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OMFG Of The Day: ‘Spawn’ Goes ‘Hellraiser’ On Us With ‘Architects Of Fear’!

Very few previews are able to get me as amped up as they should, and for whatever reason I am usually pretty skeptical about spin-offs or one-shots for established properties. However, today when I was perusing the internet and checking out today’s previews, I could not help but be wowed by the 5 page preview of Image Comics’ upcoming 64 page one-and-done “SPAWN” spin-off, “ARCHITECTS OF FEAR”, as the sneak peek includes a little girl going full on Pinhead on a thug. Don’t believe me? Read on for the skinny and see for yourself.

WRITTEN BY: Arthur Claire

“An elite group of Angels, known as the Caste of Architects, needs the help of Spawn to retrieve one of their living weapons that has gone amok, the Horsaak-El. For centuries this ‘weapon’ has been absorbing the souls of the damned to keep them from joining the armies of Hell, but now it is preying on the souls of the innocent. To ensure Spawn’s cooperation, one of the Caste have placed his brother, Marc, in the weapon’s path.”

“SPAWN: ARCHITECTS OF FEAR” Drops This Wednesday From Image Comics! (MSRP-$6.99, 64 Pages)



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