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Jonathon Ross Returns For More ‘Turf’ In This Issue #3 Preview!

One of the year’s most highly praised new titles is without a doubt Jonathon Ross’ “TURF” from publisher Image Comics. The story is all geared up to drop its third mind blowing issue tomorrow, but if you make the jump you can check out the first 4 pages as well as a few variant covers. Read on for the skinny!

WRITTEN BY: Jonathan Ross
COVERS BY: Tommy Lee Edwards, Josh Ellingson and William Stout

“‘Badfellas.’ The gangs of New York are either dead or in hiding. The cops are on their way to tackle the Dragonmirs, a family of blood drinking Strigoli (that’s vampire to you and me) from Romania. But the bloodsuckers have set up a little reception party for the Cops on Brooklyn Bridge, and things don’t look too good for New York’s finest. Mankind’s last hopes rest with former Gang Boss Eddie Falco, now telepathically linked with the Alien Squeed from Anth. Together they head to Harlem, where they must persuade The Reverend Samuel King and his men to join with them and confront the monstrous threat that the Dragonmirs are re-awakening… the first vampire, the ‘man-killer’… ‘the Old One!’

“TURF” Issue #3 Drops Tomorrow From Image Comics! (MSRP-$2.99)



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