had to say about different films…..but now a film that had a message about the horrors of racism tied into a horror/thriller category gets praise……..and i read these type of comments from them really sucks.

    Next thing you know, there will be a bunch of ” what about Chicago ” comments. Or my favorite regurgitation, ” blacks make up _% of the population and whites make up _% and blacks commit _% of crimes…how do i know…because someone i deem smarter than I said so and posted it and I’m just going to copy and paste this without any personal knowledge of it myself but it fits my narrative so it’s true “.

    Sucks so bad…

  • TheMuppetManiac

    It’s going to be nominated for best original screenplay at the Oscars and it’s going to win. They always like to award best original screenplay to a movie that is a bit more of a longshot. That’s why Diablo Cody has an Oscar.

    I think it’s a good movie, but I don’t think it’s as great as everyone says. People talk about it as one of the best horror movies of all time. I just don’t get that. It’s a good movie. It’s well-made. But people are saying it should be nominated for best picture and it should win at the Oscars, that’s just crazy.

    • Jay Brezzy

      You’re 100% correct. It happens every time there’s a ” fresh take on the genre ” film. It happened with the Blair witch. It happened with scream. It happened with the sixth sense. All movie’s that I thought were ho-hum at best…but…you couldn’t…and to a certain extent, can’t still, tell anyone about them not being the best flicks ever.

      Did i like the film? Sure, I guess. The third act was meh…but it was cool for what it was. The film is getting borderline Walking dead hatred in this comment section. Not to mention the race shit that losers can’t let go of. Black guy does in every horror flick? It’s funny and a big joke….the token black guy who’s an athlete of some kind…. no way he lives! Horror-esq movie about race? BS agenda ” they ” keep pushing on us!


      • The Night King

        No, the discussion is about how a mediocre at best film is suddenly being magically considered for Academy award consideration. As much as we all love horror, we all know the average horror film is not up to oscar level quality. There is not a shortage of black made films being recognized by the academy, there is a shortage of black film makers capable of making quality films that appeal to the masses. As a result, standards are lowered, people in this thread point out the insanity, and people like you sprain your finger accusing everyone of hating someone for the color of their skin for not agreeing with you 100%

        • Jay Brezzy

          Congratulations on assuming your conversation is THE conversation being had throughout this thread.

          I haven’t the time to pick apart your assumptions of my comments thus far, but i have not accused anyone of hating anyone because they are of any particular ethnicity. Infact, my comment in the above comment is:

          ” Not to mention the race shit that losers can’t let go of ”

          Not ” because there black, you guys don’t like the movie “. The funny part is, I said I 100% agreed…but you think people like me is the problem? Yeah…you got me.

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