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BD Pick Of The Week: ‘Shuddertown’ Issue #3 PLUS A 5 Page Preview!

Earlier this year when Image Comics made the announcement that they would be releasing “SHUDDERTOWN”, an all new original mini-series from “EXISTENCE 3.0” and “FORGETLESS” mastermind Nick Spencer, a lot of people stood up and took notice. The best evidence of this is the fact that backissues of the series are almost scarce, and many are jockeying this one for Eisner Awards in the future. But we hear that all the time right? Well, yes, we do. However, if there is a series that DESERVES that type of hype right now it might just be this one. Need convincing? Well then my friends you came to the right place as you can make the jump to read a 5 page preview of the newest issue that is on sale TODAY, and a little ‘Why You Should Care’ for good measure. Read on for the skinny.

WRITTEN BY: Nick Spencer

“The mystery of the Shuddertown “Ghost” killings begins to take a brutal toll on Homicide Detective Isaac Hernandez and those he loves. And just as the line between the real and the supernatural begins to blur — in his greatest hour of need, a trusted friend commits a deadly betrayal. Nothing is what it seems in this dark tale of resurrection and revenge.”


Dark, twisted, and at times disturbing, Nick Spencer’s (“EXISTENCE 3.0” Previously)noir style crime thriller “SHUDDERTOWN” gives the sub genre a major kick in the pants both in story and aesthetically. The story follows a drug addled detective named Isaac Hernandez who is desperately trying to solve the latest string of murders in ‘Shuddertown’ that seem to be perpetrated by a man that he has already incarcerated, and even stranger, one that has been dead for some time.

I realize that none of this may sound all that original, and if you have watched a full season of any crime drama on basic cable you have probably gotten to see a story like this at some point, but what makes “SHUDDERTOWN” not just good, but great, is the way it methodically unravels before the viewers eyes. Each page is an extremely well timed, well paced, and well executed piece of genre fair that blows most other titles of its ilk out of the water. Back in October of last year someone who interviewed Spencer (If anyone knows who this was and for what website I please leave a comment) made the comment that he was ‘the future of comics’, and even though I don’t foresee the writer being the be all end all that this journalist mentioned, I DO think that he has a very bright future ahead of him.

To go along with Nick’s expert storytelling we have an equally talented Adam Geen whose art style is something to behold. When first looking at Geen’s artwork on “SHUDDERTOWN” one might first think of Alex Maleev, and for very good reason. Though the artist isn’t as detailed an illustrator (yet) as Maleev is, it is a rare treat to see someone so talented get to stretch their legs and really run with a story as good as this.

This week marks the 3rd issue into the series, and if you haven’t been keeping up with the story I would not recommend trying to start now. (Think “LOST” if you started in oh, say, season 3) However, if you missed the “SHUDDERTOWN” train back when it left the station let this be a swift kick in the jeans and (Yea, I know I’ve said this twice. I hate your pants. Especially if they are leopard print) make a mental note to buy the trade paperback later this year. You will not regret that you did.

“SHUDDERTOWN” Issue #3 Drops TODAY From Image Comics! (MSRP-$3.50)



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