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Indie Publisher Blackline Announces Horror Laced Noir Tale ‘Misery City’

I love seeing up and coming publishers trying their hand at something new and interesting in order to make their mark on the genre, and so when we caught wind of publisher Blackline’s “MISERY CITY” it was a no brainer. The noir/horror hybrid won’t be making its debut till this May, but below you can get all the early details as well as the cover art.

WRITTEN BY: K.I. Zachopoulos

“MISERY CITY #1 is the story of one particular inhabitant of a not-so-nice place to visit. If you were in gumshoe Max Murray’s shoes, you’d think so, too. In fact, you’d probably drink heavily come nightfall, as Max once did, and his desire to dive back into the bottle is a day-by-day struggle. But the horrific legions of Hell’s underbelly just won’t leave poor Max alone. They exist solely to climb to the surface just to torment Max. Between that and his object of love and lust, Pakita, spurning his advances, it’s little wonder Max Murray calls MISERY CITY home!”

“MISERY CITY” Issue #1 Drops This May From Blackline Comics! (MSRP-$2.99)

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