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Tim Seeley Takes ‘Hack/Slash’ To The Church Of The ‘Murder Messiah’ This Fall!

Recently Comic Book Resources was able to sit down and talk to “HACK/SLASH” creator Tim Seeley who let them in on some secrets revolving around the upcoming “MURDER MESSIAH” one-shot from his new publisher Image Comics. The story will be released sometime this Fall (presumably around Halloween) and it promises to take readers on a journey they won’t soon forget. Inside you can get a look at the 2 covers released for the issue and sketch piece. Read on for the skinny!

Here Is How Comic Book Resources Describes The Issue…

“Hack/Slash” creator Tim Seeley provides readers with a brand new one-shot issue titled “Hack/Slash Annual 2010: Murder Messiah,” an anniversary special launching this fall with the goal of bridging the gap between the recently concluded Devil’s Due Publishing series and the ongoing title’s upcoming relaunch through Image Comics. Having already rereleased “Hack/Slash” material through Image in addition to the currently ongoing miniseries “My First Maniac,” the arrival of “Murder Messiah” marks yet another notch in the new chapter of Seeley’s continued “Hack/Slash” work – and he’s just getting started.”

“HACK/SLASH: MURDER MESSIAH” A One-Shot Event From Image Comics Drops This Fall!

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