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Holy Faux Cameos Rorshach! Check Out This 9 Page ‘Astounding Wolfman’ 24 Preview!

As “THE ASTOUNDING WOLF-MAN”, Robert Kirkman’s (“THE WALKING DEAD”)flagship title from Image, draws to a close the claws are out and the fur is about to fly! If this sounds exciting to you too then you should make the jump and check out the huge double-sized 9 page preview of the 24th issue that dropped today. Read on for the skinny!

WRITTEN BY: Robert Kirkman
COVERS BY: Jason Howard and Fco Plascencia

“LEGACY,” Part Four

Gary Hampton has had to endure so much pain and death since he first became the Astounding Wolf-Man – more than any man should be expected to take. Now Zechariah has his daughter and this isn’t going to be pretty. This issue has an ending you won’t believe – all leading to the monumental 25th issue!”

“THE ASTOUNDING WOLFMAN” Issue #24 Drops Today From Image Comics Today! (MSRP-$2.99)

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