'Underworld' Writer To Take On DC Wildstorm's 'Wetworks' One-Shot This September - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Underworld’ Writer To Take On DC Wildstorm’s ‘Wetworks’ One-Shot This September



With all the rumors of a fourth installment in the popular “UNDERWORLD” franchise on its way you would think that screenwriter Kevin Grevioux would be too busy to be lending the pen to such things as a comic book. However, according to DC Wildstorm’s official blog the writer is hard at work penning an all new “WETWORKS” one-shot that is due out this September. Inside you can get all the details on “WETWORKS: MUTATIONS” and a first look at the cover art. Read on for the skinny. “Wetworks is a comic that follows the missions of a team of symbiotically-enhanced black operatives.

WRITTEN BY: Kevin Grevioux, Christopher Long

“Roaming the post-Apocalyptic American landscape, it’s Wetworks like you’ve never seen them before. With their symbiotes no longer reliably functioning, the team finds themselves running up against Lord Defile, intent upon remaking the ruined Earth in his own vision, which includes experimenting on human prisoners to create a hybrid species! Writer, actor and co-creator of the Underworld movie franchise Kevin Grevioux and co-writer Christopher Long bring their unique take to this classic WildStorm franchise, with incredibly detailed art by newcomer Julius Gopez.”

“WETWORKS: MUTATIONS” Drops This September From DC Wildstorm!


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