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The BOOM! Studios Cthulhu Mystery Solved? Publisher Announces ‘The Rising’!

Earlier in the month BOOM! Studios released the teaser for poster for “IA! IA! CTHULHU”, promising that fans would be getting yet another title connected to Lovecraft’s popular kraken at some point in July. Other than the poster, and a rough translation, there really weren’t any hard details on the project…until today. Inside you can read all the details on the newly announced “THE RISING” which will be helmed by none other than “28 DAYS LATER” scribe, Michael Alan Nelson! Read on for the skinny.

WRITTEN BY: Michael Alan Nelson Joanna Stokes
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Christopher Possenti
COVERS BY: Sean Phillips and Federica Platti.

“An all-new ongoing Lovecraft-inspired supernatural horror series with a decidedly modern spin from superstar writing team Michael Alan Nelson and Johanna Stokes! A cruise ship comes to port, hundreds are aboard dead — but why? Clayton Diggs is a pharmaceuticals salesman who discovers his sister has committed herself to an insane asylum; she’s checked herself in, fearing she’ll hurt herself or someone else. All across the world, ordinary people in an ordinary world find themselves drawn by fate to see darkness and despair unlike anything they ever could imagine. Meanwhile, a cult makes its move, believing that there is a great one sleeping that will hear… The Calling!”

“THE RISING: CTHULHU CHRONICLES” Issue #1 Drops This July From BOOM! Studios! (MSRP-$3.99)



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