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Damon Packard Uses His Insanity to Direct Nightmarish “Creature” Music Video

A lot of Bloody users probably have never heard of Damon Packard, and that’s a shame because he’s a man of LEGEND.

Before everything was accessible via the Internet, bootlegging was the only way to acquire things of lore, such as Packard’s Reflections of Evil. Before Tim & Eric there was Reflections of Evil, which is a cult classic nightmare that was one of the most widely spread bootleg videos in Hollywood.

Packard has returned, using his editing prowess to deliver this monstrous music video for Brahm’s “Creature”, off their forthcoming album Ratimis (to drop via Swedish Columbia on 2/24).

The video intercuts Italian horror movie with original footage, while the track itself was created as a tribute to Italian Horror.




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